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how one may feel walking alone in the dark
You grab your keys, cell phone, I-pod, and anything else you may need to go out for a jog. In the afternoon, you walk out your door, lock it, and walk down the stairs. Jog for a bit while you're listening to your music, energetic happy songs, saying hi and hello to everyone you see and know.
Going through the local grocery store, for an energy drink, a power bar, and then again jog. Run and run for miles and miles, and as you stop to grab a breath of air, the sun is setting and it's getting dark. You start to head back to your place when all the sudden, you don't know where you are, you totally forgot how you got here.
You start to walk slowly, trying to remember the way back, and then the music starts to change into something dark and scary. You start imaging those songs becoming reality, and then thinking, what if I never make it home.
Now its pitch black, and as dark as it could be. It's a full moon tonight and which so happens to be, the only source of light you have. Your heart starts pounding hard and loud, it's as if it wants to rip out from your chest, and run in fear leaving you all alone.
You now turn into an ally that you never knew existed, and then you stop, stopping to see if there's any one in this hell of a walkway.
Sounds of back stabbing screams, loud sick coughs of the dead echo in the core of your shivering bones, and monstrous shouts even louder than a gun fired at your ear. It seems that this ally has no end, but rather an end to your life. You start to walk slowly, trying not to make a sound that will attract any attention to you, one foot step at a time, slowly as possible. Your eyes are trying to watch the surroundings, making sure there's nothing there. You walk by a dumpster, something is moving rapidly inside, you walk by it, and as you pass it, a foul ugly looking beast of a man emerges, looking at you with blood shot eyes piercing through you straight to your heart.
He howls really loud, you're frozen as if lighting has struck you; you take a minute to realize this. And then run without thinking of looking back, you hear him jump out start to run after you, then more footsteps start to appear.
You run as if it's the only thing you know how to do, and as soon as you get to the end of the ally, two huge black werewolves fall from the sky, with the moon shining behind them, casting shadows upon their figures, in which you can only see their shiny bloody eyes. You get down to your knees and start to cry and pray "PLEASE GOD, help me, I will pray every day from tonight on."
They start to close in, your eyes are shut tight, and you can smell the heavy feel of bloody funk in their breath on the back of your neck.
Something sticky drips on you, a hot sharp pointy fang pushes against your neck, and as soon as it pierces, you black out. Now lost in a black sea you start to wonder, am I dead. You open your eyes and then freak out, a needle from a paramedic giving you shot in the neck, he's saying something, you can't really make it out, a huge buzzing sound is blowing in your ears. After a while it fades off, and you understand that he's telling you "it's ok; you are in a safe place."
Your breath is loud and heavy, your heart's bouncing from chest to back. You start to wonder, what happened to me just now. The paramedic then tells you that he and his partner found you shaking on the ground; they rushed in and pulled you inside the car. Now you're fully aware, they ask to take you to the hospital, but you say you're fine, and persuade them to take you back to your house. So they give you a quick check up, to make sure everything is fine. You get back to your house, thank them and go in-side, lock your door and head to the bathroom.
Wash your face, and stare at mirror, then head to bed.
You start to itch, scratching every part of your body, and then you notice that your skin is falling apart and fur is coming out from beneath it.
You start to scream in which then turns into a loud howl, you then jump out of the window and shatter it. You are hungry like you've never been before, and its raw bloody flesh you desire, but no, you still have some humanity left inside. You start looking for something else to feast on, anything in your path but humans. You start to run trying to hide from everyone in sight. You see rats running by you prey on them, and then prey on a full grown deer, and satisfy your hunger. You start to head back to your house, jump in through the window that you shattered.
You start to change back into a normal human being, and then you lay down on the bed, wondering what the hell just happened, why is this happening to me. Is this real, or just a nightmare, no it can't be real, it's just a dream. Soon you come to terms with the fact that its real, now you know that you have become what you thought was only in books and movies, now no one will love you, so you must hide it, and keep it a secret.
Then you realize what you prayed earlier was bullshit, you posses something that is......is a curse, no, a gift rather, and now you are blinded from religion and anything that has to do with books or science.
Now you are one of them, an animal that feeds on human flesh, a monster feeding on misery, you keep this secret to the grave. Now you start to wonder, what other creators are out there hiding in the dark evil shadows for me to feed on.   
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