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One being that really is.
        Sandra tried to think of some explaination. There was a tree in
    her backyard in the shape of a house. She had come home
    late from a party. Maybe she was hallucinating. She called her
    neighbor Lynn. Lynn was a bussiness laywer and very practical.
    "Well? Should I call the fire department?" Sandra asked. "Just
    give me a minute to get a pic." Lynn answered as she took a
    photo with her cell phone. "I'm sending it to CNN." her friend added.
    A tiny door openned on the balcony of the tree house. A very small
    woman walked out and stared at Sandra and Lynn. The tiny lady
    screamed and fainted.
          Sandra sipped her coffee, "What the hell just happened?"
    Lynn stared down at the tiny lady, "I think she's o.k.?"
    A tiny man walked out on the balcony and lept to the tiny ladies
    side. He stared up at Sandra and Lynn. "What do you want?!"
    he shouted up at the two women, towering over him. Then, the
    little lady coughed and the tiny man helped her to her feet.
    "We don't want any trouble. Just put us back they way we were."
    the tiny man continued. Lynn knelt down to speak to him, "Sir.
    We don't understand what is happening here. But, we will try to
    help you." Sandra noticed her saint bernard, coming over. "No!"
    she shouted and grabbed his collar. The tiny couple screamed
    and ran inside there house, slamming the door behind them.
          "This is not workable." Lynn said, "We need a professional."
    Lynn called a anthropology professer she had dated: "Sid? I need
    your advice. Could you come over to Sandra's?" Sid arrived quickly.
    He studied the tree house closely, "Ya-know this is real?" he asked.
    Sandra and Lynn knodded as they sipped their coffee. "Well, this goes
    contrary to every known form of adaptive evolution." Sid continued.
    "Look I just want it gone. I don't want little people running around my
    backyard." Sandra adjusted her bathrobe. "Well, they have rights.
    I don't think they have property rights.. unless this is a native american
    issue.." Lynn voice tapered off. The tiny man stuck his head out of one
    of the tree house' windows. "Are going to kill us?" he shouted.
    "No! no no no no." Sid answered excitedly, "Are you human?"
    "What? We're Americans! Of course were human! We live in Jersey!"
    the tiny man shouted, but his voice was barely heard.
          "What are you doing in my backyard?!" Sandra asked. The tiny man
    didn't know and couldn't explain the tree house. Sid took out his
    pocket magnifing glass and peared into the tree house. It appeared to
    be a typical interior of a home. "Alright. This must be a quatum shift
    in time and space. Or, we've all gone mad." Sid explained. Suddenly,
    a thunder clap burst in the clear blue sky. "SEE NOW THAT I AM."
    a voice thundered from the sky. Sandra and Lynn looked up and sipped
    their coffee. "I need an aprine." Sid sat down on the grass and held
    his head. "Thank You!" Lynn shouted at the sky with a toothy smile.
    Sandra scratched, "I think Barkly has fleas." The ground shook.
    The tiny couple from Jersey looked up at the sky. "We go to church
    on Christmass!" the tiny people shouted. "NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE
    FOR GOD!" the voice thundered.
          "I have to pee." Sandra stated and went inside her house.
    Sid got out his cell phone and called the police. The police arrived
    and then the reporters and then the tree house was moved to an
    undisclosed greenhouse. The tiny people were examined by top
    scientist as was the tree house. No explaination could be given.
    The tiny people asked that they be returned to Jersey, where their
    friends and family lived. It was decided that they be placed in
    protective custody, but their friends and family could visit them in
    the greenhouse. Sandra called her agent and pitched a movie:
    "This could be my Academy Award."

    Refections: It is said that nature is too complex to be accidental.
                      But, is God an accident waiting to happen?

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