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Finally she had her last chance; too bad things don’t always go as planned.
Part One

He gently caressed her cheek, and Demi looked up to meet his loving gaze. She pushed back her books leaning her elbow against the table to get a better look at him. She loved looking at him, this perfect boy in front of her. He was tender, caring, and he adored her. He was so much more than a boyfriend or first love, but her true love. He smiled widely before leaning forward to take her lips with his, and she eagerly obliged. They heard the clearing throat from behind, and knew the librarian was coming to separate them. She pulled back slowly and opened her eyes once again to see the love shining through his. His every touch completed and expressed his love for her.

The sound of the ringing bell brought the two of them back into reality. She stood sadly not wanting to end her time with him, but they’d be back here again tomorrow for more. After throwing his book bag back across his shoulders, he leaned forward giving her a soft kiss. She gave him a quick hug before throwing her own bag on her back. He hurried out of the room, rushing off for his next class across the campus whereas hers was only a few rooms down. She hated these moments away from him, and wished they could spend all their time together. Demi walked to her next class, sitting in the back of the room thinking of the exciting events of the coming weekend.

The weekend brought her and Matt’s first official date. Although they’d been dating for months, her parents had been less than pleased at the thought of their eldest daughter dating. Her father insisted he was up to no good, he insisted Matt was the typical football star who partied every weekend and took advantage of vulnerable young girls. Demi insisted he was different and she begged for him to just give Matt a chance but it was to no avail. But now his mother had finally broken through, and after months of pleading and desperation her father agreed. Demi was finally able to see Matt outside of school and they decided that it was time. They decided Friday would be the day, after all his imploring and pleading, she would finally give him everything, and he would have all of her.

Demi leaned her head back against the locker sickened by the sight in front of her, but there was no avoiding it. As much as she wanted to run and hide, the chances were slim, and she knew that hoping was useless. She had spent too many nights crying, too many days begging, for just a chance, but God had given up on her. And now she had a plan. Her plan was her final chance, a chance for her true future and destiny. Demi looked back at her books ignoring the giggling from all around her, though the more she looked down the noisier it became until the incessant giggling was the only sound filling her ears.

In sweet desperation, Demi jumped up from her place on the floor and slammed her locker shut with amazing force startling all those around her. She ignored the whispers and stares as she rushed to the bathroom losing her lunch into the open toilet. It wasn’t the first time for this to happen, and Demi knew full well it wouldn’t be the last. She pulled the mouthwash from her pocket, rinsing the bile from her mouth. When she looked into the mirror, the sight once again startled her. Demi closed her eyes tightly begging for a change, but opened them only to become disappointed once again.

Demi heard the warning bell as she walked out of the bathroom, but unlike the students around her, it didn’t cause her to rush not anymore. She went to her locker slowly pulled her books out along with the piece of paper. This paper had become her gold, her shining sliver of hope; this paper contained the answer to her future, her destiny. She’d been working on it for months, and soon, so very soon it would finally be complete. Soon everything would be where it needed to be, and she would be happy once again. Demi smiled to herself as she walked into the full classroom, already two minutes late. The bitch of a teacher handed her another slip of paper, and she left the room headed for the office.

She sat waiting; it usually didn’t take long, but enough to miss the dreaded class. The class filled with giggles and shared whispers, all the while ignoring the stares from across the room. Demi glanced at the clock and smiled at the thought of missing the entire class. She stood when her name was called and sat in the stiff chair staring into the corner. She glanced the woman in front of her every twenty seven seconds to act as though she may have heard the bothersome speech. It was the same as all the ones she’d heard before, her future was being ruined and her years of hard work put to waste. But to Demi it was just another reason to avoid class, to avoid the choice that wasn’t hers.

The rest of Demi’s day remained much the same. She sat through the classes, she wasn’t sent to the office again, but did have to hear her favorite speech from two more of her teachers. Apparently when you fail a test, it makes you a failure and will, in fact, ruin your future. She held the dreaded paper in her hand as she walked through her front door. Demi handed it to her mother, and ignored the look covered with both sympathy and disappointment. Her mother knew better than to even bring it up, she only signed her name and turned back to the kitchen she’d been cleaning. Demi put the test back in her bag; her teacher would be waiting for it with the prepared speech the following day.

