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Sean And Rena Get Settled In
The Cold Dawn

Chapter: 2

The next day I phoned my parents to tell them that I was at my new house and everything was fine, they were worried about what had happened and why I didn't call earlier I couldn't very well tell them the truth that Rena and I were fucking each other just about all night so I said that I had a lot to think about and forgot to phone.

Alex had dropped in about a week after he left us this house needless to say that the moment he walked in I got him in a headlock and gave him a noogy. "You have really over done it you know that" I said to him as we talked in the living room he gave me a big goofy smile and said "True but your one of the first people that hasn't judged me by what I have and besides I know how hard it can be having a digimon when so many people act like there monsters".

"Still I think you over did it a little, I like the bath tub and den, but we have no idea what we could do to repay you" I said to him "You don't need to worry about that although I might need your assistance once in awhile" he said, I looked over to Rena that was sitting beside me and she gave an approving nod "Sure any time" I said.

"There is something I have to tell you though" I was saying to Alex both me and Rena had discussed earlier who we should tell first about us mating and we decided Alex would be the best one "Oh, and what is that" Monkeymon had said while hanging over the couch. "Well you see that Renamon legend we were talking about awhile ago we know what, or rather who it was talking about" I was saying to him without making the answer to obvious.

"Really tell me who was it talking about" Alex asked with excitement I replied "It was about us" "US?" he said "US, as in me and Renamon" I told him, he looked a little confused until I told him the rest "It was talking about us cause you see me and Renamon here are mating" the only Monkeymon didn't have a confused look on his face he was more like in shock that he fell over the couch with a thud, Alex being only 14 years old was somewhat still confused so I had to tell him as simply as I could "Me and Renamon are mates, partners, sleeping together, and such" I said then Alex face went from shock to total amazement "How this that possible, I mean how does a digimon and human become mates" he asked with blinding speed.

"Calm down and let me explain" I said and both me and Rena proceeded to tell him just about everything that happened (we had to leave out some details), "Well that's quite a story.......so you planning on having any kids" we were a little surprised that he had ask that question I had no idea what to say but luckily Rena knew exactly what to say "We are hoping to have some but having kids between a digimon and human might be a little hard but we are going to try our best" she said as she took hold of my arm.

"Well I wish you the best of luck in it, but make sure you tell me when you do" Alex said that last part like he was dreading something, just before he left I had to ask him "Alex tell me what is going on, you can't lie to me you know that". Alex had turned and went to go sit back down on the couch he knew that he couldn't lie to me not with the heightened senses that came with being a partner and mate to Rena "I should tell you this although I wish I didn't need to, you see as of recently in some areas there have been attacks on digimon and their trainers, few escape without injury and sometimes the struggle results in the digimon's death" he told me like he almost had a firsthand experience.

"Tell us what do they look like, who is doing this" I ask with such worry not just for him or others but for Rena "Not a clue on who they look like but from the looks of thing it either a digimon fanatic group but I don't see how they could fight against a digimon...the more likely truth is that it's a digimon or a digimon with a tamer on the rampage".

I was in such shock at the news I mean not too long ago many kids became tamers after Malomyotismon was destroyed but could some of them really be behind on such brutal attacks, "That's hard to believe, but thanks for the warning we'll keep an eye out if anything comes up" I said to Alex as I stood up to shake his hand good bye. "By the way here" Alex said as he tossed a cell phone into my hands "What's this" I asked him "Its a cell phone", "I know that I mean what's this about" I asked him again except giving him that squinty eye look that I use to get him to fess up about something "Its for getting in contact with me, there are two numbers there one is for if you just want to talk and such the other is for an emergency" he said as he walked out the door.

"HOLD UP" I yelled to him before he left "I don't know how to thank you again I mean all this is just too much" I mentioned as I lowered my head in respect, "Ok a few things, one don't worry about it all, two I'm rich so I got more than enough money to spare, three your my friend dumb ass, and finally you saved my life and Monkeymon's when you fought Musyomon it's the least I can do" and with that he closed the door and left again.

"Figures" I said, I wasn't sure what to do next though there was just so much to think about luckily Renamon had the perfect solution for my troubles. She grabbed my arm and led me down the hall to our bedroom, I quickly pulled her around and gave her a deep kiss like always. Rena pulled away and knelt down in front of me then un-zipped my pants revealing the limp cock hanging there.

Renamon gently stroked it at first letting it get hard so she could envelop it in her mouth. It wasn't long until it was as stiff as it could get then she slowly licked the shaft and kissed the head teasing me the whole time. She threw her gloves on the floor then used one of her hands to stroke the shaft as she sucked on the head using her tongue to lick and push around it making me want to blow my wad into her right away.

I was ready to cum but then she clamped her hand down on the shaft stopping from anything getting lose until she was ready. With one hand clamping my dick and her mouth furiously sucking it her other hand made its way to my balls and started to play with them in her hand making me groan in pain as the pressure builded up inside like a dam ready to give way.

All of a sudden Rena had let go and a fountain of cum shot straight down her throat, she licked the left over cum all round the shaft the sucked on the head a few times getting every last drop inside and making it erect again. I helped her up and she laid down on the bed without a word, I stripped the rest of my clothes and got myself into position on top of her.

I licked all around her furry stomach and up to her breast then sucked on her nipples teasing her at want she wanted just like she did to me. I played a little more with her letting my cock move up and down her cunt but never pushing it in "That's mean" she said while giving me a pouting lip "You did the same to me a few moments ago" I mentioned, she stopped giving me a pouting look and just went for the fake moaning and moved her hips around to make me give what she wanted and as always it worked too.

This time I didn't go slow I just rammed it right in forcing her to gasp at the sudden pleasure, I pumped her hard and fast like an animal never stopping and never letting her win two times in a row. I could feel the juices forcing their way out of any space they could find and soak the bed beneath us.

I laid on top of her holding her tight letting her know that I was ready, Rena did the same but dug her sharp claws into my back with no worry that I would be harmed. "I'm cumming" I told her "I'm cumming too" Rena replied like an echo, I came in her forcing my cock up as far as I could get it increasing the chances of impregnating her with my seed.

