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Sean, Rena, Taomon and Sakuyamon settle Together
The Cold Dawn
Chapter 3

I woke up one day to the wonderful smell of food made fresh and warm, it was so good that it could wake the dead from the aroma "....must be Rena's cooking, I can recognize that smell anywhere." I mumbled as I slowly rose up from the queen sized bed me and Rena shared.

I just about opened the door when I noticed, that I was only in my underwear "(sigh)....she was right after all" I turned to the drawer to grab a shirt and a pair of pants, I quickly put them on, almost falling over but I was so hungry, Rena's cooking always had that effect on me.

I pushed open the door, walked down the hall to the dinner table to see Rena, Taomon, and Sakuyamon standing patiently near the table waiting for me as was there custom but I still thought it was silly, if you're hungry you should eat and not wait for just one person "You know you can eat without me if you're hungry, just go ahead." I said to all three like I was talking to people from another planet which was pretty much the case.

"It has been tradition for many generations for those living under the house of the family to wait for the leader of said house to rise" Sakuyamon said bowing gracefully along with Renamon and Taomon, I've never seen Rena bow like that before but I guess with two representatives of her family here she had to keep up with the traditions, unless she wanted to incur the wrath of her mother, which by all accounts would be the last thing you would want.

I sat down at the table and motioned for the rest of them to sit (a little tidbit I remembered from when me and Rena had first spent our morning here in this house). I looked at them all and once again they were staring at me, waiting for something then it hit me just like before, they were waiting for me to take the first bite of the food either for me to judge it or just because of some other reason, either way them looking at me like I was a famous painting, was getting to me.

I took a bite of the eggs and gave a quick smile while swallowing it down my throat, "You know, if you're hungry it's ok to eat without me, I don't mind at all."

"I'm sorry but tradition dictates that we must wait unless under certain circumstances in which the master of the house is away" Sakuyamon said bowing her head down a slight.

"Unbelievable" I thought out loud smacking my head, I brought my head up and looked at the three digimon sitting at the table with me, Taomon a tall and silent warrior, master of the martial arts and a strong warrior of the spiritual magic's.

Sakuyamon how ever was two different things, in her normal form a master of the spiritual arts with no equal, plated in gold and covered with black cloth as strong as any steel, and a staff used by monks and priestesses, also plated in gold with rings in it that made a chiming sound with every swing.

Known to a few though, she had a second mode called the Priestess mode. While in this mode she has powerful healing abilities and is able to heal magical curses, wounds of all kinds including mental cleansing (in case you don't know what I mean by mental cleansing I'm talking about if someone was breaking down �cause of some tragedy or such).

Finally there was Renamon a beautiful warrior, with elegant attacks and a strong will that won't easily give up, just like people, though her personality is a bit different, unlike some Renamon's she shows her feelings more as well as speaking her mind.

Despite all of that, there was a little problem, me and Rena we're damn horny for each other and we couldn't very well do a single thing with the two major road blocks sitting at the table with us.

As far as I could tell Sakuyamon was there to help us with the problem of getting Renamon impregnated (Yeah sounds easy but trying to get it done, was damn near impossible especially between a human and digimon).

"So how long are you staying" I asked.

"Sean!!" Rena scolded me a slight since it sounded like I was a little rude.

"Until the lady is ready for birthing in which case we will make a pilgrimage to Shadow Vale" the tall Taomon spoke, which was not often.

"Why Shadow Vale, why not here" I had to ask, I mean in all seriousness I didn't see a reason not to.

"For two main reason's my lord, first is the fact that it has been an tradition for many generations for the birthing to be done in the hallowed home of our kind" Sakuyamon mentioned. Once again the word tradition came up which was driving me nuts didn't they have anything else to say or their own opinion to speak of.

"The second reason, is one that I am hesitant to say my lord" she said with a low bow, it seemed to me by the look on her face that it was something rather serious and like any servant didn't want to incur my wrath or tell me some bad news that I would rather no hear.

"Go on tell me, I'm sure that I won't be very surprised at the answer" I motioned to her while looking at Rena, giving her a hint at what I was saying but which wasn't necessary cause both of us knew the answer.

"As you wish, the other reason is because of the fact that you are human and they fear for our ladies safety. Also they will have to break the news to the other clans, as well as to the people of Shadow Vale, about you being human", she winced for a moment, waiting at how I would take that bit of news.

"I thought as much, and you can relax, even if I was angry I wouldn't take it out you anyhow".

Even though she was a mega level digimon, this Sakuyamon was rather timid, the Taomon beside her however was strong and was curious at my calm emotion after hearing what Sakuyamon said. "For now let's eat, we can talk afterwards" with that all talking stopped and everyone started to eat the food laid out before them which I was thankful for, because I didn't feel like making anyone nervous around me and having to deal with it.

Through out breakfast, I had the feeling that there was something that they weren't telling me, I couldn't tell just by looking at them but it was more of a gut feeling than anything else. I decided to let it be for now the main problem was, how was I going to get to Rena's Vulpinious body, without those two interfering with my plans, to fuck my mate like an animal �.........wait a moment Rena is a fox and I'm technically an animal'.

There was one question I had for Sakuyamon though "Sakuyamon, do you mind if I ask you a question?"

"Of course not, my lord" she replied with the same tradition that annoyed me so often but being called a lord, I rather enjoyed it though.

"Isn't it true that it takes the fusion of two Renamon to make a Sakuyamon."

"Yes it does" she told me.

"Tell me about it, tell me about you....yourselves before you joined" I asked her.

She stopped eating and closed her eyes like she was looking back in time "We were both born sickly, unlike most Renamon very few are born in such a way, it wasn't until years later that we had both gotten so ill that the only way we could survive was to be joined together as one, as a Sakuyamon".

"Wouldn't it have been dangerous I mean couldn't it just have made things worse?" I had to ask.

"Yes, but it was the only way and we never meet each other before that day so it was a little scary for both of us", I couldn't see her eyes under that mask of her's but if I had to guess that they would look sad and relieved at the same time.