Demi went up to her room and sat on the bed. Looking around, she wondered how she’d feel once the plan was completed. These last few months had been absolute torture and she was sick of it. Demi groaned out loud, rubbing her empty stomach. The vomiting crisis after lunch had left her craving food, but she didn’t want to face the looks from her family to fulfill it either. Demi went to the back of her closet checking her packed bag, as she waited to be called for dinner. It was happening tonight, after dinner, and the anticipation of seeing him again was overcoming everything, especially her hunger.

Laying next him, the feel of his bare skin against hers was enough to make Demi feel complete. She kissed his shoulder smiling into the skin as he stroked her long hair. He reached over taking her hand into his, and intertwined their fingers before kissing each one of her knuckles. She threw her leg in between his as she rolled on her side to rest her head on his still heaving chest. He kissed her temple and she held tightly knowing they didn’t have much time left together. Soon she’d be thrown back into reality, into a world where they couldn’t be like this. Soon she’d be home, away from him, a thought she could hardly bear. He sighed as he drew pictures on her skin, smiling as the goose bumps appeared and chuckled as she shivered at his touch. He turned to lie on his side as well, leaning forward to kiss her gently and she returned it eagerly.

Tears sprang to her eyes as the sound of the ringing alarm shook them from their close embrace. He moved from her arms and stood dressing himself. The look in his eyes caused Demi to begin dressing herself as well. They only had a few minutes before she needed to be home, and his cold eyes made it hard for her to dress. He groaned as a few tears escaped her eyes, and she avoided his harsh gaze. Pulling her jacket over her now clothed body, Demi followed him to his car and was surprised when he didn’t open the door for her. She got in slowly and his tires squealed as he hurriedly backed out of the long drive way. She watched him for the entire drive, but he didn’t meet her eyes once. And when she reached for his hand, he pulled away.

Demi was startled at the sound of her mother calling her name. She moved from her place in the closet, slowly stretching her stiff limbs before making her way downstairs. She glanced at the already seated family as she slowly walked to her chair. As always, she didn’t speak a word, and they didn’t try either. Her family learned months ago that it wasn’t going to change, and she was relieved when the constant badgering finally died down. Demi listened to bits and pieces of conversation, but didn’t care for much of it. Her father was getting his much coveted promotion at work, and her sisters both made the honor roll, while her mother made her approval loudly known.

As the vault of accomplishments finished among her family members, Demi began to doze off. It wasn’t that she hated her family, because truly she loved them dearly. Her parents had always pushed her to be the best at everything, and up to this year she complied. Though now, not only did she have the pressure from her parents, but her teachers had followed suit. Demi had been in the running for first, much to her parents delight and Debbie Grain’s dismay, but now it didn’t matter. Her apathetic performance had become too much for everyone, but Demi hardly noticed. Now that her parents constant pushing had ceased, she had convinced herself she was much happier. In all reality there was one thing that was going to make her happy, and in a short time she would have it.

Demi stood in front of the sink, water running over the dirty dishes and a small part of her couldn’t help but feel envy for those small food particles. They were gone, down the drain, removed from this world and all the harsh realities it brought. Once her mother finally grew tired of Demi’s unwillingness to save water, Demi was sent upstairs to her savior. Demi’s room was relief, a prison to her parents, and the one place where she felt like herself. The one place she was home, the one place where no one judged or ignored her. She trudged up the stairs, taking one at a time, anticipating the nights coming events. Glancing at the clock on the wall, excitement rose when she realized it was just about time.

Demi entered her room, locking the door behind before pulling out the precious paper. She reviewed her intricate timeline and checked her bag once again. She jumped at the sound of the rolling thunder, distressed at the unexpected weather. Demi didn’t like walking in the rain, it wasn’t the rain so much as the feeling it brought. It reminded her of that awful night, so many weeks ago. Demi fought back the tears as she thought of his face and the pain and turmoil that followed, but now it was all coming to an end. They’d be together again and he’d see the error of his ways. Tonight was her time, her chance, Demi was proving to him and he’d remember his forgotten love. She smiled to herself as she went over her list once again.

