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Rated: XGC · Short Story · Erotica · #1600006
Tim lands himself a dream job, only to find that it has hidden strings attached.
Originally started by kmurray
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Tim closed his eyes letting the warm water of the shower wash over him. Moments later he heard the bathroom door open. He reopened his eyes in time to see his wife step into the shower.

Giving him a sly grin she ran her hands over his well toned chest. "We haven't christened this room yet."

As Lisa pressed her lips hungrily to his, Tim felt himself stiffen, his cock pressing into his wife's stomach.

"Look's like someone wants to play!" Her voice husky with desire, Lisa lowered herself onto her knees. Opening her mouth she ran her tongue over the tip of his shaft.

Tim shook his head amused. His wife's sex drive had increased greatly since the move into the new house. When he had asked her about it previously she had mentioned never imagining that they'd live in such an expensive house.

While they hadn't done oral sex for years, Lisa hadn't lost any of her skills, and in just a few minutes Tim was twitching in her mouth, dancing with her tongue. Suddenly she stopped causing Tim to frown. It was soon replaced by a grin though as she scrabbled to her feet leaning forward to put her hands on the wall.

"Fuck me baby."

Tim didn't need to be asked twice, his cock was already slipping into her warm wet folds. As he pounded into her a series of low moans issued from her lips. These monas became louder when he reached around her to fondle her clit while he fucked her.

He felt her contract around him just as he orgasmed inside of her. Both of them stayed in position as they regained their breath. A few moments later they stepped out of the shower toweling each other off.

Tim walked into the law office noticing immediately the amount of wealth on display in the lobby. Shaking his head he still couldn't believe he had managed to land this job. Patterson & Coles was the top law firm in the country. They hadn't lost a case in years and were therefore known for having the best talent (along with the top pay).

He quickly settled in behind his desk and started reading the brief that his assistant had given him. Reading over the notes he shook his head. How in the hell am I going to win this one? he thought as he looked for loophole he could exploit. He was still at it an hour later when his new boss stopped by.

"Hi Tim." Picking up the picture of Tim's wife and daughter he smiled. "Nice family. Settling in well?"

Tim looked up at his boss. His Armani suit and gray hair combined in a way that just commanded attention.  He sighed motioning at the briefs in front of him. "Honestly sir, I'm not sure how we are going to win this case. The man practically confessed to the crime, and the evidence appears rock solid."

"Relax, I'll be there to help you out. We'll be fine." Reaching into his briefcase Mr. Patterson pulled out a large manila envelope. "Can you do me a favor? A client of ours was to meet me at the diner across the street, but I am tied up with case work. Can you deliver this to him for me? He should be there by now. You should be able to recognize him by his ring. It features a triquetra and a fleur-de-lis."

Tim stood up and took the envelope. "Sure. I can do that for you." As he headed for the door he saw a smile form on his bosses face. Assuming he was happy to have a can-do player on his team, Tim thought nothing more of it.


Tim walked in to the diner, his eyes scanning over the booths. It only took him a moment to find the older man with the stylized ring. "Mr. Merwill?" he asked hesitantly. The man in the booth nodded and Tim slipped into the booth opposite him. "Mr. Patterson asked that I deliver this to you. He got caught up in a case."

The older man picked up the envelope and holding it at an odd angle looked inside. Tim couldn't see what was inside but the man seemed please with it. Holding out his hand the man stood up. "Please tell your boss that I thank him."

Standing Tim reached out and shook the man's hand before heading back to the office.
The rest of the day passed uneventfully, and soon Tim found himself packing up his briefcase and heading home.

Stepping in to the house he was met by Lisa. Her blond hair falling against his cheek as she pressed a kiss to his lips as he set his brief case down.

"How was work dear?" she asked as she took his jacket from him.

"Not bad, little worried about the upcoming case. But Mr. Patterson seems to think the team has is under control." Setting his keys on the table by the door he turned towards the hallway."I'm going to wash up before dinner. Where's Lilly?"

"In her room reading as usual."

On the way to the bathroom Tim poked his head into his daughter's room. The twelve year old was sitting on her bed with her knees drawn up to her, holding her copy of The Lost Symbol up for her to read. It also meant her short skirt was pulled up exposing the girl's pink panties. It was odd he thought that whenever Lisa was with him, Lilly was always reading with her legs straight out, all proper like, but when it was him alone her panties were visible. You're imagining things. She's only 12 and certainly not old enough to be trying to seduce you!. "How are you liking the new neighborhood Lilly?"

"It's not bad dad, but this house is unbelievable."

Tim had to agree with her there. The company had included it as part of his recruitment offer. It almost seemed too good to be true.


The next day Tim entered the courtroom with his boss and the rest of the legal team for the case. His eyes widened when the man from the dinner stepped out of the judges chamber and took his seat.

The trial went quickly the judge subtly steering the trial in their favor. Tim knew the judge had a conflict of interest if he was also a client of the firm, but being the low man on the totem pole didn't feel like it would be wise to voice his concern in the court. A few hours later their client was a free man.

Once they were back at the office Tim was called into his boss' office.

"You wanted to see me sir?"

"Shut the door Tim."

Tim watched as Mr. Patterson frowned, something was definitely not right at all.

"Tim, I appreciate your enthusiasm to help the team but what you did was wrong, and illegal."

"What I did?" Tim looked at his boss clearly confused.

Taking a tape out of his brief case the senior lawyer popped it into the VCR behind him. The screen filled with the image of a surveillance tape from the dinner. Tim watched as he sat down with the judge and handed him the envelope. When the judge opened the envelope the way he held the envelope gave the camera a clear view of the wads of cash inside it.

"You set me up!" Tim hissed.

"Relax, we take care of our own, provided they cooperate." Tim watched as his boss put the tape back in his briefcase. "This is the only copy of the tape. If you play along I'll destroy it, if not I'm sure the sheriff can find a nice cell for you."

"What makes you think that I won't go public? Insist that you gave me the orders."

"Even though it is true you must realize by now that I have the legal system completely bought."

Tim hung his head knowing he was caught. "What do you want?"

"Your wife."

Tim just stood an stared at his boss. Had he set this up from the first interview?

"I'd like you two to come over tomorrow night."


Tim entered the house looking completely downtrodden.

"Bad day at work honey?"

"Yeah completely awful. Is Lilly home yet?"

"No she stopped over at a friend's house. She should be home soon."

Tim breathed a sigh of relief at least Lilly wouldn't have to hear Lisa screaming at him when he told her what his boss said.

"My boss duped me into delivering a payoff to a judge yesterday. He told me it was papers going to a client. That's how he's been winning all the cases all these years. And now he is holding it as blackmail over my head."

"Oh no."

"I swear I didn't know what he had given me."

"I believe you honey. What does he want?"

Tim couldn't look his wife in the eyes.


'He wants you. We are to go to his house tomorrow evening." Tim tensed waiting for her to explode.

"You can't go to the police?"

"No he has shown that he owns them and the judges both."

"Well I guess we have no choice then."

Tim blinked in surprise. No outburst at being told she had to fuck a stanger?

"Look dear, I know you didn't ask for this and it isn't in your control. I'm mad but not at you. Besides what would Lilly and I do without her father? One time with your boss seems a small price to pay."

Tim hugged his wife. "I love you."

"I love you too dear."

To be continued in future installments...
Word Count 1,621
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