"When the elders brought me....us before the sacred alter in which all Sakuyamon are born there was a strange light flowing over the both of us as we looked at each other, soon to realize that we would be one and the same. We looked around the room seeing Statues of Sakuyamon surrounding us like a gathering and between each one was an Elder of our village. We were told to concentrate then the next moment we were one."

I thought about it and I was amazed at what I was told it sounded like something important to keep in mind "Thank you" I said with a slight bow of my head "So the joining was quite fast then?", she shook her head and said.

"No, it actually takes a full day or more for the fusion to be completed but the 2 that are joining don't notice the change in time, cause perception changes when 2 minds and bodies meld into 1".

"I guess that is understandable when the mind starts to come apart, time doesn't seem to matter" I said. Looking around the table everyone seemed to be just a bit hungry, so I decided there was enough questions asked "but enough of that, let's eat" I said and proceeded to eat the food laid out for me and no one else said anything about traditions because they were hungry and decided to eat instead of talking.

After breakfast was done I went to clean up the dishes but was pushed away by Rena and Sakuyamon "We'll take care of the dishes, you go and relax yourself, you're going to need your energy" Sakuyamon said, I leaned over to Rena and whispered.

"What's she talking about."

"You might not want to know" she whispered back then went to clean the table.

I went to watch TV for awhile and seeing that the DFL (Digital/Digimon Fighting League) was going to be having their final matches in a few days "That will be interesting to see" I thought.

"Fighting should only be used when necessary" I heard from behind me, I looked around to see Taomon looking at the TV.

"True enough, but sometimes things like this are better, than others fighting each other in life and death situations" I replied.

"I guess you're right....I'm going to check the perimeter" Taomon said and like all digimon of that kind disappeared into thin air.

After about an hour Rena came to sit beside me and said "We need to talk about something."

"Let me guess it has to do with Sakuyamon and what she said after breakfast."

"Yes, you see to ensure procreation my parents sent her to test your um, virility in a way."

"You mean to test and see if I am able to help give offspring."

"Yes, but also, to do this she has to view and in some cases test the male in question herself."

"Not a chance!!" I nearly yelled. "Do they really expect me to do that!!" I was furious with the audacity they had to even suggest such things.

"I know but it was the highest stipulation my mother put she won't recede it, unless we go through with it she will send warriors to bring me back by force" Renamon was telling me, I was really pissed off but I could tell that she was upset about it too, but I knew she was more upset about Sakuyamon testing the male herself part, then the other.

"Every time I turn around there seems to be something else blocking our path".

CRASH, BOOM, there suddenly came a massive explosive sound, coming from the outside and in a blink of a moment, I was out the door with Rena in tow and from the energy I was feeling Sakuyamon not far behind.

Out in the field around the house near the road leading to the door I saw Taomon Battling a Gorillamon and I saw that beside the digimon was Alex with a panicked look, because Gorillamon was beaten badly. I looked at Taomon and noticed that he was about to finish the fight "Thousand Sp..."

"STAND DOWN" I yelled for all I was worth, he heard me and stopped the attack before Gorillamon was destroyed.

"What is going on here" I asked.

"This digimon and human entered the area and I told them to leave the area" Taomon replied.

"Yes and when I said we aren't leaving and we are here to see you, he attacked us!!!" The enraged Alex replied looking more than a little worried about Gorillamon and even more pissed off at the Taomon in front of him.

"You two are IDIOTS!!!" I yelled at them. After I calmed down I motioned over Sakuyamon "Go take a look at Gorillamon and see what you can do for his injuries" she bowed and said.

"At once my lord", Taomon suddenly appeared before me bowing down on both knees and said.

"Forgive me, I did not know he was permitted to enter."

"That is all right, but Taomon try not to be over protective...unless they are clearly hostile" I said to him.

"So much for a friendly visit" Alex said to me.

"Yeah, but when is any of your visits social, anyhow" I mentioned.

"True" he replied "I did come over after I saw you on the news."

"What?" I asked.

"Well, it seems you made a bit of a fuss or rather a huge fuss" he said, like I should know what he was talking about "How about we head inside and I can show you instead."

"Ok" I said "how is Gorillamon doing?" I asked Sakuyamon after she joined us.

"He will be fine he has reverted to Monkeymon for now, my healing spells helped him out of danger" she replied with the now normal bow, sure I'm getting used to it but I still think it's a little over done at times.

"Ok, let's go inside then" I motioned over to the house. Once we all got inside and settled down, I asked Alex again about what he was talking about.

"Like I was saying before, see for yourself, it's all over the news" he said and turned on the TV and went straight to a news channel.

"Many Anti-digimon groups are up in storms over the resent event that happened in the Digital world at a yearly festival, where a human apparently confessed to having a intimate relationship with a digimon, the person is also apparently the tamer of the digimon, we have a video that was shot at the same location" the reporter said and with shock, I saw the video turned out to be true it showed someone enjoying the arena when the festival started, they got up to the point of Rena's brother holding me by the neck and up to when we were being escorted to Rena's parents, but the video never got a clear shot of me, but it did get a clear shot of Renamon.

"Oh god" I said like I was just knocked over.

"Yeah, now you know why, I came over here people are up in roars, all over the place and different Anti-digimon groups are hunting you down" Alex said.

"But they never got a clear shot of me, how are they hunting me" I said, still racked with worry.

"They might not have had a clear shot of you but from what little they got they are narrowing the search and there hasn't been that many tamers with Renamon as partners and there was a clear shot of her so that is how they are hunting you down".

"Sean, I'm scared, I don't want them to find us" Rena was saying with a shaky voice, I understood how she felt we had insane people after us either intent on killing us, or possibly worse.

"Renamon don't worry, they won't get us" I told her, holding her tight but just as quickly let her go and said "I need you, Taomon and Sakuyamon to leave us for a few minutes."

"But why?" Rena ask like something was wrong and it was.

"Please just trust me on this, I need to talk to Alex alone" I said, again I waved off the other 2's protests with a wave of my hand, not willing to say more. I knew Rena was beside herself at this point but it had to be done, the information I was about to ask might just have hurt her more and I would never want that.