“It’s not going to work, it’s over. This is the end for us,” he tried to speak gently, but failed miserably. Demi couldn’t stop the tears that followed, shaking her head in disbelief as she avoided his gaze. She didn’t understand, none of this made sense. She did everything he wanted, everything, and now it was over. She finally looked up to see his grim face, suddenly the way he’d been acting made sense. His inability to hold a conversation, the mysterious calls, all along he’d been planning this. Demi moved her shaking hands to his gently, but he only jerked from the touch. She pulled her knees to her chest, and wrapped her arms around them tightly. As she leaned her head to rest on them, she shivered as the drops of water ran down the tops of her thighs.

“Why?” Demi asked finally and she cringed as he sighed loudly. His obvious discomfort was apparent, and she didn’t understand what changed. He never answered only glancing at his phone before returning a text message. She tentatively reached her hand over to his, and he let it sit there. Demi’s heart raced, her hand stayed on his, silently begging for something; his comfort, his touch, his love. The pounding in her ribcage continued as his hand lifted and Demi held her breath, only to let out a sob as he moved her hand away from his. It remained limp as he set it on the bench in the wide space between them. He finally mumbled some obscenities before standing and glancing at her as he turned and walked away.

Slowly Demi picked up her bag and threw it over her shoulders. She glanced around her room, taking in the sight before her. She adjusted her sweatshirt before facing the drenching rain outside. Her parents knew not to question her whereabouts thought it’d been weeks since she’d been anywhere other than school. She slammed the front door with force, silently expressing her nervousness. She rounded the house heading for the woods in the back, it was the quickest way, but it still made her uneasy especially in the dark of the night.

Demi listened to the soft swish slosh with each step through the wet grass and leaves. Her socks became cemented to her feet through her soaked shoes, and step only made her shiver. The rain had since ceased, but it didn’t stop the cold from covering her skin. She gently rubbed her hands up and down her arms to salvage some of the heat from escaping but it was to no avail. Her breath stopped as the opening in the woods appeared. She could see his house just beyond the clearing and she could feel her heart pulsating through the eardrums. Demi took a few deep breaths and realized she had stopped walking. Regaining her composure she once again trudged forward ready to enact her plan.

“Matt,” Demi whispered softly calling out to him. He didn’t hear and she didn’t try again. She stopped in the middle of the busy hallway ignoring the sneers and silent curses of those behind her. Demi dropped her head as her tears once again began to fall, she glanced up to see him glance back at her. There was no compassion in his eyes and he turned back to meet someone in front of him. She went to the bathroom, using the paper to cover the bacteria filled seat before sitting down. Demi let the sobs overtake her body, the realization that he didn’t want her anymore shook through her once again. His face was no longer filled with love and understanding, but instead only complacent and mean.

Demi stood when she heard the bell, she had missed another class. She sighed knowing it would mean another phone call from another teacher leading to another lecture resulting in another night without her music, her one and only escape. She glanced in the mirror, cringing from her haggard appearance. The Demi that had once been primped and perfect was gone, now stood a different girl. It was still Demi, but a lost and brokenhearted one. Demi had known that she and Matt might not last forever, but she never thought it’d feel like this. It was almost as if he never loved her at all, but she knew that this couldn’t be the case. A love like theirs could never be disregarded or untrue. Demi ran out of the bathroom knowing her time was almost up, keeping her head on her shoes, but she never expected to see her in front of the door.

“Demi,” she sneered. Demi involuntarily shuddered at the words and looked up to see Candace with Matt’s arm hung loosely around her. Demi glanced between the two, confused and torn. They couldn’t be together; she and Matt would be together soon. She knew it. They just had a falling out, these last weeks had been just as hard on him as they’d been on her, Demi was sure of it. Candace smiled curtly at Demi before turning to Matt, attaching her mouth to his. He agreed eagerly, forgetting anyone was in their presence.

Demi stood latched to her spot unable to move, neither her feet nor her eyes could move from the sight in front of her. Tears welled in her eyes, as she watched Matt, her Matt, suck face with this whore. She gripped her bookbag over her shoulder as her jaw tightened when the anger finally began to rise. Demi could feel her blood start boiling over the sight in front of her, not only had he attached himself to another girl, but to Candace. That stupid bitch, Candace. She couldn’t think the name without wanting to spit on it inwardly. Her brow tightened as she waited for them to let go of the other, and when they didn’t she finally stepped forward in between the two, ultimately breaking them apart.

