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The search for new land

      This is the truth of the kingdom. Whoever, finds the center of the
    world is worth more than the world. Woe to the flesh that depends
    on the soul. The soul has no parts and is therefore dependent on
    every experience even onto death. Yet it is not the total human nature,
    since the body is composed of lust and ignorance.
      Foolish timid hope is all the body desires. T7818 held the secret
    of spiritual survival. Masculine and femine nothingness: enthusiastic
    and self-distrusting, was no wonder to T7818. Lomax looked out
    on the new land, "The heavens and the Earth have rolled up. I love
    this kingdom more than my words. Whosever drinks from this
    land will be like me. Immortal."
      In this moment of happy hallucination Lomax believed he might
    be greater than T7818. A passion of new hope and joy
    stimulated by the images of a vibriant land. Liza awoke with a with
    nightmares of the dead. She thought she was dead. 
    The self is an idea. It can be molded and modified. How strange this
    concept of love is. It is selfless, but essential to spiritual growth.
      T7818 pondered this evoloving psyche. Organic life would be more
    disposed to selfendulgent emotions, driven by hunger an oral gratification.
    "Woe unto you for you have not learned the lesson of life and death."
    T7818 recalled this commandment. Lomax wept. He remembered the
    millions who died in the fires of war. "I dispise this barren world.
    I shudder at the kingdom to come. And I am helpless before her."
    Lomax spoke upon Liza thoughts. Liza picked a flower, "Where
    did I come? Do I ascend or descend?" The flower sparkled and
    dropped from her hand into a hundred points of light. The same
    conflict had gone on: the longing for an assurance.
        How could this be accomplished within this tiny world? T7818
    would never die. But like a bundle of wire in a box, T7818 could not
    be alive. This tiny remant of a dead race journeyed on into space.
    To be found would end the Kingdom, to be loss would be oblivion.

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