Once they had left I waited a moment to clear my head, since Rena could sense my thoughts in a way, I didn't want her to feel that anything was wrong, though I doubt that it would work out that way. "So tell me Alex, what else happening and before you start saying anything, I know you were holding back, there is more stuff going on out there, then you are willing to say" I said while starring at him, by the look on his face I knew that he didn't want to say anymore, but I wasn't giving him a choice.

"Ok, but try to remember you shouldn't blame yourself for this............yes more has happened, the fact is that those radical groups have already killed several tamers and their digimon were either deleted or went back to the digital world, but some went mad with fury and started to kill the radical groups attacking other tamers, the DPA have been doing there best to calm things down but things aren't getting any better, for the moment the DPA are gathering up any and all digimon and tamers to secure locations but its slow going. People are scared man, really scared, what happened at the festival was just what those psychopaths were waiting for, they wanted some dumb ass reason to start this up and is just getting worse."

"Let me guess tamers and digimon are after me as well either for revenge or because they want things to stop and anything other possible reasons."

"Unfortunately, your right, and they are much more likely to find you so keep your guard up" Alex was warning me, I knew that fanatics weren't going to be much trouble but tamers and digimon are another matter.

"Alex, I need you to speak to whoever you need to in the DPA, I want to speak with Izzi Izumi and don't start saying how I know you can and they are keeping tabs on me through you."

"You are a clever one" he said.

"Well you have been just a little obvious about it, keeping secrets aren't really your forte" I mentioned waving a finger at him.

"I think we are both done talking, I need to take Monkeymon home so he can rest.....but there's one more thing I need to know, how in the world did you get those other two digimon to be living here" he said with wonder.

"Well they aren't really here at my request but I'll tell you how it happened", I told him everything that happened (well almost everything) starting from the festival to the next day.

"WOW that is really something to be sure" he said.

"Well I got Renamon with me still, so it was all well worth it".

Once Alex left, Renamon, Taomon and Sakuyamon entered the room "Taomon your going to need to be on guard for anybody entering the area don't attack them unless they are clearly hostile, tell us before taking any preemptive action" I said then suddenly left out the door, walking to the giant tree out in the field.

On sunny days this would be a great place to sleep and relax but with summer coming closer to its end, the weather was getting colder, I sat under the tree and could see some of its leaves color dulling, soon its leaves would be gold, orange, and brown in color. The sharper cold weather and wind would keep my mind sharp and thinking, trying to figure out what was going on and what I could do.

"Maybe I should get her a present of some sort but with everything going on, I doubt I could get anywhere to do so" I was saying out loud.......that's IT, I know how to get something for her but not really go anywhere far. With that thought I started to walk back inside the house but then wondered what could I get her, the festival would be over by now so what could I do, then once again a flash of brilliance, Shadow vale would be the perfect place, I didn't have to go in but maybe some kind of plant would do.

I went back inside the house and found Rena on the couch looking rather upset and with her was Sakuyamon trying to console her, I didn't know why she was so sad but I knew she needed my help, so I went over to her, ignoring the fact that Sakuyamon was there and lifted her sad head and gave her a deep long kiss. After wards I let her go and said "It's gonna be alright, I'm going to head out for a little bit but don't worry it'll only be a moment", I looked over to Sakuyamon and with a almost cold feeling in my voice said "I need to talk with you before I go" Sakuyamon looked confused but I wanted to get this done and over with now.

I took Sakuyamon upstairs and when in front of the computer room I looked at her and said "I understand that you are supposed to do what Renamon's mother has ordered you to.....but do not ever assume that I will go along with anything that will involve you testing my fertility, I am wholly devoted to her and only her", I left it at that with her slightly shaking, I knew that the conversation made her uncomfortable but she had to know what I felt about it all.

I walked over to the same spot me and Rena used to head to Serene Lake and just as before all the gadgets and such sprang to life lighting up and a voice said "please select destination."

"Shadow Vale" I heard a beeping and then the voice spoke again.

"Invalid Entry, no port in immediate proximity to selection." Well that certainly is odd but I'm guessing that they don't like uninvited guests I thought to myself.

"Name closest location to Shadow Vale and distance to it".

The machines took a few moment to process what I wanted then spoke again "Closest location is WindSher Mountains 8.3 Kilometers NE of Shadow Vale", I thought about it for a moment.

"Looks like I have no choice.......Transport to SouthWest Base of WindSher Mountains". There was a bright flash of light and suddenly I was at the digital world looking out at a clear desolate plain, a common thing for some mountains and in the distance I could see my target a line of trees to far to see any details though.

I looked behind to see the reason why they were called WindSher Mountains, behind me I could see a sheer cliff off in the distance a little ways going straight up higher then I could even imagine "WOW, that is some way up for sure".

As I walked towards my target, I thought all about what was going on lately, Renamon was with me, for god knows why and the fact that we had some destiny to do supposedly. "Man this is becoming way too much" I said out loud like someone was there.

"What is becoming too much for you?" I heard a sarcastic voice say.

I quickly did a 360 turn, to see if anyone was around but I heard nothing at all, then the voiced spoke again this time I recognized the sarcastic, arrogant and in general full of himself tone. "Quit hiding or are you scared of me hurting you again" I said out loud. Then out of nowhere like all Renamon he appeared out of thin air and quickly said.

"What do you want human."

"Not like you would care but I came looking for a gift for Rena, to remind her of home."

In a moment before saying anything else, he again disappeared but after what was about 15mintues he showed up again holding some sort of flower in a pot about 6 inches high with large petals colored purple and black, it was no more than a few seconds that the flowers changed color in the sunlight to a bright yellow and orange. "This is the Aoura Orchid, a plant that grows in Shadow Vale it changes color if it is in dark or light places" he explained, then handed over the orchid.

Just before he disappeared I asked him "Why are you being so helpful all of a sudden", he looked over his shoulder in my direction but not at me and said.

"My sister is dear to me, I do what I can to help family....but I'm still not sure about you" and once again he disappeared from sight. I wasn't sure what he thought of me after our fight, but it looked like he has his family close to his heart.

With the Aroura orchid in hand, I headed back to the portal �This will cheer her up for sure' I thought while heading back home.

