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About making choices in life...
That one day, when the cloud of imagination floats away, the false pretence breaks apart, and the mist clears revealing the actual gutter you are in; the feeling that over comes you is like no other. Trapped in a box is what goes through your mind and your no mime - so that is definitely not a good thing. Your very breath seems to be becoming short and emptiness engulfs every second of your existence. You take a deep breath and tell yourself enough is enough, you are going to do something useful with your worthless life. You search for other things to do, you make a list of places to visit and walk around with a renewed vigor feeling lighter than you have in years. Then society happens, your family has something to say - then the final blow your own fear of leaving the familiar confines of today. You suck your breath in, stick your head in the cloud again, carefully build up one more pretence - the best your imagination can conjure and wait for the mist to cover things up again. Finally you walk on like you never had than moment of life altering clarity in your existence.
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