I rolled over to the other side of the bed catching my breath but was soon ready for round two "Ready to go again" I asked Renamon as I held her hand "Not today, after all there is something else that I wanted to show you" she mentioned while walking to the door, "Where?" I asked with curiosity "I'll tell you later but for now let's go clean up" and with that she disappeared into the door that connected the master bedroom with the bathroom.

We each took our turn taking a bath but when I went for a dip it was too cold for me 'Geeze she really does like the cold' I thought as I turned the nozzle to get some hot water in this arctic water. I relax in the tub letting the water sooth all my muscles and pains, for the last little while we had been doing it like rabbits even though I had inherited some of the digimon healing abilities it still hurt all over at times.

I could hear the washer running from the room across from me figuring that Rena needed to wash her gloves. She opened the main door to the bathroom and walked over to the sink counter going straight for the brush that was there, Rena brush every part of her body as I watched her straighten her fur. "Could you get my tail" Rena asked as she walked over with a stool to sit on, Rena always had trouble brushing her tail she could do it but it was easier and faster to ask me.

"So tell me where are you taking me" I asked her as I continued brushing "It's something special that happens every year in the digital world you'll like it" I was a little shocked from what she said, going to the digital world was no easy matter anymore.

It was about a few days ago that I got a package from the DPA (Digital Protection Agency) in tailing about recently set up rules needed to keep the peace, they needed information such as name of tamer and digital partner, where you are living and other minor things but one big issue that they set up was 'To prevent mishaps and accidents all tamers and digimon were to set have a digital tracking device when they were going to the digital world to keep an eye on when they left and arrived at the real and digital worlds.

"We have to tell the DPA ahead of time before going to the Digital world to avoid trouble" I told her thinking that she forgot "Not to worry I got it all taken care of, you forgot that digimon can also call the DPA and tell them that they and their trainer are going so long as both show up" she said with a superior smirk. I had forgotten about calling the DPA to tell them about us going into the digital world, not really necessary but avoids trouble.

I finished brushing her tail and got out of the bath then went to get dressed, I chose a black joggers with a plain black shirt and sort of dress vest that was black with blue flames and dragons on it. "Rena how are we going to get there, I can't imagine just popping up in the right place your taking me" I asked with confusion "Oh but it is just about that easy Alex was nice enough to set it all up for us" she said while waving for me to follow her.

I already had my shoes on and it was strange that we were going up stairs I mean I've heard you go to the digital world through a computer or one of the many now in place portals around the world but never actually seen it happen. We went in to the computer room that I only went into once since we got here it wasn't until I looked completely around the room that I noticed the strange looking device that looked like some sort of teleporter directly in the middle of the room.

"Alex told me it was automated so I guess we should give it a try" Rena said, I walked over to the telepoter then all the gadgets sprang to life, a light covered us for a second and the computer spoke "Data scan confirmed Sean and Renamon please select destination". I was almost at a loss when I noticed that the computer to the right flashed on with all sorts of options and places on the screen I was about to go check it out when Rena grabbed my arm and pulled me back then said "Serene Lake", then my digi-vice that I had around my neck glowed bathing us in light.

I felt my body was being pulled out of place and when the light faded I seen we were near a lake I was a little shocked but calmed down after I got a good look at my surroundings. I seen we were in a field surrounded by a forest and the lake to our left, "Look over there" Rena pointed I looked over to see lights, sounds and fireworks by the looks of them coming from a huge group of tents, buildings and a Massive building that looked like a coliseum.

"What is that" I asked Renamon "It's the Nova Festival" Rena said "It's to celebrate Novadramon" "Who is Novadramon" I said with a raised eyebrow "Oh you'll found out they tell his story every festival so let's go have some fun" and with those last words she grabbed my hand and ran so fast that I nearly fell to the ground but I soon got my footing and raced towards the big festival.

When we finally got to the entrance I couldn't believe my eyes there were so many digimon of different types, sizes, and shapes, I even seen several tamers around it looked like a blast. I seen so many games, foods, and booths I didn't know what to try first.

"Over here" Rena yelled ahead of me I hadn't noticed that she went ahead until then, when I got closer to her she was at a booth were you throw a ball to knock down the target. There were plenty of prizes like a stuffed digimon toys but I had seen one that looked just wicked it looked like a dragon standing upright with armor that covered just about every part of it and was white with a gold lining.

It had a symbol in the middle that looked like a cross between a star and the sun, Putting that all together made it look like a holy warrior "Hey how many balls do you need for that one" I asked Gaurdromon maning the booth "If you can knock down that big target behind me you can have it" it said pointing at the huge and heavy looking round target behind him.

"Ok I'll give it a shot" I said I gave him a few coins I got at the entrance to the festival and grabbed the ball, I concentrated carefully on my shot making sure I didn't screw it up. I pulled back and let go, luck was in my favor today as the ball ran towards its target it not only knocked it over but blasted it into pieces.

"Opps" I said a little shock from the power of the throw and so was everyone else that seen it for that matter, needless to say the Gaurdromon was a little shook up to say the least but the only one that didn't seem surprised was Renamon when I seen the look on her face it was like she knew it would happen and the superior smirk on her face told it all.

"Here you go, but I still wonder how a human could've done that" he said as he handed me the 2 foot high stuffed digimon "Here you go Rena" I said as I was handing her the toy, "Oh, how sweet" she replied and gave me a kiss on the cheek making me blush a little.

"So what else do you want to...." Renamon was saying but I barely heard her as I had just seen one of my favorite games the hammer strength test, it was the one where you took the hammer and smack it down as hard as you could on the target trying to get the bell on top to ring.

I looked around to see what prizes there was to be won at this game but I didn't see thing except the Nanimon standing beside it "Hey, are there prizes for getting the bell to ring or is it just the strength test" I asked him "It's mostly just a strength test but if you do get it to ring you get 4 free passes to get into the coliseum fighting tournament" he told me like he was all that.

"A tournament eh" I thought out loud, I would like to see that so I decided to give it a shot "Ok I'm in" I said while tossing him a few fair coins "Ok here we go" I said while grabbing the hammer the Nanimon gave me. Like before with the target toss I had to aim it just right, I held the hammer with two hands, pulled it back and went for it.

I slammed the hammer down as hard as I could the belled soared and the bell rang then came back down to earth "YES" I shouted with joy, I was so proud of myself being able to do it "Impressive kid, here you go four free passes just make sure you use them" the Nanimon said as he gave me the tickets with a bit of frustration in his voice.

