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by Cayln
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Actual title: Individuality and the South are Contradictory
    I believe in individuality.  What does individuality mean?  A large amount of different things.  The technical term is a characteristic or personality that distinguishes one person from another, or what sets you apart from the rest of the so called “crowd”.  Everyone has their own definition of individuality. When I think of individuality I think of Punk.  Punk is a subculture that was formed in the 1970’s.  It’s still argued to the day where it truly originated.  It is my own personal belief that some of the most influential bands came from England.  Though today it is almost unheard of due to the lack of commercialism  Punk mainly consists of people that society has classified as “social outcasts” or freaks, as many people these days refer to us as.
    For a few years now I’ve been residing in the south.  Now of course, individuality and the south completely contradictory, but that‘s far too much of an asinine reason to stop me from being myself.  I’ve been called a plethora of different names, heard the most derisive and ridiculous accusations, and been prejudged by a capacious amount of people who have never even bothered to converse with me.  Yes, I am in fact the freak with green hair you hear about in biology.  I’m the one with the Yankee accent you find yourself involuntarily imitating and I’m the one with the t-shirts from bands far beyond your era.  Mainly, I’m the one you see, and assume that just because I look a bit different, it’s alright to make mordant comments about me. 
    This is not a choice a lot of people willingly make.  No one wants to hear their name whispered in someone else’s conversation, or see fingers pointed at them by people they’ve never even seen before.  Of course no one wants that, but sometimes we must deal with these fatuous statements and assumptions made by what would seem to be cretinous and inane people to stand up for our beliefs.  Unlike others, I’m more vivid when it comes to my beliefs.  I choose to standout more than some, but this merely strengthens my stance on individuality.
    A profuse amount of people ask me what exactly I gain from outrageous looks, oblivious to the fact that I just like being an individual.  I don’t enjoy the latest fashion, or what the media declares is the new “in” band, and contrary to popular belief, I don’t find my green hair or lack of knowledge about other people’s gossip total self debasement.
    Though many people in this area, as well as many other people located in area’s under the Mason-Dixon line, will disagree that individuality is a positive idea and categorize it as insensate.  I will forever contend with this theory.  People who choose to socially group themselves are more likely to fall under the influence of peer pressure. They also seem to disremember how perfidious looks can be, and that not everything is as it seems.  The general population of the area in which I reside, seem to have the same belief, different is bad.  To many people, I am seen as incorrigible and thought to show a poor sense of judgment when it comes to my character and my random semblance and all other ways I choose to express myself.  Though in the end they are incorrigible ones for making such poor assumptions without any information or facts to base their close minded opinions. 
    Despite peoples’ misjudgments I will forever maintain a fervid stance on individuality.  I refuse to ever believe that standing out is a negative thing and should be looked down upon.  I will always stand out in my own way, and stand up for what I believe in, no matter where I’m living, or how persistent the people around prove to be, I will always believe in Individuality.
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