“Is there a problem?” Candace giggled curtly causing Matt to laugh loudly. Demi quickly looked at Matt’s face, shocked at his reaction. She couldn’t believe that Candace had turned him into this, he had become a monster. He smiled at her face, giving her a wink before turning his lips back to Candace’s, continuing what Demi had interrupted.

“Matt?” she questioned and he pulled himself away from the slut’s lips long enough to look at her.

“Demi?” he mocked resulting in heinous giggles to erupt from Candace’s mouth. He groaned loudly at Demi’s hurt face, “Get over it, Demi. I have.” He wrapped his arm around Candace and they walked away. Demi stood as the bell rung, and watched his hand clasped to the whore’s ass leaving little to the imagination.

Demi stood as the rain soaked her red stained fingertips. It was everywhere, and even with the pouring rain, the red still flashed before her eyes. Demi dropped to her knees trying to scrub the color from her pale skin, but it was to no avail. It wouldn’t go away; she couldn’t hide what she had done. Frustrated tears fell from her eyes as she ripped the red stained clothes from her body, the anger overtaking the cold that settled into her skin. She pulled the fresh spare clothes from her bag, hastily throwing them on her using the light from his driveway as her guide. She took a few deep breaths as she steadily walked towards the front of the house, shocked that it was actually real. He was dead; his blood covered the cement as the rain poured all around it slowly washing the excess away. Eventually the rain began to slow as tears fell from Demi’s eyes.

“This wasn’t how it was supposed to happen,” she whispered.

Part Two

Demi glimpsed around the darkened woods as she slowly made her trek back home. She left the house in such haste; she didn’t think to grab any extra shoes. Demi was sure to be sick now with the feeling in her toes nearly gone. With each step through the murky woods, Demi felt her senses heighten to all that was around her. Every hoot of an owl or moving shadow from the whispering wind, Demi felt the fear in her bones. She didn’t know what was going to happen now and especially if everyone would know. She stopped for a moment regaining her composure, but a slew of thoughts kept going through her at the same time.

Thousands of separate thoughts stayed with Demi as she continued on her journey. The last one, the thought that didn’t leave, was a picture of her mother’s face. Lately the only thing her mother hadn’t given up on was stroking her hair or softly touching her shoulder as she passed by. It had always driven her crazy, but at this moment with the mud seeping through her already soaked shoes, Demi was aching for her mother’s comfort.

Demi looked up to see the clouds opening, and was surprised to see the moonlight. The new light helped guide her way since she hadn’t been paying attention and gone off the trail. By the placement of the moon, she knew it had to be late, much later than she planned. Demi was unsure of how to feel, but overall she was freaked. Her whole body shook as she thought over what had happened. She couldn’t grasp how it occurred; everything had been going according to plan, other than the rain of course. But now with the picture of his body clear in her mind, there was no disregarding her mistake.

Demi’s heart lifted when she could finally see the darkened outline of her house. She took the back way knowing her whole family would be sleeping. She stepped carefully through the back yard, glad her mother was such a neat freak. She couldn’t see anything, and didn’t want to step in anything unexpected. She pulled the back sliding door open carefully, and was surprised to see her mother asleep on the couch. Demi smiled at the sight, and carefully placed an afghan over her body.  She leaned forward gently placing a kiss on her mother’s cheek before moving in the direction of the laundry room to remove the wet soaking clothes.

Demi stripped down to her underwear and placed her wet clothes in the bag with the bloody ones, and carefully made her way upstairs. She grabbed a towel on her way into the bedroom, and wrapped in around her to warm her freezing body. Demi pulled her large comforter around her body as she sat on the carpet, pulling her bag close to search for that dreaded piece of paper. She squealed with delight when she found it, and although it was wet she could still read the words. She carefully smoothed it out against the floor, and began to go over her list trying to figure out what went wrong.

8:30 – Leave the house. Take the woods and don’t attract attention. Demi knew she left on time, but she was so nervous she didn’t think to look around. Maybe Matt knew she was coming; maybe someone had tipped him off. Demi slapped herself on the forehead, why hadn’t she looked around. Frustrated tears fell as the events of the night came rushing back, and she wondered what was going to happen now. Her plan was ruined, and now she didn’t know what to do. Not only was Matt dead, but his body was laid out in the driveway for everyone to see. She pulled the blanket closer and wiped her running nose as she continued through the list.

