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Rage Builds Within Sean
The Cold Dawn
Chapter 4

Editors note: I figured I would take this time to tell you how the teleportation device in the story works, the DPA set up systems to make sure no one can just go in and out of the digital world like they used to in season two of the show, so they have to go to certain points to enter the digital world. The device in main characters house allows him to bypass the normal rules and enter the digital world when ever wanting too.

About a week and a half passed since the incident happened at our house, there was no sign of problems with anyone else showing up, so the DPA gave the go ahead and left the grounds of our house but I still had the feeling we were being watched.

Something odd also happened during that time, several times I overheard bits and pieces of conversations the others had, like. "I will gladly give myself for this task he has treated me with a kindness that no one else has before" I heard Taomon say once, and another time I heard in a conversation between Lillymon, Ameila and Rena.
"When are you gonna tell him" Ameila asked like she was impatient
"Ameila, please this is gonna be hard enough for her, you sound almost impatient" Lillymon said a little scornfully.
"Not at all but this waiting is hard and the longer she waits the harder it will be to tell him."

I never dared to overhear much because it was rude but mostly cause I didn't want to be caught.

I never pressed Rena about what she was talking about but I could sense that she had mixed feelings about it, something like necessary but not really sure if she wanted it.

Now it was at this point that we were all getting a little stir crazy, so I figured we should all go to the digital world for a while and get in some training.

Everyone was happy to do this, if only to leave the house and proceeded to pack there things.

While packing, I made the decision to talk to Rena, since we rarely ever get to talk alone, as of late. "Rena is there something you want to tell me, before going on our little trip?" I asked her and of course she replied with.
"Not that I can think of."
"Rena, I know there is something you want to ask me, or tell me, you should know by now that we can't keep secrets from each other." Saying all this while walking over to her.

She had stopped packing for the moment, like she was lost and couldn't seem to speak, so it was up to me. "Does this have anything to do with your families traditions again?" I simply said, she could only nod her head yes.

I went up behind her and put my arms around her and said. "You have stood beside me, despite all that I am, if you need something from me, tell me and I will gladly do anything for you but only if you truly want it and not because of something or someone else's idea's or ideal's."

"Thank you" she said holding one hand on my arm and leaning her head against it "we had best hurry, we don't want to make the others wait." She said and of course she was right so we quickly continued to pack what we needed.

The others were already there waiting for us. "I hope you didn't have to wait long for us" I said as we walked into the teleportation room.
"Not long we just got here ourselves" Ameila mentioned.

"So where are we going to for our little get away?" I asked, it was Ameila that answered first (it was also at this point, I noticed that she loved to speak her mind a lot and tries to voice her ideas first).
"How about Serene lake, it's a nice place."

"Bad idea, the lake is where the video was shot and if anyone is after us, that is where they will start first." I mentioned.

We stood for a moment thinking on this, but it was Lillymon that came up with an idea and with a odd grin on her face, that made you think she was up to something. "Then let's go to my glade, it is remote, out of the way, has plenty to eat and with a large pool of water with a water fall flowing above it."

To me, this sounded perfect but after I agreed to this place, Rena was a little distraught and said "I'm not sure about it I mean, shouldn't we tell him about some of the effects, the water and flowers have." I wondered what she meant by effects but Lillymon soon convinced her by saying.
"Not to worry, it will all work out in the end and this would be the perfect time to talk to him alone about it."

As soon as she finished her sentence, they all looked at me, then Rena soon said. "Ok, I guess I can't put it off forever."

I still didn't understand what she was talking about, only that she was reserved about telling me.

"Transport us to the Glade of the Blue Moon." Lillymon said, then before I even had the chance to think, we were there beside a large pool of such clear water, that you could see the very bottom, with nothing to obstruct you seeing it all.

Looking around I could see more then I would have believed. All the trees that I could see were fruit trees, banana's, oranges, peaches, plums, so many and even a few I never seen before. "Wow, this is amazing." I said out loud.

"This is my home, the fruit never spoils and you can bath in the pool and it always stays clear as glass." Lillymon said sounding very proud of her home.

We unpacked and I lay down for a moment sitting under a tree, seeing the sun shine through it, it was like something out of a fairy tale, it was so peaceful and quiet, it was like nothing bad could ever happen here.

"Are you enjoying yourself love." I looked up to see it was Rena, with a smile on her face, like she just came back home from a long trip.
"Yes I am, this place is so nice, it's like nothing I have ever seen before." I said while getting back up on my feet.

I looked at her, the most beautiful creature I ever had seen in my entire life and the fact that she cared for me in the same way, was still surreal to me.

"Looks like, we will have to put off some of our usual fun until later." I told her while, watching the others joke and fool around.
"Maybe not." She said out of no were.

"What do you mean?" I asked her but she quickly looked down and said.
"Let's sit down."

We sat down under the same tree and for a moment she looked straight ahead to the pool and where the others were talking and said. "Did you mean what you said, that you would do anything for me, if it was for me and not because of anything else."

"Of course, I meant every word" I told her.

She turned her face and looked at me, with a face that was confused and happy. "I'm not sure about this myself but it is common sometimes but if I get pregnant, have you thought of what you're gonna do about certain urges." She said.

