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Just read it. I'm tired of descriptions.
When she smiles you know she's sad
She's trying to feel a little less bad
Transparent smiles are her disguise...
But she can't hide her lying eyes.

She watches as he walks away
Though she's got so much more to say
She is in love, she knows it's true...
But wonders "Why must it be you?"

Because he's far too perfect for her
Unlike anything else on the earth
An angel in a human's guise
Without secret thoughts or lies...

or so she thought.

As she stared at the computer screen
She saw the message, felt her eyes gleam
Just a click and she could see
"I know why he means so much to me."

"I saw you smile at me today
I know you had something to say
I could see it in your eyes
All your smiles are nothing but lies."

In that sitting she told him everything
Every sadistic, suicidal thing
And through an hour he heard it all
Never hearing the alarm's call.

He'd been blessed with a kind of care
That can't be found just anywhere
The kind who can make even her feel
Like something besides misery's real.

And the things he said to reassure-
She knew that he meant every word
It'd mean even more if he could see
"How much he truly means to me."

As he types a quick goodbye
She feels a feeling slowly rise
The first one in an eternity
A feeling of warmth, of joy, of...glee.

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