9:00 – His parents will leave. Wait for a few minutes, his mom will always leave something behind.

Demi stood by the large tree, using it to hold up her body weight. It had been their favorite tree just a few months ago, and now she was standing here alone crying against it. She wiped her eyes and sucked in a breath when she saw the car. The one thing she was waiting for, and she could hear his mother yelling things at him. Demi smiled, it was probably chores that he always forgot to do. Matt was always so absentminded with those things just like his mother. She took a few deeps breaths as she watched the car pull away. Her heart began racing as she waited for the car to come back, it always did. She loved his mother, she was so sweet, but would’ve forgotten her head if it wasn’t attached to her body.

Suddenly there it was, and Demi gasped as she caught sight of Matt running whatever it was out to his mother. Demi smiled watching the rain soak his skin, he was the perfect build, and he’d been blessed with a perfect body. It really was too bad that slut had been brainwashing him, but soon he’d understand that Demi really was the perfect girl for him. She stood watching the headlights move as the car, once again, backed out of the drive way. She waited a couple more minutes, counting on Matt going back to his bedroom, his safe haven when he was home. Her feet sloshed through the damp ground as she crept her way around to the front yard, and her heart raced when his front door came into view.

Demi could feel the warmth returning to her skin, and she finally stood to get dressed. She took off the damp underwear and threw on a pair of sweats and a long sleeved shirt. She rubbed her arms trying to remove the goose bumps that graced her skin, and sat back down into the plush warm blanket. She smiled into the blanket as all remnants of the cold were slowly leaving her body. When she got warm enough, Demi decided she could use a cup of hot cocoa too. But that would have to wait; she gingerly picked up the piece of paper ready to continue her journey. She needed to figure out what went wrong, what happened tonight was unforgiveable.

Demi leaned over the paper, and jumped at the sound of an opening door. It was then she could hear the ringing phone, and quickly turned off the lamp next to her as she struggled to hear outside the door. Demi swore she could hear her parents, but couldn’t make out a word they were saying. She waited patiently until the creaking in the stairs stopped, meaning both her parents were back upstairs and then finally the slam of their door. Demi switched the lamp back on, going back to the paper in front of her.

9:15 – Go to his door, if he’s leaving he won’t for at least fifteen minutes. Use your time wisely; remember use your tears to your advantage.

Demi took a few breaths as she took a quick look around the neighborhood, most lights were off since this was a school night. She waited as a car came around the corner, and sighed as the rain started back up. The car started to slow and Demi feared it would be stopping here, but she saw he was just swerving around something in the street. Demi finally moved forward to the front door and twisted the knob slowly. She listened carefully for any movement as she opened it, but could only hear the sound of the rain falling onto her already soaked clothes.

Demi stepped through the hall, carefully wiping her muddy shoes on the carpet. Though it’d been months since she’d been in his house, it felt like only yesterday. And despite the plan, she still felt the need to be hospitable and avoid too much of a mess. Demi was surprised; each decoration remained the same, the end table stayed in its exact spot right down to each and every picture inside each frame. She smiled at the pictures of Matt; he’d been such a cute kid. Looking at the pictures distracted Demi from the job that she was here to do; she knew she didn’t have much time. She stepped out of the hallway carefully, glancing around each section of the room, but there was no sign of him. She tightened her grip on the strap of her bag, which hung over her shoulder. Demi stepped up the stairs slowly, remembering which of the steps was most likely to creak. There had been many nights of sneaking out of this house unnoticed.

Demi turned down the final hallway, the hall that held her beloved. She smiled to herself as she slowly walked toward where she could feel he was. Her heart warmed at the thought of being alone with him again, and the shivers left from the cold stopped momentarily. She could hear the music coming from his bedroom and groaned softly, Demi had always hated his music. She had always listened to it, because it’s what he wanted. But now Demi was coming to get what she wanted, no, what she needed. Matt loved Demi, she knew he did. Demi knew that whore had just filled his head with lies, terrible lies to tear the two of them apart. So far they’d worked, but tonight he’d know the truth. Demi stopped in front of his bedroom door, she watched her shaking hand slowly turn the knob, and she carefully opened the door. Matt gasped, letting out a small yelp, but there was no happiness, no joy, no excitement from seeing Demi standing there, only fear.