"Haven't really thought about it but I doubt that I would have much trouble" I told her casually with not a care in my voice.

"But have you thought about having a second or rather a substitute." She said and while she did, her face blushed brighter than before.

I didn't know what to say except for. "Do you mean someone to have sex with other than you, while you're with children" I replied, my face too, at this point was getting redder.
"Yes." She said, not looking at my face now, just staring at Ameila, Lillymon, Taomon and Sakuyamon.

It was then that it hit me, all the conversations I heard earlier and the fact that she was keeping something from me, I figured it all out in one instant. "Oh my god." I said then started to laugh low at first then louder and soon I was laying on my back laughing out so loud, that it made the others stop everything, that they were doing and look at me like I was nuts.

"Sean stop, this is serious." Rena said looking even more flustered, so when I stopped to look at her, it just made me laugh even more.

I finally calmed down after about a minute, laid my head down on a grass and said. "So you're serious about this, aren't you."

"Yes I am but I'm not sure about this." She said again still waiting for me to say something so I did.
"You're the only one I want, you should already know this....but are you sure you want this?" I asked her.

She thought for a moment then finally said. "If it is them I don't mind, they care for you like I do."

I got up, shuffled over to her and said. "Then all is well but you're the one for me and one that I will never let go" and gave her a deep loving kiss.

"So who was it that you had in mind." I asked her, even though I could already guess the answer.
"Well actually, all of them said they would be happy too, even Taomon and Sakuyamon." She said.

I started to cough out loud, because even though I guessed some of them were going for this, hearing that all of them are willing was a bit much.

"Well this ought to, make things a little more interesting in our lives....but what if they become pregnant?" I asked Rena while putting my arm around her, she snuggled up and said.
"Well Sakuyamon can make sure that the only one you impregnate is me, she can either do so from a ceremony, that makes it only possible to make me pregnant but it must be done while undergoing a marriage ceremony."

"So basically, that would take time and we would have to be in Shadow Vale for that, not to mention your mother." I said with a chill up my spine, at the mention of her mother.
"Yes but there is another way, she can enchant the others, so they won't be able to have children until it is lifted." She mentioned.

To me this sounded easier but I wanted to know what she thought. "What do you think we should do." I asked her, it took her no more than a few seconds to answer.
"I think the second choice would be our best bet, I really don't want to face my people right now."
"Well then it is agreed." I said and we left it at that.

I went for a walk to leave the others alone for a little while, at times it is hard, being the only guy with 4 women but I needed some time alone to clear my head and I figured they could use some time to themselves, like a girls night out or something.

When I got back, I saw them all talking and Rena came up to me quickly and said. "They all seem to be very happy, though they might not show it," but her voice quickly died out cause of what I saw next.

They were all stripping off their clothes like I wasn't even there, the first one was Ameila, she was always inhibited and didn't mind at all, she dove into the pool and swam around, while Lillymon and Taomon were right after her.

Lillymon's entire body was pink in color, with the exception of her hair which was green, that fused and grew into vines that you could only see when she took off the flower helmet she had. Taomon had a muscular body but her body was well sculpted and her body was graceful. What was more surprising was that her breast seemed to be accurate to her body because they were quite large in size.

Sakuyamon was more reserved than anyone else but with some gentle prodding from the others, she too took off all her clothing and even her helmet.

This took me by quite a surprise that she looked so much like a human, it was unreal, her silver hair, that reach down past her knees, shown in the sunlight and blew in the wind. She had a beautiful face, with a inherit kindness that reminded me of Rena.

"Looks like they are all a go" I said with a little chuckle.

I suddenly picked up Rena with both arms and ran straight for the pool. "What are you doing?" Rena said but by the time she finished saying this, I had already jumped into the pool with the other yelling.

Rena gave me a stair for a moment then splash me with water, soon after someone put their arms around me, from over my shoulders. It was Ameila, I could tell from her skin and the way she carried herself. "Getting friendly already, I see." I said to her but she came back with.
"You have no idea....ok girls, strip him."

At that moment I wasn't sure who had their hands where but I knew a few times, someone made a grab at my crotch for fun. They threw my clothes onto the shore and Ameila said. "It wouldn't do to swim with wet clothes, now will it." and splashed me.

Over the next few hours we splashed around, played games and took turns jumping over the waterfall, to see who made the best dive and the best splash, I tied with Taomon for the biggest splash contest and Lillymon won the diving one but considering this was her home, it wasn't much of a surprise.

We didn't care that we were naked, only that we were all having such fun and considering everything that has happened so far, it was a much needed thing for all of us.

Sakuyamon, Ameila and Lillymon, had all dried off quickly, after we've gotten out of the pool but Taomon and Rena had fur so they laid down in the sun to dry off and I with them cause my clothes were soaking wet.

I lay close to Rena holding her with one arm just lying there peacefully. We hadn't had enough peace, where we could just not have to worry about people hunting us down.

Suddenly someone grabbed my right arm and held it to their face. I could feel who it was before even looking, three fingers and a furry face against my hand.

Taomon held it against her cheek with her eyes closed, smiling like she was happy just to be there.