"I think you might have hurt his feelings a little" Rena said behind me "Oh sorry that I ran off like that Renamon" I replied "It's ok I was like that too when I first came to the festival" Rena said like she didn't have a care in the world. It was about then I noticed that we were getting a few odd looks from many digimon and a few tamers.

"Rena why do you think everyone is starring at us" I whispered "Not at us but me, remember what I said before about my people being sacred and or feared by digimon" she replied. I did recall that conversation we had not to long ago "Oh yeah I remember" I said, I still thought it was stupid though that Rena was getting such looks that it made my blood boil then Rena calmed me down with a few simple words "Its ok, all I need is you" then she gave me another kiss on the cheek which not only raised my spirit but my smile as well.

We did a few more games like whack-a-molemon, ring toss with Greymon clay heads, a Coralmon fishing game and many others. We got tired so we took a break to eat on a nearby bench with a couple of hotdog's, sodas, and a falafel to share "So what's up next" I asked Rena since she knew more about this place then me "Well we do got those tickets and it looks like the coliseum will be open up soon why not head there" she mentioned while pointing at the small crowd moving toward the coliseum.

"Ok but what about the two other tickets we've got, we shouldn't waste them" I said while letting the food settle down in my stomach, "That's true but I think I just spotted who we should give them too" and with those few words Rena vanished like she does at times like that time I took her to a restaurant.

I watched a Wizardmon tell a story about Novadramon to some child digimon and some young tamers "At the beginning of every digital age there has been one chosen to be the avatar the sheer embodiment of the digital world and the most powerful of all beings, but only one digital warrior ever had need to use the power and he was called Novadramon a powerful dragon type digimon in his own right and became even more so when the digital gods became controlled by a powerful evil. Soon all the digital world was in the flames of war one side fighting with the digital gods un-known of their corruption and another side fighting with Novadramon recognizing his authority as the digital worlds chosen and believing in his world that the gods had fallen. When the fighting broke out Novadramon fought against the 4 digital gods himself, with the power matching that of the noble digimon and aided by the evil the digital gods fought massively to bring down Nova, not caring what happened to their followers they blasted all there most powerful attacks at him hitting many of their allies, shocked at what was happening the followers of the digital gods knew that something was wrong and with a single voice Novadramon shouted 'The digital gods are not themselves look at them they attack without cause not caring of others rise up and help me free them from the evil that controls them'. Then like a single body all digimon turned to the 4 gods and blasted them with their most powerful attacks then when they fell the shadow of the evil rose up from them and gave new form, they looked just like their counter-parts but different, corrupt, and shaped in a way that they looked evil beyond measure. 'Your evil will do no more damage here, evil I know not of where you come from but it ends here' Novadramon said and with his strongest attack the Nova storm and engulfed the evil that manifested into the 4 beings on a sphere of pure energy and power. When the light had faded Novadramon standing as the victor but battered and beaten bloody. Then he sated something that shocked them all 'I must leave our world and give my power into another world to stay safe from the evil for if it should corrupt the one chosen to use its power there will be untold destruction, but not to worry for the world I choose will be forever connected to ours and as it changes so shall our world do not forget this for when the power returns to our world the one wielding it will need all your help to fight against the darkness and find were it comes from and end it forever, I am too battered and unable to continue so good bye one and all fare well', and with one last display of power left the digital world forever. So even today we tell the story of what happened and named this festival the Nova festival to never forget the name of the last digital avatar".

'Man that was some story' I thought to myself and it made me wonder if the human world was the one Novadramon spoke of.

A few moments later Rena came back with a digimon that looked like she was part of a flower, her whole outfit was green and pink with a bud on her head like a helmet, right beside the flower digimon was a girl about 17 years old by the looks of it with brownish hair that reached down to her butt that had blue streaks in it, both of them had all the right curves and were simply beautiful that it was hard not to be awe struck a little.

"Sean this is my friend Lillymon and her tamer Amelia" Renamon told me as I stood up to greet them, "Nice to meet you" they both said in unison, they looked at each other then started to laugh. "Nice to meet you too" I said while being a little nervous at their perky like attitudes shaking each of their hands.

"So Renamon here was saying that you got 2 extra tickets for the coliseum" Amelia said giving her blue jeans a quick tug "Yeah, why not join Renamon and me" I replied with a grin, "Sure sounds like fun" she said while I noticed that all three of them had sneaky little smirks on their faces like they planned it.

"Come on flower girl lets go" Amelia said while grabbing Lillymon's arm and racing to the huge coliseum "Hurry Sean lets go" Rena said as well while pulling my arm to get me to hurry.

All four of us raced towards the massive building but Rena and I won thanks to our speedy sprint at the last moment "Looks like we won" I said with a grin while catching my breath, "Yeah you won but next time it will be us" Amelia said.

We gave the Andromon our tickets and he scanned them I think to see if they were real "Go ahead" he said giving us the get go, when we got inside there were many digimon and tamers fileling in to find their seats but when we finally got to see the center of the coliseum it was simply awesome.

The area was massive with plenty of seats for the spectators of all shapes and sizes, the arena floor was covered with pebbles and all the seats made of stone "Looks comfortable" I said while we looked for four seats that we could sit in. We finally found some right beside a Terriormon and his tamer, and on the other side a Veemon.

When I looked into the arena corners I had seen several tough looking digimon, I quickly took out my digi-vice to found out what they were called and there levels. "A Herculeskabuterimon, a Magnadramon, a Magnamon and a Hiandromon, that's some heavy duty stuff wonder what their there for?" I said out loud but Rena quickly answered "Their there to make sure nothing goes wrong and to step in if a digimon is going too far in the fight".

Even after Rena told me what those mega level digimon were doing there it still seemed a bit excessive to me but who knows what kind of trouble happen here from time to time.

We watched a several duels between a Angemon and Greymon, Nanimon against another Nanimon, a Zephermon fighting a Angewomon, then the biggest one of all a Metalgarurumon fighting a digimon called Sakuyamon. The Sakuyamon seemed awfully familiar it was a digimon that looked like a woman but wearing armor that looked like it was made by a Renamon, "Renamon isn't that your Mega form" I asked but she didn't answered all she did was get up grabbed my hand and say "We have to get out of here now!" I looked at her face and it looked like she was in a massive panic attack, almost ready to jump out of her skin.

