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ponders on the puppy mill
If I were a newbie...
(which I'm not, and sometimes think of in the same manner as I thought of parents when I was a kid - that somehow, they were all just born that way - full grown and independently adult)
....I doubt that I would want to be referred to as such.
Scrooges, cranks, cynics and sinners all share similar caustic reflections, no doubt.

But sometimes I'm just left with the impression that newbies.....are some kind of strange critter chased around for their entertainment value. Cute fuzzy cuddly pets to pamper and pander and play with.
On the other hand, if a writer is a writer is a writer....then the thing they do as a writer is to accomplish what they set out to do - which is create something worth reading, and respond to those who actually read it. This seems simple enough to me.

Beyond all the social uproar, in and amongst the popular partying, I think a rather simple and straightforward little process takes place. How to get read? Simple. Read other people.
Many will not return the favor. Perhaps your stuff isn't their cup of tea.
However, some will (in that great democratic way) and there you have it.

I kind of like the idea that it's very difficult in here to have the reputation of a good writer......without actually being one. It appears that this is something which must be earned - fairly. (Sort of like earning an undergraduate degree.)
And although plagiarism apparently runs rampant out there, I don't get the impression in here at all that people are "borrowing" their stuff from somewhere else.

Ah - newbies. It strikes me as rather odd, how they're pursued...as if adding to a stuffed toy collection. They're just writers. With something to say. If it's said well enough, then they are on the map - noticed - something gets a little bit fulfilled. Wonderful.

I was reviewed sometime back by a 15 year-old newbie. I must admit, I was astonished at how adept that review was. This particular writer didn't have a whole lot going on in their port, but they're a great reviewer.

I know the newbies are out there - in great bunches. The fact that someone is brand new or a veteran since the site's beginning - isn't going to make me like their stuff or hate it, for that matter.

Perhaps the veterans get great read stats because they've established a social connection in here. Well, this is a social medium, after all. This suggests that one must put in a little time and effort, in order to enjoy the fruits of that particular labor.

So if I were a newbie...first of all, I wouldn't want to be called one.
(Now, a Nubian would be something far more fascinating!)

I'd just want to be called a writer.
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