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Hopefully improved. The beginning of my supernatural fiction
A man turned in his bed, his mind filled with vivid images: a face; the tree; the rain thumping soft earth. A girl stood on the edge of a cliff, her heart racing and her mind trapped, isolated in despair. But it wasn’t for her – it was never for her. Yet the group stood, muddled with their motives, each saving breath pushed her closer to the edge. Except one. He called out to her, keeping her from her borrowed fate...

It was not enough.

Her soul shattered with a final tear of despair and her body crumbled. Finally, her mind broke from the torture when she hit the jagged rocks...

The man sat up from beneath the covers to the moon, phasing from full to nothing as he broke away from his slumber, like he had done many times before. An icy breeze gently stroked his hot cheeks, softly billowing the curtains, bringing the fresh smell of the cold night into the room. The moment stood still, leaving him alone with his thoughts, and the moment, forever repeating itself.

It was never meant for her, but that thought alone would not stop it from happening. Even his strongest actions were thick with doubt and weak with faith. Her name was written in blood - it was only a matter of time before the blood turned to a cold thick slab of chiseled stone.

It was happening again. Thirty years later and she was slipping into the role he had played and knew all to well. The girl’s soul would be the last he would attempt to save before insanity crippled his dying spirit. One last time he would challenge the chances. And this time it was all or nothing.
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