"What Renamon, what is going on" I asked her but again all she said was "We have to get out of here NOW!" she said with more urgency so I didn't bother asking her, but just before I left I had noticed something, that every other digimon in the crowed was a bit shocked except Lillymon that looked a bit more worried like Rena was and that every human in the Coliseum wasn't including Amelia.

Rena dragged me as fast as I could move through some crowds and down the halls heading for the exit but then she stopped just as we were getting closer and turned around, I only got a quick glimpse of the digimon that looked a lot like Rena at the entrance.

"Rena what's going on tell me" I asked as we ran for the other side of the arena "It's trouble, I'll tell you more as soon as I can but we have to keep running quickly" she said with the utmost urgency. I could hear the fighting in the arena as we pass one of the passage ways leading to the seats, the ground gave a quick rumble that set me off balance for a moment but I kept up with Rena barely.

We were nearing the back exit of the coliseum when Rena had stopped once again only to see several Renamon, two Kyubimon, and another digimon that looked like a Renamon but a bit bigger and dressed in old style Japanese noble clothes a Taomon if I wasn't mistaken. Rena was in a panic not sure what to do next then I heard a voice behind us "Well hello sister", I turned around to see a Renamon that was obviously male with the muscular build, deeper voice, and the face looked male then female.

"Hello brother" Rena said without turning around and sounding like she was caught with her hand in the cookie jar "Renamon do you know this guy?" I asked but she didn't answer instead the other one did "I'm her brother human, now I don't know what you're doing with my sister here but would you leave these are family matters to discuss" he said with an arrogant attitude that made you want to go an tell him to go fuck himself.

I ignored him and turned around to see how Rena was doing and it looked just as bad as ever "Renamon please tell me what is going on" I asked her with concern but once again the arrogant Renamon that claimed to be Rena's brother interrupted "Didn't you hear me human I said get lost".

It was at that point that my patients for this guy was caught off "Shove it asshole I don't listen to morons that talk to people or digimon that way got it!" I said while turning around to face him, with quick reflexes he grabbed me by the shirt collar pulled me in closer and said with anger "Show some respect you little whelp you have no say in this".

"Brother stop" Rena said while turning around almost pleading with her brother "Why, what's this human doing with you anyway's" he ask her but she just couldn't get the words out like if she did something bad would happen "Well?" the brother said but I knew by the look in Rena's face that she just couldn't do it. "Rena do you want me to tell him" I asked "Quite whelp!" the bigger Renamon yelled but I ignored him and just looked at her waiting for an answer.

"Yes, Sean please tell him tell him about all of it" she said with dread in her voice "Ok then" I replied then I turned my head to Rena's brother to face him, "You want to know what I'm doing with Rena then fine jackass I'll tell you.......I"M HER MATE" I yelled that last part with such passion and without reluctance that Rena seemed to smile at the confession.

"You little maggot you'll tell no such lies to me!!!" the Rena that was still holding said with fury, he pulled one fist back ready to punch me but it never connected the moment I'd seen that he was going to hurt me something just snapped inside of me. Like it just appeared out of no ware my hand and blocked his punch, and with more speed and strength beyond human ability I used the other hand to punch him in the chest that sent him flying into the wall.

"Sean" Rena had said with surprise and love, the male Renamon came climbing out of the walls more shocked then seriously hurt. He looked at me with surprise and I looked at him with a cold stare that seemed to pierce his very core, at that point I brought out the digi-vice that hung around my neck, under my shirt out. I shown him the digi-vice and said with pride "I'm also her tamer so PISS OFF!".

After Rena calmed me down I noticed that I had drawn a bit of attention to us either from the declaration that me and Renamon were mates or the fact that I punched a digimon right through a wall. Rena walked over to her brother and they talked for a few moments, I wondered what they were talking about but since me and Rena had a connection like many tamers I could sense that it wasn't good.

"Please follow me" Rena said with regret in her voice, I could see that she was sad and nervous just by the look in her face as we walked around the coliseum with Rena's brother leading the way and the other Renamon and Kyubimon in tow.

We went about a quarter way around the building and stopped at a some stairs leading upward and to the arena, "Wait here" the older Renamon said as he and Rena started to walk up the flight of stairs, I wanted to go with her but the two Renamon guards stopped me from going. It was a about 15 minutes until they came back down, Rena seemed to be relieved about something but still was very worried.

"What's going on?" I asked Rena as she came back down the stairs, she leapt right into my arms for comfort not caring who saw. "Is everything ok?" I asked again but she just couldn't answer holding back the tears in her eyes. "You are to take the 'A Test of Rights' " Rena's brother said with disgust "What test?" I asked holding Rena even tighter "The test is to see if you are worthy of being Rena's mate" he answered.

"Fuck you I don't need to take a god dam test!!!" I yelled with ferocity nearly leaping out to throttle him if Rena didn't try to hold me back. "The test is taken when the family of one side of either two isn't sure that there partner is strong enough or worthy of being the mate" Rena said.

"It's been done for many a generation......but I still don't think a human should take it the answer is already clear that you're not good enough" the older Renamon said with a grin. I was ready to jump at him if Rena hadn't already turned around and slapped him so hard that he fell right over, then she said with fury that I had never seen in her before "Don't you dare say that again he is strong and brave, we love each other very much and if I hear you say something like that again I'LL EAT YOU CODE!!!".

The older Renamon was in such shock that he didn't say a thing all he did was sit there on the ground while Rena dragged me away.

We came to a room that looked like a entrance way with two huge double sided doors to fit many sized creatures, I walked in to see many of the digimon that fought in the arena having their wounds healed and some getting ready to go out to fight.

Most of the digimon stopped to look at who came in but all turned to us when everyone of them fell silent "The rest of the fights have been postponed until a special event has been concluded" Rena said with voice that commanded respect and like she was of a noble birth.

"What's this all about we never heard a thing about this" a little Impmon said while walking up to us looking rather annoyed "This won't be to long you will get you chance in the arena but at the moment this take priority" she said with a respect but a still giving the Impmon a glare.