I turned my face for a moment to see, that Rena noticed Taomon too and nodded.

"Taomon you can come closer if you want." I said to her, to which of course, she was surprised but none the less she did move a little bit closer and she put my arm around her, so my hand was holding her right cheek.

We just laid there like that for awhile, how long I couldn't say but it felt nice and never in my life, had I ever dreamed that I would have people that would care about me in such ways. It wasn't just a dream for me anymore, it wasn't a fantasy that I would feel love and compassion is such ways, it was real and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I must have fell asleep, cause I woke up later, to some heavy feeling on my chest and without warning someone kissed me a deep kiss. I could tell it wasn't Rena because the kiss was from a human mouth.

I opened my eyes to see Lillymon laying her full body on top of me, her breasts squashed against my chest.

"You're being pretty forward." I said to her in a calm voice, she looked at me and said.
"I suppose maybe a little" and got off me but not before gently stroking her hand along my dick for a moment.

Rena and Taomon were both asleep as well but woke up from the noise Lillymon and I made. They both woke up and saw that we were still in the same spot as before, Taomon was a little embarrassed and got up a little quicker than me and Rena.

"There is no need to be embarrassed, we all fell asleep and we were all comfortable, even if it was odd, I was fine with it and so was Rena." I said to her.

She looked at me a little differently than before, like maybe close to a cry or a feeling of new found emotions, whatever it was, it caused her to smile and walk away.

"These days are getting interesting but I wouldn't change them for anything." I said out loud, to which Rena replied.
"I agree I think you have been luckier, than most could ever imagine but you have also suffered in more ways than others could think of."

I looked over to her and nodded in agreement and reached over to her and gave her a kiss.

I pick my clothes back on after a few moments, even though we had already seen each other naked, I felt it was more appropriate at the moment and it kept me warm when it got dark.

The light was getting lower, I would have to guess it was about 4:00 or so judging by the sun.

"Lillymon it there a kind of heat source we can use, I don't feel quite right about using firewood here." I asked her, which of course was true, living in such a place, a fire would be bad even if nothing was damaged, this was more of a holy place that I would never dream of desecrating.

"Yes there is, I picked one up a few moments ago." she replied and held out a seed the size of a pit. I held it and said.
"It's warm."
"Yes it is a special type of seed, you'll see" she said and placed it into the ground.

She closed her eyes and held her hands out towards where the seed was and soon a sprout pop out of the ground.

It quickly grew into a huge flower the size of a beach ball and quickly opened up, releasing a immense wave of heat the made me jump back a moment. "Sorry, should have warned you about that." Lillymon said as she opened her eyes and nodded at a job well done.

The petals were a wave of yellow, red and orange, the middle was like a huge red crystal that gave off a large amount of heat, just like a fire.

"It's called a fire flower, you can guess how it got its name." Lillymon said with a smile.

We gathered around the fire flower in a circle and sat down, Renamon to my right, with Taomon to hers, Ameila to my left with Lillymon to hers and Sakuyamon further on.

We sat there for a moment in silence, taking in the warmth. A few moments later I got up, went over to the bags and got something special that I packed away for such a trip.

"What have you got there, Richie." Rena said something that she hasn't called me in a while.
"Marshmallows, chocolate and gram crackers." I said, to which Ameila gave a huge smile and said.
"You didn't."
"Oh yes I did, everyone it is time for smores."

Of course everyone else, but me and Ameila, didn't knew what smores were but we quickly told them what they were and later we're all eager to try it.

Lillymon provided some sticks, that would be used for roasting the marshmallows, it was fun to see them try to get them done right, only to find that they burnt them or they caught on fire which as you know, can happen quite often, but still it was funny, seeing their faces and after a few try's, they got it right.

We told them the normal way to make a smore is to have the roasted marshmallow and chocolate smashed between the gram crackers then eat it.

This was where some of us fell over laughing, cause after Rena and Taomon finished, they had sticky marshmallow on their fur, of course they didn't know it first, so when they asked what was wrong, we laughed even harder, even Sakuyamon couldn't hold back, so when she burst out with a hearty laugh, it shocked us for a moment, then the rest of us laugh as well.

I looked over to Rena and said. "You look good enough to eat." then pounced on her and began to lick the sticky mess off her face.

She struggled a little but soon gave up by the time I was done.

I whispered something in her ear and she gave a quick nod, then we suddenly disappeared, only to come up beside Taomon and both of us tackled Taomon down and started to lick her face as well.

It was much to the surprise of everyone around us but no one cared too much, so when Taomon struggled a little more than Rena they joined up and held her down by the hands and feet.

Soon afterwards she got up, more than a little embarrassed, so I grabbed a marshmallow toasted it slightly and smeared it all over my face and said. "Ok now you can eat off me now."

Rena gave me a slight push and Taomon let out a giggle, that was more feminine, then we would normally hear from her but that didn't bother us, it was actually nice to hear her relax a little more.

Of course, I couldn't leave my face in such a mess but Rena quickly licked off all marshmallows and without fur in the way she had no trouble at all with it.

We each grabbed our blankets and got ready to lay down for the night, of course me and Rena, had one that was a little bigger for us to share, we all laid down to sleep with me and Rena laying down on our sides.

