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Abigail begs to attend Teen part of season...told no, then discovers life-changing secret
Abigail’s Secret

By Rhyanna S DeTuathana

  Running into the house, Abigail begs her mom to allow her to attend the Party of the Season. Mom everyone who is anyone is going to be there and I’ve been invited. Please mom.” She pleads. Her big blue eyes, lips tremble as she watches her mother tell her “No I’m sorry my dear, but we, especially you have other commitments that must be honored. Besides, I haven’t heard of any parents being there to chaperone. NO you can’t go.”

“But mom!” She whines... “Please....please make an exception this time. I’m sure the ‘relatives, not to mention the Baxters won’t mind being absent.”

As she rushes into the details as she knows them, she casts her eyes about the living room, hoping for something or someone to give her a chance of convincing her mom to change her mind.

“No I’m sorry my dear.” Her mother says firmly. “You can’t go. That is my FINAL Decision.”

Feeling rebellious,  she stomps out of the room.

“Abigail you will come back here at once and apologize do you hear me?” Her mom yells at her. “Fine.” She stomps reentering the living room. “I’m sorry, but I feel that I am entitled to my feelings. I wanted to go to this one event, this special event and you tell me no...I don’t understand why I can’t go.” After saying that she walks out of the room before storming up the stairs, “I still don’t see why I can’t go to the party” Abigail yells slamming her bedroom door.  “After all I am thirteen and I can make up my own mind. Its not like there is going to be alcohol or drugs there. Stefani doesn’t do those kind of things!”

On Thursday, Abigail gets shocked, “Abigail” Bethany yells, “I received an invite to the party.”

Screaming in silence, Abigail pastes a smile on her face so that she can face her friend as she says, “I am happy for you Bethany. That is great news.” 

With understanding lighting her eyes, “I’m sorry Abby. Your mom still won’t allow you to go?”

“No...prior commitments.” Abigail replies slowly. “Really I am happy that you are going.”

“I promise Abby.,” Bethany says. “I promise I’ll tell you everything afterwards.”

“Thanks,” Abigail solemnly replies. “No Bethany, its fine. Go have fun.”

slightly guilty and yet happy that she gets to go, Bethany takes her seat on the bus a few seats down from Abby. “I wonder why her mom won’t allow her to go.” then as the thought occurs to her she groans. “My mom will probably tell me no too. So far no one has any idea on what kind of supervision there will be by adults.”

Feeling dejectedly she stares morosely out of the window until the bus stops near her home. Getting out, she pastes a smile on her face and wave to her friend Abby.

Upon arriving home, with her emotions in turmoil, she flings herself on her bed. Pounding the pillow she screams into it. As she sits up she is still feeling resentful and jealous about Bethany getting one. More importantly that the coveted invite isn’t coming. She had asked her mom before ever receiving the invite, “Now I wish I’d have kept my mouth shut...Still its not fair. I should be allowed to go. I should be going.” with that mutinous thought, she suddenly feels thirsty. As she mutters, “I’m thirsty I wish I had a glass of water...”

Her eyes widen in surprise and she almost drops it as suddenly a glass of water appears in her hands. Spying something in the water, she couldn’t move so she stares into it for a long moment. Realizing what just occurred, she slams open the door. Running down the stairs, jumping down the last two steps, she yells, “Mom guess what I just ‘did and saw.’ It’s the most craziest of things.”

Her grandma laughs, “Her powers are manifesting now that she’s of age.”

Confused, bewildered Abigail comes to a quick stop as she stammers, “Mom… what’s happening?”

“Still she can’t tell anyone!” her mother says wisely. “It’s to be kept a secret.”

“Why? What does?” perplexed Abigail asks, “Mom? What do you mean I can’t tell anyone? Not even my best friend Bethany?”

“No Abigail. She wouldn’t understand.” both Mom and Grandma tell her. “Trust us we know.”

“I’ve lost a lot of good friends that way.” Mom says, “They find out you have a secret, and when you can’t tell them, they get mad, turn into the most horrible people imaginable. So you can’t even hint that there is something different about you.”

“Which won’t be easy.” Grandma gently tells her. “Life will become more complex now than ever.”

“But why?” Abigail pleads nearing tears says,  “I don’t understand any of this. All because I accidentally thought of a glass of water and it suddenly appears in my hand.”

“I know you’re confused...Its well...You’re gifted Abigail,” mom tells her, “You have gifts that people don’t understand, won’t understand and may even become violent towards you if they ever find out.”

“I don’t have ‘special gifts’. I’m not special.” Abigail stubbornly refutes with a stubborn, determined look. “I’m not special at all!”

“Yes you do” Grandma laughs clapping her hands as she adds to her granddaughter’s distressed look. “In fact my dear, Your training will start immediately.”

“Training...oh no.” She vehemently shakes her head. Then as her mother glares warningly at her, Abigail groans, “I already have a full course load.”

Then as a thought occurs to her she asks, “SO does that mean I won’t have regular school work to do?”

“No...” Mother sternly informs her. “This is on top of the coursework you have at school and then some. Including chores!”

“Chores!” Abigail shouts in disgust. “Do you mean I still have to do....” She coughs. “Chores.”

“Sure do.” Her brother Reuben grins nonchalantly at her. “I’m going to be eighteen and she still gives me chores.”

“If you live here, you contribute.” Mom tartly informs him. “Now about that shed outback.”

“Its clean mom and no magic involved.” He replies as Abigail who has been contemplating on seeing what her gifts will do to help with chores, she is quickly reminded by her mother, “Your chores will be done the normal way. The way they have always been done.” Then with a warning look at her son who is laughing hilariously at Abigail, she leaves the room.

“What is so funny?” Abigail abruptly demands of him.

“you’ll find out if you ever try to use magic to do your chores....” He laughs exiting the room.

As she looks to her grandma, who stands up... “Grandma can you explain it to me?”

“No my dear. We are forbidden to do so.” she replies.

“What!” Abigail exclaims in shock and outrage. “Forbidden how.”

“Forbidden to tell you how to or not to use your gifts.” Comes the reply.

Stumped Abigail flings herself on vacated couch, thumping the pillows as she wails. “This is so not fair! I should be going to parties, have lots of friends, go shopping at the mall and such...”

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