We move past some of the digimon until we found a spot where we could sit and talk "So tell exactly what's going on" I asked Rena for a third time this time she gave me a answer "It's a test like my brother said, after he found out about you being my tamer and us being mates he had to go tell our father and mother".

"Your father and mother were up those stairs back there" I said as I nodded towards the door "Yes and when they found out about it all they were rather shocked at the news to say the least, but when they questioned us being together I told them about all you done to save Alex and Gorillamon, how you fought a Mysomon without falling back and how you saved me from that boy and his digimon awhile back.....oh and about the dream we had a few months back" she said with a blush.

"Well now they know so what happened after that you know I don't like being kept in suspense" I said with a big smile trying to lighten her mood it didn't work for long, "After they seen me talk about you so passionately and how committed I was they decided that the only way to know for sure was with a test".

"The Test of Rights" I replied "Yes, but for the test they decided that you would have to ..... fight" she blurted out which caused all the digimon in the room to look at us "So I'm to fight a digimon" I said hopping that is wasn't so "Yes, unfortunately your to fight a digimon, but they let my brother be your opponent at his request!!" she said the last part with much anger.

"Well I guess I have no choice I'll fight him, win, and then maybe he will learn some civility" I said with pride, Rena looked up at me with surprise like I was crazy "Don't worry I've fought with a digimon before and even you and me sparred once in awhile so there will be no problem"

"Your right you can do it and you'll win" she said hugging me with all her might, I could tell she was still worried so I lifted her head up and gave her a deep kiss to put her worries aside. Many digimon had there jaws opened in shock when we broke away from the kiss "You should hurry to you friend Lillymon, tell her and Amelia what's going on so they don't worry" I told her "Right" Rena said, she got up a ran out the huge double sided door way leading out of the locker type room.

When she left I had most of the digimon move up closer to me but a Leomon with many battle scars on his body spoke up "Is it true human are you going to fight a digimon alone" I stood up starring at all those digimon and said "Wouldn't be the first time".

"Humph, then you're going to need help let's get you prepared" the Leomon said the little Impmon from before broke through a looked up at me with a smirk saying "That's right your defiantly gonna need it, besides all the fighters here are like family we stick up for one another you got that" it was that point that I noticed that the Impmon spoke rather strangely like something from the godfather.

I looked up at all the digital fighters that gathered around me giving me there support for just about no apparent reason "I understand that but I just got here how would I be coincided family" I asked, this time a digimon with wearing heavy armor and two massive claw like weapons spoke up "It's just like Impmon said your family when you fight here whether one time or many we support each other and most digimon that a have an opened mind can tell you love that one." he said while pointing towards the double door Rena left through "Well put Wargreymon, now enough of this talk do you know who your fighting?" the Leomon asked.

I looked at him with rage in my eyes to tell him right away that I was pissed at who I had to fight "It's a Renamon, or to be more precise Rena's brother who is vitally opposed to us being together" I told them all. "Well that means you'll need armor of some sort more than anything, as for power well.....we all heard already about what you did to him before" the Leomon said with a grin. "Think you can do that again" the Impmon asked with a smirk like he already knew that answer "Without a doubt" I replied.

Over the next few moments the digimon in the locker room looked for anything that I could use for protection, what they deiced to do was give me a piece of each of their armor, Justimon's helmet, Lobomon's arm guards, Wargreymon's chest plate, Gallentmon's Leg guards, Skullmeramon's boots, and Pharohmon's cape.

I put on all of the equipment most of which was too big but a moment later it all adjusted to my body "Digimon items can adapt to whoever is wearing them" the Wargreymon explained "He still needs a weapon though" the Leomon pointed out at my empty hands. Just then a little digimon with wings that looked a little like a ball of fluff appeared "He can use my staff" it said as it was handing me the little staff and just like the others it grew to two and a half times its original size to fit me.

"That's very generous of you Piximon" a digimon said in the back "It's very generous of all of you to lend me your help I don't know how to thank you" I said a little shook up from all of the support I got from them "Just make sure you win" Impmon said giving me a thumbs up.

The gate leading to the arena opened telling me it was time for me to fight, I walked slowly towards the gate thinking what I had to do and what I needed to do, secrets didn't matter but I would win for Rena's sake and to keep her from being taken away from me.

In unison both Sean and the Renamon entered the arena, he was almost awe struck at how different it looks like from being inside the arena then just outside of it. The awe didn't last very long when he saw his opponent straight ahead of him neither of them liked each other in the least for a few reasons but both confident they would win.

The only ones that were worried were Amelia and Lillymon who were up in the stands hoping that there new friend would survive "Do you think he has a chance" Amelia ask Lillymon the petal girl could only say "I have never seen a human take on a digimon by themselves and live" saying it all with regret.

One other person was worried a little but confident that he could win, Rena was in the box stand reserved for VIP's she stood there with her mother and father calmly sitting down waiting for the fight to begin. "Why do you two have to make him do this" Rena asked her parents and with un moving eyes or emotion her mother said "It is unheard of a human a digimon to be together in such a way, for the sake of tradition he must be tested, but he won't win against him".

"I wouldn't be so sure dear, I've heard what Rena said and if it's true I think he will put up a good fight" the husband said, but Rena was clearly not impressed by their lack of faith in the one she had chosen to be her mate.

"You can do it Sean" she yelled into the arena, he looked up to the right to see Rena wishing him good luck as well as two older Taomon sitting down to the left of her 'Those must be her parents' he thought giving them both a cold stare.

Sean turned his attention to his opponent that was no more than 20 feet from him "I won't lose this there is too much at stake here" he said out loud "You won't have a choice in the matter" the Renamon yelled to him forgetting that Renamon had good hearing.

The Older Taomon stood up from where he was sitting and said "I declare this match to begin" and with those words finished both combatants lunged for each other in which only one would truly win.

Sean took the first strike slashing at his opponent but he was just too fast when he moved to the right with such speed when he went in for a kick it just hurt even more. Sean went flying 10 feet and came down on the arena floor "Dam he is fast good thing I got this armor or he just may have broken something" he said out loud.

He got up just in time to see the Renamon up in the air ready to attack but lucky he knew what was coming and was prepared "Diamond Storm" the digital fox called as huge shards of digital Ice appeared around him then lunched at his opponent.