Rena laid right behind me, putting an arm over me, to which I held onto with one of mine, holding it close to my chest. I gave out a sigh thinking that I must have been in heaven and soon drifted off to sleep.

There was only blackness I couldn't see a single thing, then out of no ware three forms appeared before me, one was made of pure white flame in the form of what I could only guess as a dragon with shinning blue eyes. The second was made of nothing but black fire that looked like a massive human with horns and bat like wings, not to mention its eyes glowing with a deep blood red.

The third however was something that I knew, it was a person the same height and build as me but made of black and white flames constantly flowing over the body, like an eternal dance.

"Release the man become a hero" the human figure spoke.
"Release the dragon become a god" the dragon said.
"Release the demon become a devil" the last said.
"RELEASE!!" they all yelled at once.

"YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" I woke up screaming drenched in sweat. I looked over and saw that everyone was looking over me with concern, like I was near death.

"Are you ok, we were worried you wouldn't wake up." Rena said, she was to my left, and holding me up was Taomon, only loosely wearing a robe, also with great worry in her face.
"What happened?" I asked.
"You began tossing and turning, so much that you woke me up, then you began talking in your sleep, something about release, just before screaming as you woke up." Rena answered.

Taomon and Rena each took an arm and helped me over to the pool and lowered me into it, as Lillymon instructed. The water washed over me and I took a drink letting it heal my mental wounds and as the moonlight showed on the water, it glowed and made me feel better and better, until finally I was so relaxed that every muscle in my body was giving way.

Taomon grabbed me before I could drown and with Rena's help, brought me back over to where we were sleeping and gently laid me down on my back.

I couldn't say for sure, as I was feeling drowsy at the time, but I think Sakuyamon was chanting something and waving her staff above me.

Waking up the next day I felt much better, like brand new. The others were also up going about not doing much, right next to me ,however, was Sakuyamon sitting on my right, she smiled as I got up and said. "My lord, I'm glad you are awake, you are looking much better."

"I am feeling much better and thank you for your concern and for your help." I said with a gentle smile.
"It was nothing my lord." She replied but I knew better, she helped me much, with her abilities.
"I know it was nothing, you helped me so much and I deeply thank you for it." I said and lend over and kissed her on the cheek.

"My lord..." She said blushing but didn't say anymore, because I had beat her to it.
"Sakuyamon tell me what you felt last night." She didn't look me straight in the face but rather had her head over to the side, she finally spoke after several moments saying.
"I felt a few things, a kindness beyond anything I have ever known, a darkness that was more frightening than any demon.....but none of it was malevolent more like a being of both caring and sheer destruction."

"That's fine, don't think about it too much alright." I said, she just replied with a nod and a half smile.

I suddenly felt something tackle me to the ground, so it was a good thing I wasn't standing up. It smothered me with kisses and from the feel, it was Rena which was confirmed only by me seeing her face in front of me as I sat up, with my legs between hers and her kneeling down.

"Love, I'm so glad you are feeling better." She said with a big smile on her face.
"So I can see" I replied as I got up and quickly stole a kiss from her.

Lillymon brought over some strange fruit, that I have never seen before, it was in the shape of a peanut and the color was bright green and pink, oddly enough.

I took a bite out of it and it was a sweet and succulent fruit, until the after taste kicked in, with an incredibly sour taste, which made me cough a few times.

They all giggled at me and Lillymon said. "It's a very strong fruit that gives you more stamina and energy but the after taste is said to be quite sour." To which I replied.
"No kidding."

I got up and dressed, after all we didn't come all the way just to relax, we also came to train.

While I did train with them all for a little while, I stopped to train my mind, to try to release the power I had shown before. Ameila had also stopped long before I did, because she lacked the same connection that me and Rena had, which gave me huge boosts in power, speed, agility and stamina.

I concentrated my will, focusing on the power I felt before, the power of both light and darkness. It happened slowly at first, as I sat cross legged, the flames licked around me barely even noticeable at first, then as I broke through the last line of defense sealing my power from me the power rushed forth, as did the flames signifying it.

The rest noticed now the flames covering my body, even as I stood up, I felt like nothing at all could touch me. I looked around to see they were all staring at me, while I looked at them, the flames covering my body had changed slightly, my hands were more like claws and my back protruded a pair of wings made of the same flame.

"Taomon, attack me." I said, it was a shock to them all but I ignored their plea's and told Taomon to attack, she eventually did but only very reluctantly.

Her Thousand Spells came flying at me but never hit as I brought both wings down in front of me they grew covering my entire body.

After the attack stopped, I flapped the wings and flew upwards about 20 feet, just hovering there until Taomon showed up in front of me. We both took a stance and began to spar.

For awhile, we exchanged blows never using any other attacks or even our full might against each other, until I decided we had enough and floated down back to the ground.

I willed the flames away, the same way I brought them out, and stretched my body saying. "Hhhmmm, that felt good but I think I need to relax now, time for a dip."

No one else had any argument there and we all took a dip in the pool soaking in its waters, that despite our sweat, it always stayed perfectly clear.

For the next several days, we did the same things, trained, relaxed and did nothing, else we needed to do.

