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A very, very short story by me. Needs improvement.
A large, tanned enveloped was bulging out from the contents inside, there was an assortment of different sized stamps with bright, vibrant colours and interesting animals that were spread out on the surface area of the package.  Scrawled across the centre of the package was my name-Miss J Williams-written in bold, handwritten capitals followed by the address of my house. Holding it in both of my hands, I stared at it for a few moments trying to remember if my mother had previously informed me there was a delivery on its way to me, but I found nothing, my mind was blank. Judging by the stamps, it appeared that the package had stopped off at many destinations during the time it took to reach its final destination-my house. As my eyes scanned over the stamps, I wondered if any of my family knew of anyone that lived in Africa or Canada-I certainly didn’t. The names meant nothing to me, no deep significance linked to them. They were mysterious, destinations I had yet to discover. Bewildered, I opened the package. There in the palm of my hand was a gnome ornament. Its wide smile reached up to his large, round blue eyes. It was more like a china doll than to that of a cheap, plastic figure. A smile slowly spread across my face as I placed him on the metal framed table of our garden. In the corner of my eye I saw a movement. I turned around and saw that the gnome was in another location. His face was sad. As I approached it, everything in my vision glowed red. I fell deeper and deeper into burning, red nothingness. Screams belonging to me echoed around me. Beyond the red I saw the gnome appear, its expression smug.
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