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What man as gone through from the start of time to have and love a woman.

Captains, Kings, and Gods
Most high
Do proclamate to be
Keepers of the keys
The giver and the taker
In essence of thy Own souls dreams
Do worship the Goddess
"People Maker"
We conquered lands
Of multitudes
To indulge the planting
Of thy own seed
We crucified our enemies
And made thy brothers bleed
That we may indulge
The nature
Of thy own souls needs
And walk in the fires of Hades'
To spit in the demon's eye
And defy the Father Mighty
Commanding tears flow from his eyes
While making angels cry
When fire passion strokes so high
In thy own satin bed
Within the darkened night
I crave for more
My flaming whore

Out of daylight's sight
Then to resurrect so Prim and properly
Upon the new golden sun
My lady fair hand grasping mine
In sight of everyone
I place you upon a pedestal
Gods look up to see
I fasten a ball and chain
Upon your ankle
And only I the key
I curse you bitch I curse you whore
And snake that slithers
Along the way
But on my knees
For Gods be please
For your love I pray

George Garrett Anastasia
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