After about 6 days we headed back home refreshed and ready for anything, but nothing happened, not a disturbance, not a phone call, not a thing. Yeah sure we were glad that we weren't being attacked but being stuck inside a house for the most part still sucked.

"Hey, anyone knows what day it is right now." I asked when we got back. Renamon was nearest the fridge, which had the calendar looked at it and said.
"It's the 20th I think."

'Hhhmmmm, the 20th.' I thought to myself, I knew there was something I was forgetting but it was Rena that was still looking at the calendar that reminded me.
"Dear, what is Halloween, I don't think I heard you mention it before?"

That's right it's Halloween, and I had prepared a few surprises for that day.

"It's a celebration, kind of like a party but different, you eat candy, go trick-or-treating, wear scary masks, its fun" I said to her but she still seemed confused so I mentioned that it would be better just to see it, when it arrives.

I grabbed the phone and dialed for Alex and of course he picked up rather quickly. "Social or emergency." He said quickly and just as quickly I responded with.
"Social, I just need to know how my costume was turning out and for the other things we discussed before."

"Well, the costume had been done for some time, and will be sent with the other preparations, but the other thing is still taking some time but we are making progress."

"Thanks a lot, talk to you soon." I said and he said his good bye and hung up.

"Well the preparations are in place....man this is gonna be fun." I said out loud and Rena who was right by me asked.
"What preparations are you talking about."

"Oh, it's a surprise, so you will have to wait and see." I said to her and gave her a kiss.

Of course for the next 2 days nothing happened but when my packages arrived, I grabbed the one I didn't want the others to see and told them to wait and that I would be right back. They waited patiently for me and when I was done, I walked down the stairs and went into the living room.

To say that they were shocked, would be a bit of a understatement, in front of them was a male Renamon, or rather a costume of one. "Well what do you think, pretty nice isn't it." I said turning around to let them see the whole thing.

"Sean is that you?" Ameila asked and I said sarcastic.
"No, it's actually Santa Claus." She quickly gave me a punch in the arm and I bumped her with my butt, soon we were rolling around on the floor, with the rest laughing at us, it wasn't' a serious fight but rather a fun one.

It ended with her being on top of me and after she took the mask off I said. "What's with you all, wanting to be on top." Ameila quickly replied.
"Because we can't have you on top, that wouldn't be much fun for us, would it?"

"You never know until you try." I said with a smirk that made her blush and look away.
"Why do you have such a thing anyhow." Lillymon asked, and as I was getting back up I replied.
"For Halloween, I thought this would be perfect for my costume and the best part is everyone will get to go and no one will likely be the wiser."

Renamon, Sakuyamon and Taomon had questions about the holiday, so for the next hour or two I told them all about Halloween, where it came from and other such things, so after we were done, they were excited about it mainly because they could walk around without anyone thinking they were real.

Over the next few days we decorated the house and got things ready, Rena really wanted a costume so I went out to get one with Ameila. We figured we would get costumes for all four of our digimon friends even though they wouldn't need them.

We went to a shop selling a wide verity of costumes for the Halloween. "So what do you think we should get for them." I asked Ameila, being that I thought she would know best and she did.
"Hhhmmmm, it's hard to decide but at least I know what we should get for Lillymon and Renamon." She said.

She grabbed a witch costume down that would be just about Lillymon's size, and soon another one, that was more like an enchantress and witch theme. "Well what do you think?" She asked me.
"They look ravishing." I said to her, which was an honest answer but she looked at me and said.
"I don't doubt it but now we need something for Sakuyamon and Taomon, Sakuyamon will be easier since she is more human shape and form but Taomon might need something else".

We looked around and found something for Sakuyamon, it was a female devil costume and we thought it would be funny and the opposite of her nature. Taomon was a very different story we just couldn't find something for her, until we found a costume, so unbelievably perfect we couldn't wait to see her face.

Ameila got a knight costume, with full metal armor or at least what looked like it, because it was quite light armor.

Once we paid for it all we headed back to the house and when we got inside, we noticed that the rest of them had finished up the house with Halloween decorations.

While walking in the door I said. "It looks positively ghoulish... I love it".

The others were in the living room watching an old horror movie, that was showing on the TV, and eating some Halloween candy, "Looks like the rest of you are having fun." I said while taking a seat next to Rena.

"I don't get this movie, how is it scary" Taomon asked, the movie that they were watching was black and white and the monsters in it were bulky obviously fake costumes.

"Well, it is an old movie and back then, this would be scary to some, and it's a classic." I explained.

We stopped for a moment and brought out there costumes Lillymon and Rena smiled while putting on their costumes, Lillymon started to fly around the house imitating a witch, Rena's costume nearly formed to her body and she began to show off her body, by walking around like she was the only person there.

Taomon and Sakuyamon however, were a little more confused, when they found there costumes they weren't sure what to think. Sakuyamon put hers on and was a little curious on why we got this for her. "Because it's Halloween and a time to be something else, other then what you are, it's a time to loosen up and have fun." She smiled and accepted the answer.