I got back almost as soon as I left, looking at the clock maybe about 10 minutes or so passed in real time, I was gone about 30 minutes in the digital world. I ran down stairs and snuck around to the living room, I snuck up behind Rena who was still on the couch with Sakuyamon.

I quickly brought the Aroura around to the front of her face and said. "Surprise." I put my head close to her shoulder and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. She seemed to be a little stunned by my gift but her face soon broke into a smile and soon said.

"Thank you" along with a kiss on the cheek.

I was always happy when she was so it was no surprise that I was soon grinning ear to ear. "This is wonderful but where did you get it?" Rena soon asked.

"Well, I was gonna go to Shadow Vale to get you something, to cheer you up, but I was stopped before I got close" I replied.

"What happened?"

"Well, when I got part way, your brother showed up, I thought we might have to fight it out again but instead, I told him why I came and about 15 minutes later he brought this to me, saying that he will do anything for family, but he really wasn't sure about me, then left."

I could tell she was thinking about what her brother said to me, I gave her the plant and gave her a long hug from behind and said to her. "Don't think on everything to much, it will all be ok". I got up and walked towards the kitchen pausing to look at Rena, she gave me a quick nod to say that she understood.

I headed to the Kitchen, going straight for the phone there was a list beside it showing several numbers next to it. I took a moment and found the one I was looking for and quickly dialed Alex's number and a few rings later he answered. "Yellow" he called.

"You know that is a really awful joke" I said.

"Well Sean, what can I do you for" he asked fortunately for him I had only one simple question.

"Alex are the phone lines secure from this house to others".

"Yes they are, planning on phoning someone other than me" he asked me.

"Yeah I need to talk to my parents" I replied, before I could say anything more he said.

"Yes, their phone line is secure and a security detail is keeping an eye on them at all times."

"Thanks very much for the help and it's hello, not yellow" I said with a chuckle.

"Yeah, Yeah, for now stay safe and don't leave the house for everyone sake's" he added before hanging up the phone.

I dialed the phone again to call my parents "Hello", it was my mom that answered.

"Hi mom, how are you" I asked.

"Son, are you alright" she said with a worried tone in her voice, considering all that happened recently I guess it was valid.

"I'm fine but I need to talk to you, is everyone ok first of all."

"Yes they are but we had some people from the DPA come to the house and say that they are going to keep an eye on us for our safety...does this have to do with what they were showing on the TV recently" she said, which she was right in, of course, but there was more to it than that.

"Yes, it does somewhat but I need you to do something for me, I need you to take any and all pictures, with me and/or Renamon in them and hide them, destroy them or whatever so long as no one can find them."

"I don't understand, why would you want that?" she asked.

"It's because for everyone's safety and the less you know the better that will be, oh and one more thing, I want you to keep a close eye on the rest of the family that know about Renamon and me, and if you really need to get a hold of me use this phone number and they will set it up" I told her the number that Alex gave me to get in hold of him "Just tell them who you are and what you want."

"Son are you sure about all this, I mean with a digimon creature thing it doesn't seem natural."

"Mom, I told you my decision is made and HER NAME is Renamon, I'm sorry but I've got to go" I then quickly hung up before she could say anything else.

I wasn't sure what to do now even my own parents didn't agree with my decision "There union shall be shunned by all but the closest ones' my ass" I said out loud recalling the prophecy Rena told me before. "I'm just not sure what to do" I was saying to myself, it felt like the whole world was against us and that was just about right, my family was against us getting together and we had people hunting us down, yeah what a wonderful world this is.

"Are you alright love?" I heard a voice behind me say, I knew it was Rena before I even turned around, like always I could see she was worried a little, but considering all that has happened recently I couldn't blame her.

"It will be ok Rena, I'm sure it will" of course I was lying but I couldn't tell her that. There in lied the problem, though even though I could try to hide something from her I couldn't she would know if I was lying or trying to hide something from her and it showed in her face.

"You don't have to lie to me" she said while she walked closer to me she wrapped her arms around my neck and I in turn wrapped mine around her waist "You should know by now, what you feel I feel, now tell me, what's wrong" she said to me, I couldn't do anything but reply to her.

"There are people that are hunting us down, as well as Digimon for many different reasons, and it seems my parents still don't condone what we mean to each other."

She started to shed some tears but all I could do was hold her as close as I could, while she nuzzled her head into my chest, we were just like that for about 10 minutes, until Sakyuamon interrupted us "M'lady, it it's time to begin the preparations" she said to Rena. What she said peeked my curiosity so I had to ask.

"Rena what is she talking about" it seemed that Rena couldn't look me straight when she answered me.

"It's a type of ceremony to help with.....um...conception."

It was a slight shock, I mean, I knew Rena wanted children but still hearing that was something else "Rena, are you sure you want children this soon and this way?" I asked her, she was slow to reply but eventually said.

"Yes, I do want children but I don't want to force this on you, I mean if you're not.." before she could say another word I grabbed hold of her and kissed her.

After moment I let her go and said. "Do what you have to do, I'll do whatever it takes, to keep you with me", all she could do was smile and say.

"Thank you" and with that she walked out of the kitchen and with Sakyuamon they headed up stairs towards what I assume was the bedroom. I couldn't figure out what to do right now but I figured, when all else fails watch TV.

I went to sit down on the couch and turned on the TV, flipping the channels until I found something I felt like seeing. Taomon came in and out of the house a few times, not having much to do, even watched TV with me, for a little while but soon left.

It was about 2 hours later that I started to feel strange, my heart was beating faster and my body started to feel warm, my breathing got shorter and more heavy, I wasn't sure what was going on to me, I just felt strange and oddly aroused for no apparent reason. It took me a few moments to realize that it wasn't me that these feelings were originating from but rather it was Rena's feelings something was happening to her and it was affecting me.

I went up the stairs as fast as I was able to (which with the way things were, was slower than normal) I came to the bedroom door and flung it open to reveal a foggy room with some strange smells that made my heart beat even faster. My gaze soon saw Renamon lying on the bed eyes closed her chest rising and falling heavy with each breath, her breasts and nipples fully exposed as well as her pussy soaking wet.