Just as the attack was called he rushed with blindly speed straight towards in the same direction as the digimon missing the attack entirely, 'Now's my chance' he thought as Sean lunched himself with as much power as he could get then with the same power used both hands to smack his nemesis with the spear right in his ribs cage not only breaking the staff in half but a few ribs as well.

Renamon went flying towards the earth gathering up dust around him to the point where you couldn't see him, Sean had landed back down staring into the dust waiting for it to clear know full well that the blow just dealt to the Renamon wouldn't have taken him out of the fight.

Many people and digimon were shocked at the sheer power a human should never have, while Renamon gave a shout of glee at what happened her parents were amazed just like all the others except the father was more intrigued and the mother was just a little furious.

I waited until the dust cleared to see him gone just like I knew he would so I kept my ears open but closed my eyes knowing I wouldn't see him until he wanted me to. I heard several things but nothing that revealed where he was until I heard a noise coming from behind like a sudden rush of wind and I knew he was on the attack.

I did what I thought was best at the last moment side stepped his attack letting my elbow out right in front of his path, the impact was massive but it did the trick the charge of what he did was at such speed that his gut came in contact with my elbow and nearly dislocating it.

With no air in his lungs he just fainted falling straight to the ground, with him unconscious I was the winner of 'The Test of Rights'.

Rena was so happy that her lover won that she literally jump from the balcony of where she was and plowed Sean right to the ground, "You won, You won" she said with such happiness that it seemed like nothing could put her down. She gave him a big kiss on the cheek in front of everyone.

"Ok ok, I know you're happy but I really need to get up" he told her grimacing at the pain he sustained from the fight. Sean got up to see that Amelia and Lillymon had already rush up beside him "Congratulations you won" Amelia said with relive that her new friends were ok "Rena he did it he passed the test now you two can get married" Lillymon said with glee.

I was a little shocked at the statement the flower girl said, I looked over to Rena to see that she was blushing which was hard considering she had fur covering her body. "Your dam right" I said flowing with the moment, Rena jump into my arms with a smile on her face nuzzling her head into my chest.

Everything seemed great the crowd was cheering and until many Renamon and Kyubimon appeared around us "What's going on!!" I yelled still holding Rena in my arms but she turned her head all the way around to see the massive group that surrounded us.

"Your mother and father wish to talk to you Lady Renamon, Now!" a Kyubimon said a little to the left of us "I passed the test so what's going on" I asked but all I got was a cold response "It does not concern you they said for me to tell you".

I snapped at that point thinking of how all that I fought for they were going to try and take it away but I wasn't going to let them.

He gently pushed Rena aside clenching his fist tightly but what happened next had many of the Renamon and Kyubimon scared. Sean's body seemed to be slowly enveloping its self in its own shadow that seemed to lick it way across his body like fire.

It wasn't just his shadow but white flame slowly covered his body in the same way it didn't burn but radiated immense power. Both energies covered Sean from head to toe but both continued to cover each other continually never gaining a single spot over the other.

With a deep bellowing voice that shook the stadium its self he said "YOU CAN TELL THEM THAT I WON THE FIGHT ACCORDING TO THEIR TRADITIONS AND THEY WILL NOT TAKE THAT OR RENA AWAY!!!", not one person wasn't a little frightened at the sudden change of his appearance and shear power just in his voice.

"We do not intend to take either away from you we just want to have a talk with our daughter is that all right with you" Rena's father said with his wife quickly in tow, he seemed sincere so just as quickly as it happened the flames flickered out of existence "Ok" Sean said calmly.

"I'll be waiting over there for you" he said to Rena pointing to the gate that lead to the locker room they were in before "Ok" Rena said with an expressionless face, just before she ran off to talk he quickly pulled her around and kissed her deeply as they often did "Be careful ok" she said to her "Don't worry I will" she replied running off to join her parents.

I went over to the locker type room that I had used before with Lillymon and Amelia in tow, I returned each digimon his equipment they had lent me for the fight but as for Piximon's staff "Sorry about what happened to your weapon" I said apologizing to him while handing him the two pieces "It's ok I can repair it" he said a flew away into another part of the room.

"That was some show you put out there" Impmon said "Yeah I guess it was rather fun too, but the important thing is that I won and me and Renamon can be together" I said with pride. "You fought well Sean but how did you do that last thing with the black and white flames" Lillymon asked with curiosity in her voice "I'm not sure just when I thought that they were going to take Rena away something just snapped inside of me, it has happened before when I got really angry but nothing like that".

I sat on the bench there thinking how that could have happened I could see the flames covering me as well but could still see through them like they weren't there at all. "Are you ok" Amelia asked bringing four cups of water with her on a tray I quickly grabbed one and drank it down, "Yeah I'm ok, but I'm still worried about Rena after what happened I wonder what might change".

"Everything will be fine I'm sure I know her and she is strong and so are you, you'll both get through this" Lillymon said while taking a seat right beside me.

We had waited for some time till Rena came into the room escorted by two other female Renamon, I looked at her face and it wasn't one of sadness or regret but of pure joy waiting to burst, "So Rena what happened what did they say" I asked then a moment later she jump the length that was between us and knocked me to the floor "They said everything was ok they give us there blessings and your welcome into Shadow Vale" she said while rubbing her head into my chest which at the moment throbbed with pain from the fight and the sudden fall to the ground.

"Rena, Sean was just in a fight I'm sure knocking him down to the ground wasn't such a good idea" Lillymon said, Rena quickly jumped off me while saying "Sorry I'm Sorry are you ok" "I'm fine not to worry" I said while struggling to get up but Leomon helped me.

"So they gave us there blessings uh" I had said with a little suspicion "Yes they did but my mother was a little furious at what happened but my father was happy for me and convinced her that if you could beat my brother that you were plenty strong enough", "Your father sounds like the one that won't be mad every time he sees me" I said with a chuckle "Yes but my mother on the other hand will still be cold to you for awhile but she'll get over it".

"Well I guess it's time to celebrate" the little Impmon said "Impmon more digivolve to Beelzemon" Impmon had suddenly changed into Beelzemon a digimon with a motorcycle, dressed like a biker with all leather, a big two barrel gun in a holster on his left leg, a tail, and a purple helmet with a third eye in the middle. "You should go find your seats I'll make sure to put a good show on for yeah" Beelzemon said "Sure" I said giving him a thumbs up, I quickly grabbed Rena's arm and rushed for the stadium seats to watch the fight from a better view.