Taomon wasn't sure what to make of hers as well but I had an answer for this too. "Well, you wanted to get in touch with your feminine side, so we got you that one, and it was one of the few that would fit." She too accepted this answer and put on her costume, she now looked like a big pink ballerina with a two-two.

To simply say it made us laugh while seeing them in their costumes, they blushed quite a bit as well but took it all in stride, we were a family and even now, we stood together more so then even my own flesh and blood.

I let out a sigh, which Rena had heard, so she asked me what was wrong I simply replied with. "I just wish my family was more accepted of us, it would be nice to celebrate with them."
"I know but don't think about it too much my heart, right now we are together and that's enough for me." She said and of course she was right.
"Your right love, for now, let's just have fun like we should be."

For the next while, we didn't do all that much, until Halloween arrived. We went over some basic rules in case of situations where we were being suspected of being digimon or rather 4 of us. The basics were, that they would talk without moving their mouths as much as possible, we would all stick together, and if they didn't believe we weren't digimon, I would take off my mask hoping that would be enough for them.

The town itself didn't have too much in the area of parties but some places had costume contests open to everyone and other things for everyone to enjoy, like bobbing for apples, a haunted house and those sorts of things.

We found a party happening in the town hall, offering all the things we could ever have needed. "Now this is what I wanted to see." I said out loud and we walked into the hall.

No more than a few moments after we entered, we had just about every eye on us. I knew they suspected something was going on but I knew what to do, I took off my mask and said. "Have none of you seen someone in costume before or has some one spiked the punch again."

They all started to laugh, realizing that they were being stupid for suspecting someone on Halloween.

We looked around to figure out what we would do first. "I think we should go for that." I said while pointing over to someone with their face sticking out of a wall and in front of him, about 15 feet back, was a table full of cream pies.

When we got over, Sakuyamon asked. "What is this for?"
"It's a type of game, you throw these pies to see if you can hit that man's face over there." I explained to her.

Before I knew what happened, I saw the guys face get splattered with a pie. Looking over I saw Taomon was the one that threw it. "Nice toss." the man in the wall said and she smiled, I think mostly because it was fun.

We each took a turn splating his face with pies, until we all hit the target, the man had enough too, because he pulled his head out and washed off with a towel.

We skipped the bobbing for apples because people would get suspicious, but we had plenty of fun with the other games.

Eventually we went through the haunted house, while it scared each of us just a little bit, Sakuyamon and Ameila were more terrified.

Sakuyamon ran ahead of us just a little and out of the haunted house but still within view, which was a good thing, because soon after she did, a rough looking guy about 20 years old, approached her. We weren't worried about him discovering she was a digimon, since she looked for the most part perfectly normal, but we were worried about her and how she would react to him.

"You seemed so scared, running out of that nasty haunted house, I can help you forget about all that frightening stuff." He said trying to lure her in but it didn't work on her, which made him madder as he failed each time.
"I'm going to handle this, best we not make a scene." I said to the others handing them my mask and quickly walked out towards them, just as things were getting violent.
"Now listen here, you little whore, it's in your best interest to come with me." He said while grabbing a hold of her arm and started to pull on her hard.
"No, leave me alone." She said.

"The lady said to leave her alone and I would suggest you do so." I said to him no more than 4 feet away.
"My lord." Sakuyamon cried out.

The man just laughed at me and said. "What's this, your hero, HAHAHA, get out of here fatty, before I beat you to death." And when no more than 4 seconds had passed I ran towards him and grabbed the one arm he was using to hold onto and utterly crushed it.

You could hear a sickening snapping sound coming from his arm and soon he screamed so loud that anyone within ear-shot would have heard it. "Oh god, my arm." He said in pain but I didn't care cause soon I disappeared with Sakuyamon, back into the haunted house where the others were waiting.
"We need to disappear now." I said and soon the others gather around and we left the haunted house and soon appeared onto the top of the school.

"Ameila we need a bit of booze quickly, take Sakuyamon with you and hurry." I said to them and quickly Sakuyamon took Ameila's arm and disappeared then no more than a moment before came back with a small bottle of rum, I didn't bother to ask where they got it I was in a hurry after all.

I rushed over to where we left the guy, screaming in pain and by that time, I started to hear people approaching him. "I don't think people are gonna believe your story now." I said with a smirk and from the roof top poured it all over him then dropped the bottle and ducked down.

Other people got there just as I ducked down and ran over to him asking what was wrong. "Some monster crushed my arm, he was a freak of nature." the guy yelled but others quickly said.
"My god he stinks of booze, whatever happened I think he was dreaming most of it." He didn't take what others said lying down and kept screaming that some in-human being crushed his arm.
"Either some rouge digimon did it, or he fell off the roof there, while drinking." someone said and then another said.
"Yeah take a look, there is a small trail of it coming from the roof down here looks like that is what happened."

I was having a hard time at this point not to laugh but I slowly sneaked away to the others. "So what's the situation." Taomon asked and I just replied.
"They think he fell off the roof, in drunken stupider." then started to laugh and the others joined soon after.

We left soon after that, but nothing was meant to be normal this night, because soon we all got a chill up our spines, while walking on the side walk and just a little ahead we seen a little boy and girl with their parents crying on the side of the road.

