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The staccato beat of an ancient, primeval drum to whose pace our hearts race to meet. It is the thrumming of his four hooves against the unyielding earth. The rhythmic snort of air that synchronizes to the pace of the ground disappearing beneath us. It is the sound of his effort. The contraction and extension of muscles as they flawlessly work together to propel his thousand-pound body over the waving and seemingly insubstantial grass. It is the feeling of power. The gradual tangling of mane and softness of worn leather rubbing against my hands as his head extends forward, eager to see what lies ahead. It is unity. It is a moment of sensory overload that gives the surrounding world clarity so vivid no microscope can match its natural, unaffected power. But, it is fleeting, merely a transient second in the midst of an eternity. Knowing the moment is about to slip away, I revel for a moment in the feeling of knowing something that I never knew before. Then, the beat of his stride slows almost imperceptibly and the gossamer cloak of humanity falls quickly over my eyes once again. The Truth which was evident to me during that brief moment of freedom is now gone, lost to the endless hunger of an ever present Time. I am left with a strange, mixed emotion of knowing that I was one heartbeat away from grasping this higher Truth that only my horse could reveal to me. The hole in my heart left by this knowledge throbs with longing for that unattainable Truth. But, sitting atop his back, the heaving of his sides brings reality back to the forefront of my thoughts. I shake my head to clear it of the remaining drops of that Truth and laugh softly at his exertion. He seems to snicker back at me as he clears the stale air from his lungs in one giant breath of air. I pat the side of his neck and sigh, happily lost in my thoughts.
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