Demi lay on her side, tears falling as she thought of that awful look on his face. It was so unexpected; she thought he’d be so happy to see her. He was supposed to be relieved that it was her, instead of that slut, Candice. She wiped the tears away, but more just kept coming. Demi finally gave up and let them fall. She could see the wet spot on the carpet where they fell, and she only watched it grow larger and larger. She was so focused on the spot that she didn’t hear her door open or hear her mother sit down beside her. Her mother’s tears were matching her own. Demi didn’t feel the embrace, or the gentle stroking of her hair, she didn’t hear the shushing falling off her mother’s lips. Demi didn’t register any of this until her mother’s soft whispers shook her from her small, closed world.

“Demi,” her mother whispered and Demi finally met her mother’s eyes, and was surprised by the tears there. Demi immediately fell into her mother’s embrace, not caring for the reason of her tears. They sat together for a long time, and Demi realized how much she missed her mother. It’d been so long that Demi had even spoken to her, to anyone really. Her mother slowly rocked her, and Demi could feel her eyes beginning to close. It wasn’t until she heard the crinkling of the paper in her blanket that she kept herself awake, she needed to finish going through her list. This had to be figured out tonight. Demi wouldn’t put it off past tonight.

“Demi,” her mother whispered again, and Demi lifted her head to meet her mother’s gaze. For the first time in a long time, Demi really looked into her mother’s eyes and she could see the pain there. An immense amount of pain, and Demi wondered what put it there. But with her mother’s next words, Demi had her answer, “Demi, something happened tonight.” 

Demi nodded in understanding urging her mother to continue, but her mother only tightened her hold on Demi. The pain her mother was feeling was reverberating through Demi, and suddenly tears sprang to her eyes knowing she couldn’t take away the pain.

“Demi, it’s about Matt,” Demi shocked face shot up to meet her mother’s, and suddenly Demi understood. Her mother was here, because she was glad it wasn’t her child that was gone. “Demi, Matt’s gone. He was killed tonight.”

Demi’s tears fell matching her mother’s, and once again, the two rocked in silence letting their tears fall. Demi finally looked up when she heard her door creep open, and was surprised to see her father standing there. He knelt down handing an open phone to her mother wordlessly. She left the room, leaving Demi with her father. He watched her silently before taking her into his own arms; Demi put her arms around him stiffly. He seemed to notice this and pulled away, nodding at her gently before standing and swiftly leaving the room.

Demi stood locking the door behind him, she knew her mother wouldn’t be back to check on her. She climbed onto her bed, curling into a ball as she pulled her list back out. She felt so angry and lost; she needed to figure this out. There couldn’t be any mistakes next time, Demi needed to know where she messed up. Her eyes felt heavy, though her mind was still reeling with the night’s events. She read over the next line, and the only picture was his face as she stepped through his door. Demi could still feel the anger that coursed through her body when she saw his unforeseen response.

9:30 – Be in his room by now. You have until ten o’clock to be out of his room. His parents will be back by ten thirty, use your time wisely. And be quiet.

“Demi?” he asked quietly backing away from her, but she stepped forward closing the space between them. She set her bag down as he stepped back again running into his bed. Demi took another step towards him and he sat back on the bed. She stood in between his legs, and gently stroked his cheek. He watched her wordlessly, and she smiled at him happily as he began to relax. She ran her finger down his cheek to his shirt, carefully drawing lines across his chest. Demi continued her trek until she met the waistband of his shorts and she softly drew a line across the skin above them and smiled at his hardened response.

“I want to talk,” she whispered stroking him gently and he nodded staring at her hand. She straightened back up and Matt continued to sit back watching her closely. She slowly unzipped her jacket revealing her low cut tank top, now soaked and see through thanks to the rain, and smiled at his widened eyes. Demi walked over to her dropped bag, and pulled out a few blindfolds, and he stared at her confused.

“Do you trust me?” she asked softly pulling off her shirt and he nodded again his eyes trained on her chest. She pushed him roughly against the bed and he scooted back as she climbed on top of him. Demi sat straddling him, moving her hips smoothly as she moved his left hand towards the headboard, tying it securely. She trailed her fingers across his chest to the other arm to do the same. She leaned forward kissing him eagerly as she grabbed the pillow from behind his head.