Standing over her was Sakyuamon wearing a full mask and slowly waving her staff over Rena, over and over chanting in a language I never heard before, neither seemed to notice my presence when I opened the door, and all I could do was stare at the scene before me, but that too soon became too much for me to bear, as I was soon going to be in the same state as Rena was.

"What is going on here" I said, I was trying to sound serious but it fell short, as my voice was being partly covered by my own primal needs, now reaching their limit. It was soon after, that Sakuyamon stopped chanting and turned in my direction she didn't lift her mask instead spoke through it and in a muffled voice said.

"This ceremony is meant to bring about sexual trendiness and drives to their highest, the lady is currently semi-conscious, she will be fully awake soon, you no doubt noticed that the incense has had an effect on you as well".

I couldn't see what she was looking at but I swear she was blushing and was looking at my crotch which by now was fully erect and about ready to pop and with everything else happening to me I could barely say to her "This ceremony of yours was affecting me when it was affecting Rena there" I pointed to Rena there on the bed, still breathing heavy but more steady now.

"I thought that it might and while talking with m'lady, she mentioned that the both of you have a deep connection and what emotions effect one the other knows, I am truly sorry my lord but this isn't the time to discuss this, I best leave now" she said and quickly left the room closing the door behind her, leaving me and Rena alone.

I didn't stand still for very long in less than a moment I tore off my clothes until nothing was left then just as quickly got over to the bed positioning myself over Rena and said to her "Rena are you awake are you ok" there was no answer from her but a moan of pleasure. I couldn't wait for her I needed to fuck her badly "I'm sorry Rena, I just can't wait anymore" I said to her.

"it's ok, I understand, please do what you will with me" she said to me much to my surprise, thinking that she wasn't awake, I was rather surprised to hear her voice.

"Rena are you sure" I asked but a second later she said.

"I'm sure, now FUCK me".

It was out of her character to be sure, but at the time, I didn't care, I drove my dick into her and she gave out a loud moan, it took me no more than 3 more thrusts for me to cum in her. I felt a little embarrassed but soon noticed that my rod was still hard so I just kept going, I lifted her leg for more room and continued to thrust in and out. Her moans of pleasure rang through the room, she was completely awake now and with how wet her cunt was my dick fell in and out with ease, she grabbed one of my hands and shoved it towards her breast holding it there while I rubbed it vigorously.

Just before cumming in her again, I quickly turned her over into a doggy style position, holding her tail high almost pulling at it and continued thrusting in and out of her still flowing pussy.

We continued in that position cumming several times, until I finally was too exhausted to continue and fell next to Rena on the bed, but it wasn't meant to last for my cock was as hard as ever even though the rest of me was tired and Rena saw it too "Now it's my turn to take care of you" she said to me quickly throwing herself onto me and started to thrust herself on top of my rod over and over.

I quickly regained some power in my arms and pulled myself up a bit, then I began to suck on her nipples, making her moan in sear pleasure "OH, please stop they're so sensitive" she moaned but I didn't stop, �cause not only me but she was also enjoying this too much to stop'.

"I can't hold on I'm gonna cum again" I said to her to which she quickly replied.

"Go ahead, cum again, cum inside of me," her voice was barely audible over the rest of the noise we were making.

"Rena could you try something new for me" I asked her.

"Yes, what is it?" she said looking like she was about to go again.

"Do you want to try anal?" I asked her, to be honest I wasn't sure how she would react to this but she gave a lustful smile and said.

"Sounds like fun" and quickly positioned herself in a doggy style on the feet end of the bed lifting her butt in the air and wagging her tail inviting me in.

It didn't take long, before I was on top of her, squeezing my cock into her ass. "It's so tight" I said still slowly inserting my member into her.

"It's ok, hurry keep going" she said moaning in what must have been both pleasure and pain. I had finally pushed all the way in and moved in and out slowly at first, but soon Rena was begging for me to go faster, so I started to more rapidly pump in and out of her.

I lend over her grabbing both her breasts with my hand and rubbed them while I rapidly fucked her ass as best as I could. "Oh, this feels so weird but soo good" Rena moaned and at that I lost it, I put all my body into it and went like an animal, until finally I came, squirting as much sperm as I could into her. I pulled out still with my dick unbelievably hard but still no time to rest, Rena was already licking my dick and soon had it wrapped between her breasts, while she sucked on it like crazy.

I had cum in her several times more, throughout the night, without stopping until we both finally passed out from exhaustion.

The sun was shining in my eyes and a strange smell was filling my nostrils as I slowing lifted myself into a sitting position, my whole body aching and my dick now red and sore, reminding me of what we did the entire night. "Man my head is pounding" I said in a whisper, looking over to my left I saw Rena sleeping peacefully next to me, like she had no troubles at all in the world "As it should be" I said once again in a whisper.

I lend over and gave her a kiss on the cheek, which she then gave a brief smile and a steer then continued to sleep, I had only taken a quick notice to her cunt that was still dripping with leftover love juices from both of us to which I thought �How many times did we do it last night'. I turned and sat on the edge of the bed catching my breath, looking over at the clock seeing the time was 12:35 which lead me to believe, that we were at it all night long.

I decided to get dressed and head down stairs, taking one last look at Rena on the bed then closed the door. I headed down to the kitchen to get something to eat, only to find that the fridge was low on food "Man, I am hungry" I said to myself thinking on how much energy I expended last night.

The only thing I could do was to go out and get some food since there are 4 of us in the house now.

I didn't know where Taomon and Sakuyamon where but I didn't really have all that much time to wait so I decided that I would write them a note telling them that I went to pick up some groceries. I didn't want them to worry too much but mostly because of what I've recently heard and seen on the TV, I didn't want them near other people, otherwise we would have some very bad trouble.

After writing the note, telling them only to show up if there is an emergency and other wise stay out of sight because I would be able to sense them, as well as my digi-vice would go off if danger were to approach, I headed to the car parked in the garage, I took my wallet, jacket and the keys hanging up near the entrance and got in.

