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Episode ideas I have for a personal project.
Tropica is a series of stories I have in mind about a plus-sized superhero living on a group of tropical islands. I don't know if I want to turn this into a comic series, a bunch of books, or someday pitch it as a TV series (which, whatever I do with it now, is what I want it to become someday)

These are just to give you an idea of how cliched it is, how I have no business writing anything, and for me, so I can remember my own ideas.

Titles for Tropica Episodes


The story of how Kei and Mahi discover the Tempest Phial, an artifact that allows Kei to become Mona, a 15 foot tall, tough-as-nails water elemental.

The Obsession of Captain Haddock

Introducing Cpt. Haddock and the crew of the Seven Sins.

A wayward galleon becomes shipwrecked and its crew provides Kei and Mahi with an interesting opportunity for a cultural exchange. The two quickly make friends with the sailors, but all is not well. It turns out that the sailors are actually a band of pirates, and their captain William C. Haddock, is chasing a legend that promises him great power. As it turns out, the source of this legendary power is none other than the Tempest Phial, the very artifact that Kei uses to become Mona. Haddock has been chasing it for years, and he’ll stop at nothing to get it. Kei decides to begin her career in heroics when Mahi becomes Haddock’s hostage.

Meet the Neighbors

Introducing the Miako. When a stream that supplies fresh water to Kuono suddenly dries up, the chief, Alaka, sends a party out to go investigate, and knowing of Kei’s secret identity as Mona, asks she and Mahi to tag along to keep them safe. The party follows the streambed in search of the plug, taking them far away from their territory and into a dark part of the jungle. They run into a lone man, mortally terrified of what he describes as giant, toothed predatory birds with spears called Miako. The band passes this off as nonsense, but soon find out that these feathered beasts are far more real than they assumed.

Elemental Forces

Introducing Overgrowth and Whisper.

Elder abducts a pair of newlyweds and mutates them both into artificial elemental beings with power over earth and wind, to combat Mona and Mahi. The new cronies are only too happy to oblige after Elder convinces them that it was Mona and Mahi who abducted them and he who saved them from their “sadistic experiments.”

Benefit of the Doubt

Kei and Mahi finds out about a cycloptic beast living in a nearby cave that has been terrorizing a local village for months. Upon realizing that this creature is not as big a threat as the villagers had imagined it to be (merely a hungry creature with sensitive hearing that wanders out to find food occasionally and reacts negatively to their screaming), she is faced with the moral dilemma of how to deal with him and help the village.

Animal Magnetism

Introducing Mother Nature.

Elder abducts Holona, also known as Mother Nature, a kindly, middle-aged woman who has a psychic connection with animal life. After Elder brainwashes her to think that Mona is on a destructive rampage, killing animals for fun, Holona tracks her down with a vengeance. Mona must figure out how to protect herself in a way that doesn’t harm the animals Holona enlists to fight her.


Introducing Anti-Mona

Elder calls upon mysterious forces to create a convincing and sadistic clone of Mona to impersonate the hero and lure her out so Elder’s new ensemble of evil can deal with her. Things become more difficult when Elder releases an army of smaller clones.

The Hunted

Introduction of Hunter and Mona’s water manipulation abilities.

Elder enlists the services of an arrogant professional monster hunter, aptly named “Hunter,” to track down and kill Mona. This is the first episode that Mona discovers her power over water.

The Problem with Pixies

While assisting Kumu in his treehouse observatory, Kei accidentally releases thousands of mischievous orange pixies that set fire to everything they touch. Though their misbehavior is easy to rectify with her newfound water powers, their sheer number spells doom for the flammable island if they can’t be contained. Plot points: Kei finally becomes adamant about improving her awareness and becoming less brash in her heroics.


Introducing the Mikaki

Mona and Mahi encounter a tribe of strange men with masks in place of actual faces and assist them in trying to undo the curse that fused their war masks to their faces in the first place. It turns out to be a failed experiment conducted by Elder to give them enhanced abilities. They also re-encounter two of the pirates from the first episode, who had integrated into the tribe.