Demi awoke to the sound of her bleeping alarm. She sat up rubbing her eyes, and looked around her room. She could see the mud on the carpet, silent reminders of the night before. Demi stood stretching as she went through the hall to the bathroom, knowing a nice hot shower would do her some good. She was annoyed that she had fallen asleep, but remembered her last thought before falling into the deep slumber. She had finally decided that it wouldn’t matter. What happened couldn’t stop the second part of her plan from going into action, and she wasn’t going to let it control her. She stepped into the shower relaxing under the hot sprays; she already knew she had a long day ahead of her.

Demi could hear her parents arguing from their room as she left the bathroom, and knew she should get ready quickly. It was going to be a rough morning for them as well. She dressed in her normal attire and grabbed her paper throwing it in her bookbag before heading down the stairs. As usual her family didn’t say a word, though both her parents expressed their sympathetic looks. But this time Demi gave them a small smile as she poured herself a bowl of cereal. She could see them exchange confused looks, but she only shook her head. Demi took her cereal into the living room, and flipped the TV on. She immediately changed the station seeing they were only covering Matt’s death, not really caring to hear what they had to say about it. She ate quickly, and rinsed out her bowl before grabbing her bag and heading out the door.

Walking into the school from outside was like stepping from summer into winter. The atmosphere was both somber and miserable. Demi took her usual spot on the floor of her locker, ignoring the tears and sobs of her classmates around her. She unzipped the bag next to her pulling out the old piece of paper followed by the next plan on a new piece of paper. She glanced at the next line sighing loudly; she was still pissed at herself at how badly the night went. But Demi silently assured herself the next on would go better, easier, and she would ensure no mistakes. She leaned her head back against the locker, closing her eyes tightly trying to mute the sounds of crying from all around her.

10:30 – You MUST be back home by this time. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Demi took her time going down the stairs of his house. This was her last time here and was almost sad to leave. She looked at all the photographs once again memorizing Matt’s youthful innocence, wondering when he lost it and became such a dick. She took a few deep breaths calming her rising anger and headed down the hallway towards the front door. She gently touched the walls remembering the feelings that this house always brought, and felt gloomy. Demi smiled as opened the front door and she was so lost in her thoughts she didn’t hear the noise behind her.

“You bitch!” she turned at the sound of Matt screaming, and jumped out the open door lunging down the front steps. She turned just in time to see it happen, it was almost slow motion. The rug twisted on the hardwood floor as he ran catching his bare foot in the process. He fell forward onto the rain covered pavement, hitting his head on the first cement stair. His body continued to roll down the last two stairs, finally coming to a halt on the driveway. Demi stood back, her heart racing at the fact that he hadn’t been dead when she left his room. He was still alive and able to chase her; this was not supposed to happen. The rain began to fall again mixing with the blood pouring from his head.

She stepped carefully towards him and his eyes opened to look at her. She jumped back in fear before stepping towards him. She touched his hair where the blood was coming out in immeasurable amounts. He opened his mouth to speak but Demi shushed him. She moved her hands down his face, stroking his cheek before coming to rest against his neck. She smiled at him, and her smile didn’t fade, not even after she started to squeeze. She watched his pained face crumple until finally the pain was gone and his grimace was gone. Demi stood back and stared, and when she saw a set of headlights she jetted to the back of his house. She watched as the headlights passed the house, and she finally looked down at her fingers. Demi stood as the rain soaked her red stained fingertips. It was everywhere, and even with the pouring rain, the red still flashed before her eyes. And she dropped to her knees as her tears finally fell in shame.

Demi jumped so much; she banged her head against the locker behind her. She must have fallen asleep, but had been awoken by a loud wail from down the hall. She could see others looking, and ordinarily she wouldn’t have cared but she wanted to see who it was. She smiled as she leaned forward. There was Candice clutching her knees to her chest, sobbing uncontrollably. Demi leaned back as she pulled out the second piece of paper, only looking up when the sounds of Candice were coming closer to her. Watching her face contort into a look which was a mixture of both grief and pain, Demi only felt joy. The bitch deserved it, and little did she know she’d be seeing him again soon.

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