I took a moment to check my wallet, seeing that it had all my ID, except that there was also a business credit card but it had no name on it, not even mine �Well that's thinking ahead at least' I thought to myself.

I started the car then drove towards town, along the way I saw only a few digimon and tamers, it seemed that most aren't out in public and with good reason, because while I was entering a parking lot I saw a sight that made my hair stand up, A large group of people out near the entrance of the grocery with banners fliers and such.

They were picketing the area and when I got closer, I saw a rather surprising sight, Ameila and Lillymon where both being pestered by the group, and it was then that I notice that the group was a anti-digimon group and they were pestering both Lillymon and Ameila, calling them names of all sort, threading them, even throwing stuff at them. It wasn't too long before Lillymon was about to force her way through but I had an easier way.

"Go home, digimon lover" one man yelled.

"Your kind should all just die, you FREAK" another person said, it was at this point that Liilymon was about to attack them.

"What you gonna do, use your little flower power on us" some haughty guy said with a big laugh, well enough to be heard by everyone else.

"No, she won't, but I will find a nice thorny rose to shove up your ass, if you don't leave them alone" I yelled to not just that guy but partly the entire group in general.

They looked at me like I suddenly came out of nowhere, which I very might have considering that they were to occupied to notice me coming up on them "Oh yeah and what are you gonna..." I didn't let the guy finish the sentence, as I quickly closed the gap between us, putting both of my new found friends behind me while I grabbed the guy by the neck and started to squeeze.

"I think, it's about time for you all to disperse and leave innocent people and digimon alone" I said to the crowed which some already left for whatever reasons but most stayed like they thought they could take me, I gently tossed the guy into the crowed so they could catch him, even though I put pressure on his neck he would only walk away with a sore throat for a few hours.

"We're gonna get you, your little shit" someone said from the crowed which they all quickly agreed and moved forward. I quickly moved towards them only to have them back off quickly, I looked at them all and gave a loud belly laugh, then stared at them, like I wanted their blood and said.

"You're all FUCKING COWARDS, look at you, you'll only fight someone that won't or can't fight back, you no better than school bullies, a pewtred waste of space and air.......now I'm gonna go into the store and if I see a single one of your faces or hear that you've been making trouble again, the next neck I have around in my hand, will be crushed, UNDERSTAND, NOW BEAT IT."

I didn't take long for them all to run away but some were a little slow to move, until I stared them down and once all of them were gone I turned around and said "Why is it, every time I meet you two, I seem to have trouble follow" I told them with a smile but a second later, I had two sets of arms around me and both of them saying.

"Thank you for saving us" but it was a moment later that there weepy attitude turned into mischievous and Ameila said with a smirk. "But we didn't need saving", then they broke away put their arms around each other's shoulders, smiled and gave me the peace sign.

"I can understand that but I am trying to keep a low profile, and a digimon fighting a bunch of nut cases, near where I am TRYING to hide, doesn't help my situation much" I told them then headed for the inside of the store. "But tell me what are you doing here anyway, I can't imagine that your here just by coincidence" I told them and like most things now I was right about this one too.

"No, we aren't, while at the festival, Renamon told me where you two were currently staying and then after I saw what happened on the news and such I got worried about her, so I resolved to come see her" Lillymon said to me, while Ameila only nodded in agreement.

"Well you had best stick with me, I'll take you to where we are and hopefully without being followed" I told them slightly coldly, giving them the feeling, that they should have been more calm about the anti-digimon activists, even though them getting beaten into the ground would have been deserved, it wouldn't help anyone right now.

We continued to shop or rather I did most of it, getting a lot of food because there was 4 of us living in the house and what I considered too soon to be 6. I grabbed noodles and other ingredients to make noodle soup with, things like pork, shrimp, chicken and other such things remembering that Rena liked that kind of dish very much, even though it brought back a rather painful memory.

We were heading out to dinner to the only noodle place we had in town, me, my mom and dad went along with Rena to it about 2 hours before it closed giving us plenty of spots to choose from to sit down, we were gonna use a booth but I made the suggestion that we use a table since Rena might not be too comfortable with her tail squished in, there were no arguments but Rena did look at her tail then me and blushed a little it seemed.

We sat down and by the time the waitress came around we were ready to order, I had the same thing I always had, a big bowl of Ramen type soup with shrimp, crab, and pork, Rena went along with the same thing since I enjoyed it so much and she really didn't know what to choose.

As we ate Rena got some noodle stuck on her face cause she stuck her face too close to the bowl, while letting in the aroma of the food "OUCH" she said bringing her head up suddenly, I had quickly grabbed a napkin and said to her.

"Here let me clean that off" and wiped the soup off her face much to her embarrassment.

"You really didn't have to do that" she said not even looking me in the eyes, to which I replied "Yes I did, we're partners and partners take care of each other," of course I would have helped her anyways but I couldn't tell her that in front of my parents.

We continued dinner until a group of guys came in, they looked normal enough until they saw Rena and then things got rough "What's a freak show like you doing here" said one guy that looked like he was the leader of their little group.

"You shouldn't say things like that, it hurts people's feelings, now I suggests you apologize" I said to him but it wasn't gonna happen.

"Why don't you and your freak loving ways, leave here you're not welcome here" while he said this he grab a glass of pop and poured it on Renamons head.

It was at this point that he and his group started to laugh and Rena started to cry, and she soon stood up then disappeared. "Ladies and gentlemen, the freak has left the..." he didn't get the chance to finish the sentence as I already punched him square in the face and was continuing to beat on him. Gut checking, smashing his face into the wall tossing him across the room, I beat on him every way, with inhuman strength but soon stopped at my parents plea.

He was still breathing but just, I quickly turned to my parents and said "I've got to go find Rena, call an ambulance will you" but just before leaving they said.

"Son, you just beat a man near to death, what are we supposed to tell them."

"We will tell them that they were threatening us and you legally fought back" a voice said behind us, we turned around to see, that not only the current working staff and owner was there, but also several digimon including a parrotmon and a Octomon.