Sinister Squids From Outer Space

Introducing Wraith,

An intergalactic prison ship crashes onto earth and a sadistic extraterrestrial serial killer named Ma-Za Dek (AKA “Wraith”), who has a penchant for devouring “lower life forms,” escapes and runs rampant in Moa’s lagoon. Mona meets her match, as this menace is as strong as she is, amphibious and determined to get under our blue hero’s skin.

A Giant’s Strength

Introducing Heliki

Elder discovers a tall, muscle-bound woman named Heliki who has spent her adult life tracking down the two responsible for destroying her village as a child. When Elder convinces her it was the work of Mona and Mahi, claiming that they’re a pair of shape-shifting demons that are responsible for the destruction of Heliki’s village, Heliki seeks them out.

Savage (two parts)

Introducing Bloodbeak and Nodak

Kei and Mahi encounter Bloodbeak, the former general of the Miako, a tribe of sentient dinosauroids living in huge caves under Moa’s dormant volcano. Knowing of Mona’s power, he initially attacks them, attempting to force them to join him in his vengeful quest against his former leader, Emperor Nodak of the Miako, but realizing that forcing them to join him goes against his warrior’s code, he later reconsiders and humbly asks to join them. The two humans cautiously agree after he saves their lives twice to prove his intentions. Bloodbeak becomes a reoccurring cast member.

Mind Games

Introducing Mindgame

Elder abducts a young boy named Lolopo with strong psychic abilities and convinces him to hypnotize Mona and Mahi, falsely promising to help him locate his misplaced parents who have actually been enslaved by a tribe on another island.

Sometime later on:


Introducing the Protectorate, Ku-Zu Nak and the Nudimarr empire

A crew of extraterrestrials tasked with hunting down the deranged escaped convict Ma-Za Dek, known on Earth as Wraith, arrive on Moa to investigate. They are met by Kei and Mahi who are suspicious of yet another ship from the sky sending creatures to their island. When the two are reassured that the aliens are only on a mission of peace, Kei and Mahi gladly assist them in imprisoning Ma-Za. Tagging along with the group is a representitive of Ma-Za’s species, Ku-Zu Nak, who has been instructed by their empire to take her alive for himself, to have her tried and executed on their home planet. Things become even MORE complicated when Ku-Zu Nak falls in love with the sadistic slug.


The episode in which Bloodbeak not only does something to solidify his loyalty to Kei and Mahi, but also realizes that he has become too close to them to involve them in his revenge against Nodak.

-If You Can’t Stand The Heat

Kei and Mahi are transported to a desert by Elder, and left stranded far from Moa, where Kei discovers that her powers as Mona and even her energy as a human are sapped by the dry, relentless heat, leaving her powerless and lost on a foreign continent.

-Eye of the Storm (Parts 1-3)

The final episodes of season 1. The fall of Kei, the rise of Living Storm and the confrontation that will decide the fate of Moa.

-Return to Innocence?

Two years have passed. A blank-minded clone of Kei is created and is instructed to seek out Mahi. Once reunited, Kei regains her old memories and is filled in on the events of the past two years. Nodak’s Miako have taken over most of the island and the humans can offer little resistance. Even the scattered elemental and super-powered forces of Elder pale in comparison to Nodak’s might. There is a rumor that Nodak may be using supernatural forces to combat the humans and that Kei’s big blue friend might be the only thing that can ‘bring balance to the force,’ as it were.

-Old Wounds

Kei shows understandable hesitance to taking up the mantle of hero after being killed, which almost manifests as a phobia to the Tempest Phial and must be convinced to challenge her fear.

-Sins and Sinners

Kei begins to discover the events that transpired to resurrect her, and is horrified by what she finds. She learns a lot more about the circumstances of her cloning, discovers a terrible secret that Mahi had been hiding from her all along and begins to question whether or not she can ever trust him again.

Season 3: Moa is gone somehow. They wander around the planet aimlessly until I can integrate them into another series.

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