"What happened here" I said while surveying the scene, there was a battle here although what seemed to be a short one. "They took out digimon." A little boy said, dressed up like a vampire.
"It's true these two digimon came out of no were and kidnapped them." The mother told me.

We all knew that, obviously the chill up our spines were evil digimon, and they were still close by. "Tell me what are your digimon's names and what did the kidnappers look like."
"My daughters was called Labramon and my son's was Kudamon." The father mentioned also gave us a brief description on the digimon that kidnapped them.

From what I could gather it was a Devimon and Ladydevimon, evil digimon to be sure and nothing to be trifled with.

"Don't worry we will get them back." I declared, needless to say they were shocked and asked how I could help but I just simply said "I've got some good friends here to help me" and then we were off.

We were soon off into the park, it was where we knew they were, the feeling of dread and darkness grew as we got closer to the source.

We finally saw the digimon after a few minutes of running around, we slowly moved towards them and as we got closer we saw the two rookie digimon knocked out, while the two virus digimon hovered over them, casting something in the air and speaking some language I never heard of.

What ever it was that they were doing I didn't wait long enough to find out, "Take them down now" I said and like a flash we all suddenly closed the gap and began the attack.

They turned towards us, just in time to see us launch a barrage of attacks at them.

Sakuyamon grabbed the two rookies and disappeared to a safe distance, while the rest of us continued with our attacks.

After the first attacks were made I launched my own attack at Devimon, quickly gathering strength into my right arm, it transformed into its alternative form of black and white flame as I struck him square in the chest.

He had suddenly burst into white flames screaming in pain and suddenly disappeared.

The Ladydevimon was more trouble but facing me, Rena, Lillymon and Taomon, she didn't last too long.

She launched an attack of bats that came at us but Taomon countered with a Thousand spells attack. Rena supported her with a diamond storm as both me and Lillymon charged up to destroy her.

Lillymon formed a giant flower with her hands, that glowed in the center, and attacked. "Flow Cannon." She said and a beam of energy burst forth. While myself I did something I didn't expect to work on the first try but did.

My right arm was suddenly entirely a white flame and as I thrust it out I swear I saw the form of a dragons head appear and for some reason I said out loud "Dragon Flame," and a large stream of white fire shot towards the virus digimon.

She didn't move in time, as she was instantly deleted by the combined attacks.

We walked over to Sakuyamon, who was mending up Labramon and Kudamon, who were also now conscious.

"So how are you feeling." I asked them, to which Labramon replied.
"We are fine now, thank you for saving us."
"No problem we love trouble....can you move?" I asked them.
"Yeah, thanks to her we will be fine." Labramon mentioned.

We walked over to where we last the children and luckily they were still there and when the children saw their partners, they were overjoyed and ran up to them crying.

After the tearful reunion they thanked us again asking what they could do to repay us. "There is one thing, just don't mention us to anyone, if someone asks about us act like you never met us."

Although confused they agreed and left on their way. "Now what's left that we can do." I said out loud.
"What about trick-or-treating." Ameila mentioned.
"It's a good idea but I think people will think it's just a little odd, that several people that look to old to trick-or-treating are out doing it, unless there is a way that we can look younger." I said.

We stood there for a moment thinking, until Sakuyamon spoke up. "I know a spell that will help, it will only last for a few hours but with Taomon's help it should work."
"What are you talking about." Lillymon asked and Sakuyamon replied with a smile.
"There is a spell that will make us younger for a short time, it's only useable once in awhile but I think now would be the perfect time."

I thought about it and gave the go ahead.

We all stood together and Sakuyamon stood in front of us with her staff and started to cast a spell as Taomon sent talisman's around us, until they made a full solid circle.

Nothing happened at first, until Sakuyamon stepped in the circle then the circle started to glow and our bodies started to change. We got shorter and younger. Soon we were no more than 4 feet tall and looked like little kids.

"Well look at me I feel like a kid again." Ameila said, I just laughed at her and said.
"That's because you are a kid" and she gave a chuckle as well.

Our clothes changed along with our bodies and our voices were different as well. It felt nice to be so young for a short time but there was one problem. "We don't have anything to carry candy in." I mentioned.

Some one suddenly started to shake something bright and reflective in front of my face, after a moment I notice they were trick-or-treat bags they give out to kids all over the place. I turned around to see Ameila was the one who had them in her hand "When in the world did you get those?" I asked her.
"I got them during the party." She replied.

I thought about it and there was still one question that bothered me. "Where were you keeping them?" I asked, all she did was move her hand sensually down the middle of her body and said.
"What do you think."

If it wasn't for the fact that we all looked like little kids I would have been more aroused at her display. "Well I can hazard a guess, but that's enough of that, let's go get some candy" and as soon as I finished that sentence we started to run to the closest house.

Needless to say we had fun a lot of fun. We gotten candy of all types that night, it was interesting to see the others say the trick-or-treat songs.

At one point a group of bullies of about 12 years old came up to us and demanded our candy.

We looked at each other and just laughed at them with big roaring laughs, needless to say they didn't like it and started to get pissed off, so when they tried to take the candy by force we just moved out of there reach each time.