"They cause trouble all the time and they have no respect for anyone, even less so for digimon, if the cops ask about this, we will just tell them that they started a fight, a customer helped us stop them" the owner said. After he finished talking, I quickly left the store and headed for home with all speed along the way yelling for Rena, when I got home she wasn't there so I went straight for where we do our training hopefully she would be there.

I was luckily as I found her under a tree crying, "Rena" I said to her and when she looked up at me I immediately embraced her and said "Don't let what that monster said get to you, I'm here for you and I always will be" I told her. She never said a word, all she did was cry while I held her, when it was getting dark, I pulled Rena up and started to walk back with her, it was at this point she finally said something.

"Thank you," we didn't move, all we did was stair at each other, our faces were getting closer to each other then suddenly a vehicle came up, it was my dad's car, with him in it.

"I figured you two might want a ride back" he said, me and Rena went into the back seats and towards home. Now that I think about it, that might have been the first time we would have kissed, if he hadn't arrived at that moment.

"Sean what are you dreaming about" I heard Lillymon say, I turned to her and said "It's nothing, just something from awhile ago".

I finished shopping and by that time I had a full cart load brimming with food and drinks. I paid with the credit card and packed it into the car and the trunk, Lillymon and Ameila had a little trouble fitting into the car but once they were in I drove back home.

I took a roundabout route because of what happened earlier to lose anyone that might be following us, and when we came up to the house, Ameila let out a whistle and said "Nice place you've got here."

"Yeah this is home although it is a little more crowded then you might think" I told her, to which she looked a little puzzled and before she could say anything I told her "Don't worry you will see what I mean".

With the help of Lillymon and Ameila we unloaded the groceries into the kitchen but still no sign of Sakuyamon or Taomon. "I'll be right back, gonna see if Rena is up yet" I said.

"It is the afternoon why would she still be sleeping?" Ameila said to which my face went immediately red.

"I think she had a late night, last night" I told her and start to head to the bedroom but I overheard Ameila say again.

"Oh, really."

I went to the bedroom to see Rena still sleeping I went over to the bed and laid down beside her gave her a kiss on the cheek and said "Wake up Rena, dear" she stirred and slowly opened her eyes looking at me she smiled and said.

"Good morning my heart, how are you?"

"I'm well, I actually got up earlier and went to get more groceries and I picked up something else you might like...actually two things you might like" I told her with a smile I gave her a hug and I noticed she still had a still lingering smell of the juices we made from last night.

"Rena you might want to take a shower I can still smell the love juices on you" I said with a big grin on my face, she gave me a hug and said.

"Same to you so shall we go together."

"You read my mind" and we proceeded to the bathroom for a quick shower. While showering Rena's body was completely exposed every curve was shown every piece of her body was revealed from the water which of course made my dick rise again and of course, Rena noticed this too.

"Looks like you're ready for another round" she said with a mischievous smile and started to rub my dick

"Rena we can't right now there is something downstairs you have to see first" I told her slowly brushing her hand away. "Believe me, it's not like I don't want to but it's best not to keep them waiting" I continued to say and we left it at that. We finished washing up and I put on some clean clothes and then helped Rena dry herself off. We went down stairs where we saw Amelia and Lillymon sitting down and talking in the kitchen, they turned around to see us entering and when Rena noticed them she was surprised.

"Lillymon" she said and rushed over to give her friend a big hug.

"I told you we didn't have time" I said to Rena.

"Didn't have time for what?" Ameila asked, I just then noticed what I said and started to blush a little.

"Nothing you need to worry about" I told them rather quickly.

"So what are you doing here?" Rena asked after she finish catching up with her friend.

"Well, we told Sean, that after what we saw on the TV we got worried about you, so came here to help" Lillymon answered.

"Well I'm glad you came, I feel a little safer but are you sure you want to be here I mean it can't be very safe" Renamon told them but before anyone else could answer I told her what happened.

"It isn't, they were at the store and were more or less ambushed by a bunch of anti-digimon activists and if I hadn't stepped in, they would have been hurt then a whole lot of trouble would have happened".

"We wouldn't have been hurt" Ameila said.

"I didn't mean you" I replied, "Speaking of trouble, Rena do you know where Taomon and Sakuyamon would be, I haven't seen them at all so far" I said. Rena looked a little puzzled too, both of them are normally so attentive that we can never get any time alone.

"No, I haven't seen them at all but I have been asleep mostly" she said.

I gave it some thought and decided to go, to one of the spare bedrooms, I headed to one of the ones on the main floor, looked in it and nothing was there I went to the next and slowly opened it then peeked inside to see both Sakuyamon and Taomon naked on top of the bed sleeping but that wasn't at all shocking what was, was that Taomon was actually female.

I could see them both Sakuyamon looked very much human without the mask, she was beautiful and her face was what I expected, a soft and caring one like that of a gentle nun, a young nun at that with long flowing silver hair that reached down to her knees. It was Taomon that shocked me the most she was a surprisingly sexy person, her body was fully shaped and curved, her face and body was like that of a hardened warrior but still looked amazing, Taomon never looked at all much like a woman with her robes on and with her personality she acted more like a tomboy then anything but looking at her now, made me blush which is when I realized, that I was still staring at them and quickly but quietly closed the door.

I went back to the kitchen to tell Rena where they were "Rena they are sleeping in a spare room, closest to the den" I told her she was still a little baffled but left it at that.

It was at this moment that my stomach growled which reminded me that I was really hungry, so I went to grab a quick bite from one of the frozen pre-made dinners I bought. Rena, Ameila and Lillymon had retired to the living room for a moment to talk, I never really overheard what they said and I didn't really care all that much, what I needed right now was to eat.

While eating I couldn't help but feel a sense of foreboding like something was about to happen, it was also at this point that Taomon appeared to the side of me wearing her robes loosely and without the rest of her clothing, showed off more of her womanly body, "You saw us" she mentioned in a different voice then what she normally spoke in, still the same tone that showed she was a warrior but was a little softer now, due to her not altering her voice.

"Yes, I did see you two, I didn't mean to, I was just worried, you both are normally so attentive, I thought something might have happened" I said to her.

"I'm sorry" she said looking maybe a little ashamed.