Beelzemon was fantastic he beat the Metaletemon easily but not before keeping his promise and putting on a good show by missing his target on purpose and letting Metaletemon get in a few hits. When he had enough of the fight Beelzemon just used his signature attack and ended it with one blow.

It had been a long day for me and Renamon, we decided to just go home once the fight was over but when we got to the designated exit port made by the DPA someone was standing in our way with a big digimon by his side called Gigadramon.

"Give me your digi-vice" the guy said who was around the same age as me "No" I said bluntly but as I walked towards him the Gigadramon attacked blasting a hole right in front of me "I'm not kidding give me the fucking digi-vice NOW!!!!" the guy said, he looked like a cross between a bar bouncer and a model that had seen better days.

"Rena dear how shall we handle this" I asked her like it was no big deal, she put her hand on my shoulder and said "Better let me do it we don't know if you can take a ultimate digimon alone yet". "Yee of little faith but your right I'll stay back and let you handle it", after I finished talking I quickly back off with blinding speed and raised my digi-vice "Ok Renamon let's do it, digivolve" I called out.

Rena had then been glowing a pure yellow and white color and her new shape began to take form, her body grew, she sprouted nine tails, and she went on all fours until the change was complete and she emerged as a powerful Kyubimon.

"You think you can beat me you little blasted time for you to die!!" the man yelled and the Gigadramon lunged not at Kyubimon but straight for me, Kyubimon intercepted and knocked the digimon back to the ground not far from the huge technological half sphere that served as a way for the DPA to keep track of all comings and goings.

The monstrous digimon that had no legs but a long tail knocked Kyubimon back with a strong blow from his right hand, Kyubimon quickly got up and moved just out of the way as Gigadramon attacked again with a blast from one of his arms that look more like a claw from a machine. It had fired several more blasts but none hit their target, however one shot went straight by the coliseum which would have meant that someone would have seen it not only that but it was hard to miss the noise of the battle going on considering that the fights had all been done.

The guy with short hair that was cut like a beetle wig stared at the battle until he noticed that I had not taken my eyes off him, I gave him a cold unrelenting stare that gave him a cold feeling down his spine or by the way he looked it did. "What the hell are you starring at shit face!!" he yelled in anger again I noticed that he was reaching for a gun that was to his side but he would get to pull the trigger.

Within a few heart beats I closed the gab between us, I grabbed his arm and squeezed hard until I heard a snap and he let go of the gun as he grasped his arm in pain. I still had the cold stare on him never letting go until I punch him in the face knocking him out.

I took a quick look over to my left to see that Rena was using her best attack on Gigadramon to stop him "Dragon Wheel" she yelled as she span in mid air creating a wheel of fire that shot one massive blue fire ball at her enemy knocking him down in a pile of fire that died down as soon as Gigadramon posed no threat.

"Well done Rena well done" I said as she walked up to me still as Kyubimon "Oh yee of little faith" she said giving me a big grin at the little joke I played on her earlier "Well then shall we go" I said but we didn't get far as several people in uniform and digimon as well entered through the portal "Stop right there" a woman with a build like a goddess and long hair that reached down to her feet yelled out.

I was wondering what was going on but I was still on guard, maybe there with the guy we just faught I thought and if so we would have to run for it we couldn't handle the many digimon that ranged from Rookie to Ultimate, "What's going on here" I yelled back making sure to keep my distance from her every time she got closer "I'm Major Samantha Stronghart of the DPA emergency task force 5th division, there was an illegal entry into the digital world by two dangerous individuals I'm here to bring them in".

The major had quite a demanding presence about her that said if you don't do what I tell you I'll rip your arm off and beat you with it "You two are to come with me for questioning" she said "Have you seen the any individuals I'm talking about" she yelled again. "There right over there" I said as I pointed to my left were the other digimon and soldiers had already begun on apprehending the two that attacked us "Oh yes of course" she said acting sheepish for letting the moment get away with her and by the looks of it, it probably happened often.

"Major its them there the ones that caused the disturbance earlier" one of the soldiers yelled back from where me and Rena had tossed our opponents after beating them senseless "Now as for you two you'll have to come with me until this can be sorted out" the major said to us, I calmed down a bit after the introductions but was still wary on who the guy was and why he wanted my digi-vice.

After they dragged the Gigadramon and his tamer through the portal Samantha motioned for us to follow but that wouldn't happen cause a person stepped forward from the other end of the portal dress like the major was but by the looks of him higher in rank and about my age "It won't be necessary for them to come with us" he said but he major protested "But sir they were witness to what happened here".

The guy looked awfully familiar but I couldn't quite figure out why until I seen the Tentomon next to him and his reddish type hair that's when I knew who he was "Izzy Izumi" I said under my breath what would one of the first digi-destined be doing here true that all of the first digi-destined and many of the 2nd group were part of the DPA but why would he be here.

"I know that very well major but I also know that they were the ones that beat them, isn't that right?" he said turning his head towards us "Yeah it was us Kyubimon took down the digimon and the guy I knocked out after crushing his right arm" I said simply.

"How is that possible!?" the major said out loud in confusion "That doesn't matter right now we can talk to them later if we need to until then were heading back to H.Q." Izzy told her and she gave a typical response for one in a army "Yes sir" then they both walked through the portal disappearing through the multi colored puddle.

"You know my dear I think I've had enough for one day how about lets just go straight to bed when we get home" I told Rena as she changed back into a Renamon "Good idea after all that has happened even I'm worn out" she said leaning against me from the fight.

We went through the portal and ended back home in the computer room, only about a hour passed in the real world since both worlds are still not completely connected in the matter of time. Both me and Rena headed for the bed room for a good nights sleep, I hopped into bed giving Renamon a deep kiss good night and was out like a light.

The next week was pretty uneventful expect when I got the flu and couldn't stop from going to the bath room for hours on end, Rena was concerned cause she never seen someone with a flu before but I told her it was just something that people get at times.

For the most part I was concerned on how to tell my parents that me and Renamon were mating but as they say honesty is the best policy. We got over to my parents house I knocked on the door only to find that not only were my parents there but also my three sisters and one of my older brothers Lee.