We couldn't really hurt them since we were older than them, but they continued to yell at us and try to get the candy but we kept dodging there punches and whatever else they tried, until we started to walk away and they gave up.

We kept on getting candy until our bags were ready to burst. "My gosh, that was so much fun." Rena said while we walked down last place we parked the car.
"It's not over yet there is still one more thing we have left to do." I said.

"What is it?" She asked and with a twisted smirk I said.
"Scary movies."

We had to duck into the woods for a moment, so Sakuyamon could remove the spell off us, it wouldn't do any good for me to drive, when looking like a little kid.

We gotten to the video store but there wasn't much in the area of scary movies to rent. "I should have known, it is Halloween after all." I said out loud.

While Ameila took the others to see if they could find a newer scary movie, I went to find some of the classics.

It was at this point that something strange happened to me, while looking at a movie, the front cover suddenly changed, it twisted and warped until it showed the form of a shadowy demon.

"RELEASE ME!!!" it suddenly yelled and since it was so sudden all I could do was yell "HOLY SHIT!!."

I looked around and besides a few strange glances no one seemed to care "What just happened there" I said to myself.

I looked at the movie cover again and it was back to normal, I didn't want to take too much time so I just grabbed the Wolfman, Dracula, and Frankenstein, original movies and went over to the others.

"What's wrong love?" Rena asked but all I could do was say.
"Just something I need to figure out later, right now let's just grab some movies and head back home."

In the end Ameila couldn't find anything really worth while, so we went on the ones I chose, after all I prefer the classics myself over the movies they make now.

One our drive back all that went through my mind was what happened earlier and how that thing looked like the one from my dream, but I couldn't think about it too hard, otherwise Rena would start to worry.

We finally got home, with no more troubles and after gathering into the living room, I took off the costume because it was far too warm to keep it on. "Man I feel better now." I said out loud as I sat down on the couch.

The others kept their costumes on for the time being but it didn't take long for Taomon to ask. "Now what do we do?" Of course I had an easy answer.
"Now we pig out and watch a movie." and as I said those words, I dumped all the candy in the middle of the floor in front of the TV.

"So what movie should we watch first." I asked and after a few opinions we settled on Frankenstein.

It was entertaining to see everyone watching the movie so closely, even if it was obviously fake stuff and the story had some holes in it, maybe the candy we were eating made it better....or it could have been the company.

I wanted to put aside what happened at the video store for now but it still bugged me, nothing like it happened before other then the dream I had.

The movies took my mind off what happened and we all soon fell fast asleep by the time we started watching the third one.

I woke up suddenly just as the sun was rising, urged on by a strange feeling, I let the others sleep while I headed outside.

Standing next to the big tree, with the sun behind it was a oddly familiar form, a human about the same shape and size as myself, and as I got closer, I saw that it was covered in a black and white flame.

At that point it hit me, this form was the one that I saw in my dreams, when I came face to face with it, it said in a familiar voice. "So you have come then."

"I doubt I had much of a choice, considering what's been going on recently" I replied, "so tell me what are you exactly?"

"I am a part of something greater as well as a part of you." it said not even moving in the slightest, the only form of emotion you could see, was in the eyes the shined and fluxed with untold power.

"And the others?" I asked.
"They are the same, the demon has tried to make contact with you already." it said.
"Yes it has." I told it.

"Both will try but only I can manifest this way right now, as I am more human and more balanced in both." it explained.
"So both will be able to do this soon?" I asked and it replied.
"No, but at some point yes, right now I am here to tell you, that soon you will need such great power and you must use caution when using any of it. Use too much darkness and you will become a true devil and destroy all in your wake, use too much light and you will ascend into a god and be subject to their rules and won't be able to directly interfere with the mortal world unable to save those you care for or destroy those that hurt them."

"So tell me, why aren't the gods able to act at all?" I asked, curious as to it's true intent or if it was just leading me down some darker place.
"The gods were given a chance to rule but in there arrogance, they taught many different people many different stories on how they created man and soon, after a time when the creator of all things grew angry with them and forbade them to interfere directly and every being that became a god in this world after that, was to subject to those rules as well."

"Interesting so I'm guessing you can only be here for a short time." I said, for a moment it said nothing, then said.
"Yes, and before I go there is one more thing, if you choose to not use the power at all it will become null or could destroy you and anything near you, if suddenly used without control."

Then the being suddenly vanished like a fire would, if it suddenly had no fuel.

I pondered for a moment on what I just learned and if I should tell the others but I decided against it, as it would just make them worry more.

There would be a time when I would tell them but not until I knew more. "Nothing is ever gonna be easy for me will it?" I asked out loud to which there was no answer.

I went back into the house and just watched the rest of them sleeping, Lillymon and Ameila where huddled together, Taomon and Sakuyamon laying down stretched across the couch, opposite of the others with their heads on the arm rests, and finally Rena, the one being I would do anything to protect, even now I wondered why she was with me, my body had only changed so much so I still looked overweight in my eyes but then maybe I was just fooling myself.

I let out a yawn realizing that I only got a few hours of sleep I went to the love couch Rena was on, I sat myself down and put my arm around Rena holding her close to me and like the rest of them drifted off to sleep.
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