"Don't be, we were just worried and if you two need some alone time just say so, ok" I said to her.

Her face suddenly went red which once again for a race that for the most part had fur this was hard to do "You don't understand, we aren't what you think, she was just affected by the aphrodisiac so much that she needed someone's help" she said this rather quickly and since I didn't sense any lies coming from her, I didn't have any reason to doubt her.

"Before you go, know that I'm here for the both of you" I said to her, this made her blush even more but before she left I had to add one more thing "and I'm sure Rena is too.....oh, before I forget there is a girl named Ameila and her partner Lillymon in the living room right now they are friends."

"Yes my lord...and thank you" she said with a bow.

We left the conversation where it was and she left the room the same way she entered. I finished eating, then went to join Rena and the others in the living room. "So, what are we talking about" I said leaping over the couch a sat down next to Rena.

"We were talking about some things but they were girl conversations, nothing to do with you" Ameila said.

"Oh, really" I replied with a smirk looking at each one of them and it was Lillymon that broke first.

"Well, there is the one thing about.."

"Stop, now is not the time and I'm not sure I want to do it" Rena said quickly interrupting her.

I could feel that Rena was anxious about this but also that it might be necessary, but something about it also seemed familiar like something I felt before.

It was at this point, that I could feel something very wrong, it made me jump off the couch and I headed to the front door and quickly opened it to find several people walking up to the house and several more coming out of vehicles. I recognized them as part of the same group as the one I fought with earlier "Fuck" I said out loud and not too long afterwards Taomon, Sakuyamon, Lillymon and Ameila along with Rena came up behind me I could tell they were all anxious and it was easy to see why, cause a moment later many of these people brought outs weapons including guns.

"Sakyuamon a shield quickly, Taomon cast a spell disable their weapons" I shouted out orders and quickly they were done, a shield went up which prompted the ones with guns to fire but there bullets bounced right off. Taomon started to cast the spell wavering her arms in motion and speaking words I never heard and within a moment the weapons started to glow red hot causing those holding them to drop them, then they finally melted into metallic goo.

"Don't let a single one escape but don't kill them" I said and all at once we rushed them, they tried to run but they couldn't run near fast enough, we rounded them up throwing a few attacks here and there to stop them but we got them all and Lillymon tied them up with her abilities over plants all the while they were cursing and swearing at us but we promptly ignored them.

"Make sure they stay put, I got to make a phone call" I said while heading back inside the house. I grabbed the phone and started to dial and no sooner than I did that, it was answered.

"Hello" it was Alex like always that picked it up

"Alex it's me, Sean, we have a problem" I told him.

"Oh, what kind of problem?" he asked.

"Well, it seemed a bunch of anti-digimon activists followed me home when I went to get some food from down town, we got them contained but we need a little help" I said and in a moment he hung up but not before saying.

"Hold on, I'll be right there".

Maybe about 20-30 minutes later he showed up along with several trucks used for transporting prisoners and a few DPA agents and there digimon. When he came up to me, I told him how it started from the point of meeting with Lillymon and Ameila to the current situation, all the while the activist were stilling yelling at us saying things like �we can't do this to them' and �we are in our right'.

"Man, this is a mess" Alex said, it looked like he was having a headache from all of this.

"How do you think I feel, there could still be more of them around" I said.

"Possibly but not very likely, even if they told someone else where this was, it isn't likely they said what they were doing �cause killing someone, digimon or human is illegal" Alex responded.

Once all the Prisoners were packed away and Alex was about to go too but I had enough secrets, I wanted to know the truth "Alex it's time you told me who you are and how you know so much about all of this now" I told him with nothing but seriousness in my voice. He looked at me for a moment to think, wither or not to tell me or maybe something else but finally he spoke.

"Ok, my name is Alex Trebel my dad is a big CEO, I mean like he is worth billions of dollars, when I first got Monkeymon, I kept him secret but eventually showed both of my parent my partner, of course they were skeptical at first but they came around. Now when the spires where gone and Malomyotismon was gone for good there was still many digimon appearing so with the government and the original digi-destand we set up the Digital Protection Agency, like the CIA or FBI but this was gonna be worldwide and for the time being funded by my father until the UN passes legislation on it."

"Then explain why the DPA is paying such close attention to me and Rena, and don't say it's because of you" I said still giving him the steely eyes.

"Well, it is partly because of me but when I heard about you and Rena...um...getting together I had to notify them, they thought it would be best to keep an eye on you, in case something like this would happen" he continued to explain.

"Wow that's quite a mouth full, although not really surprising considering what's already happened" I told him.

"Yeah, no kidding" he replied and with that we said our goodbyes and they were off.

"So what do you think of all this" I said to Rena, that like always was close to my side.

"Well it would explain a few things but this all still seems a little odd" she said while holding my arm.

"For sure but I've had enough for a long time, let's hope it stays that way" I mentioned.

We gathered around to talk at my request to talk about the current situation "So what do you all think of this" I mentioned, it was Ameila that spoke up first.

"This all seems to convenient and I can't really trust the DPA completely you never know what they might be after."

"True but I think we can at least trust Alex he has been good too Sean and me" Rena pointed out.

"I don't sense any distrust or lies in him" Sakuyamon mentioned, she was a good reader of people and other beings so that was a good sign, it was Taomon who last spoke up.

"I agree but we can't be certain that someone won't try to use him".

Rena had noticed the odd change in Taomon's voice so she had to ask "Taomon why has your voice changed so much", Taomon looked at me and I nodded giving her the ok.

"Well I was hiding my real voice, because I am female and we aren't always viewed as stronger than males." No one said anything but Rena looked over at me and said.

"Looks like you've got your work cut out for you, with this many good looking females," I started to blush but quickly gave her a deep kiss and then said.

"But lucky for you, you're the one I want."

We all retired back into the house not really talking all that much but before going inside, I noticed that the tree leaves were becoming gold, brown and orange colors. "I wonder" I said to myself and went back inside with the rest of them, I took a quick look at the calendar to see that September was almost over and October was just about here along with a rather interesting holiday, Halloween "Now this gives me an idea."
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