"Ok what's going on here" I asked as me and Rena stepped through the doorway closing it behind us "We have something to talk to you about" my mom had said and from the look on her face as well as everyone else's it was something serious.

It was about then that it hit me 'Oh god they know already' I thought my face was panicked to match my feelings and when I looked over to Rena I seen that she was quite nervous as well. "I got something to tell you as well but I'm guessing what we want to talk to each other about is the same thing" I said to all "We heard some reports and even has news reporters come asking us about you two" my sister Jessica had said.

"What about!?" I asked like I didn't know anything "Don't screw around you very well what were talking about" my sister Becky said with the rudeness that she always had "Suppose I do I would prefer to talk to mom and dad alone about this at the moment" I said to them. I looked at my parents wanting them to say something but before either of them got too my brother Lee spoke up "We all know why we're here, it's about your involvement with that digimon over there", since Rena and me held more then one type of connection I knew that statement hurt her a bit even though she never shown it I had to speak up for her "Her name is Renamon for the 100th time and I would appreciate if you would call her by said name from now on" I said to him which would be one of the few times I would stand up to him.

"Sean we're just very concerned about this it just doesn't seem natural" my mom had said, "Like I said before I would prefer to talk to just you and dad about this alone but if everyone else is going to butt in on it I guess I'll just have to say it bluntly" I paused for a moment to gather my thoughts and let anyone else to put in there two cents worth before my speech. "Ok you want to hear the simple truth fine here it is me and Rena are mating, were in love and very happy, we have already dealt and talked to Rena's family and even thought her mother might have been a bit angry about it I passed there 'Test of Rights' and if no one can't accept it then I'll be leaving".

There was a moment of pause as much of the family was a little shocked at such a blunt statement but I didn't care and not surprising it was my asshole of a sister Becky that spoke up first "You can't be serious you actually be in love with this creature, you should grow up and stop being such a spoiled brat". It was at that point that my blood really started to boil at not just the fact that she was being an absolute bitch about it but at her yet again complete disregarded for Rena's feelings, I was about to speak up but it was Rena that spoke first "I don't care if your his family or not your being absolutely rude and mean talking to him like that, is kind, gentle, brave, and would make an excellent father for our children" I was a little embarrassed at the fact that Rena thought so highly of me but mostly because she said it in front of most of the family.

"Why you monstrous freak what gives you the gull to...." Becky was saying but I quickly interrupted her "IF YOU DARE SPEAK TO HER LIKE THAT AGAIN I"LL TOSS YOU OUT THE WINDOW AND INTO A MOVING SEMI TRUCK YOU FUCKING BITCH!!!!" I yelled with some of the power that I had before at the duel with Rena's brother which shook the windows and put much of my family on edge hearing me like that.

"I think I've said enough mom, dad, if you or anyone else wants to talk about this in private you know where we live" I said then turned around and motioned for Rena to go ahead of me as I gave one last look at my family who were still stunned, however I did give my sister Becky one last cold look and said "If I see you anytime soon I'll make sure your tossed 20 yards into the road before the truck comes" and with that I closed the door and left.

It didn't take us long to get back to the house with the speed we both had but as soon as I got back I went straight for the den to sit down and think, Rena was very concerned about me asking if I was alright but I just told her that I just needed time to think.

I started a fire in the fire place and just sat there starring into it think about what I said and what I would actually say if my parents came over to talk in private. I was there for about 2 hours when Rena appeared right in front of me like before and sat on my lap "You know doors are there for a reason" I said still lost in thought "I know, but you like it when I do that, and I'm sorry about my outburst" she told me nuzzling up to me like she always does when we both need some comfort "No need to apologize she had it coming and then some we just didn't have enough time to give her a proper scolding" I told my beloved Rena give her a tight hug.

"But you know what I know the perfect thing to do to keep our minds off our troubles" I said to her reaching down between her legs rubbing around her cunt "Hhhhmmmmm that feels nice, I guess we both know what we can do in such times" she said letting her own hand rub my crotch making me hard in no time "It wouldn't be the first time we've comforted each other in such a way" I said holding her tighter and grabbing a ass cheek squeezing it tight while still rubbing her cunt letting the excitement grow inside of her.

I came while still wearing my pants feeling it plaster its self all over the inside, I put a finger in Rena's pussy and ferociously rubbed and moved it like no tomorrow "Sean please don't tease me" Rena had begged so I put in another finger and used my free hand to move Rena so her back was laying on top of me and was soon rubbing her breast. It wasn't long until Rena had came hard ejecting all the built up juice in her onto the floor a little away's from where we were sitting "Got some good distance with that one" I said "Oh your mean" Rena whimpered a little wither from the comment or from something else it didn't matter cause she just quickly turned around and snuggled up to me an fell fast asleep "Good night my love" I had whispered to her then layed my head back a fell into a deep sleep as well.

The next day I had woke up to a ringing in my head, I thought I was nuts until I noticed that it was the door bell, Rena was still on my lap sleeping soundly I didn't want to wake her so I moved quickly and as smoothly as I could to pick her up and put her back down on the recliner.

I raced to the door to stop the ringing from waking up Rena, I quickly opened it up to find a Sakuyamon in her priestess mode and a Taomon right in tow "Uuummmm......can I help you" I asked completely stumped on why these two digimon would be here. "I'm here to help you and the lady in the art of joining as well as being here to help protect you and the Taomon behind me is here for your protection as well" she had said with unwavering grace that could only come from many years of training.

"Oh uh....come in then, Rena is asleep would you like for me to wake her" I asked "That won't be necessary love" I heard behind me that I jump up high enough to smack my head on the ceiling and fall right to the floor with a THUMP. I was laying on the floor looking up at Rena's face giggling at me.

"I'm glad you find this so funny" I said sarcastically "I'm sorry but I thought you'd be use to it by now" she replied helping me up, "So do you know what this is about?" I asked her as soon as my head stopped pounding "Yes you see its tradition for a bodyguard and Priestess to stay with the lady they serve to help with the bringing of the young" she said.

"So a bodyguard and mid-wife right" I said pointing to each one "Yes that's correct" she said, 'well this ought to be interesting' I thought to myself.
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