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Rated: E · Poetry · Relationship · #1602784
Where are the gods when you need them? (Strong Verse magazine)
Whither Gods, Distracted?

I fumbled for my change and gave, at most, a passing glance.
No premonition from above to heed your smiling face.
My mind, preoccupied and lonely, failed to grasp the chance.
A look, then off to work, your presence gone without a trace.

Unless we meet again, we were just strangers on the bus,
Your tender gaze or soothing touch reserved, but not for me.
Unlike two ships, no signal flares ignited just for us.
The Moirae sleeping at the helm forgot to roil the sea.

What happy times might we have shared if we'd been made aware,
If mighty Zeus had paused mid-sky and loosed a thunder-bolt?
Our children might have frolicked under elms without a care,
But Zeus (distracted by Europa?) failed to send his jolt.

Yet, could our fates remain divided by such oversight?
Would Zeus and Moirae, unchagrined, give up without a fuss?
Will no fierce god yet intervene to set our futures right?
Unless we meet again, just passing strangers on the bus.

* The three Moirae, also known as the Fates, were the Greek personification of destiny.  Zeus was the king of gods in Greek mythology, and was frequently portrayed with a thunderbolt in one hand.  Europa was a human maiden whom Zeus tricked into accompanying him, but who then became one of his greatest loves.

Written in iambic heptameter (seven metric feet as da DUM da DUM ...) with a rhyme scheme of abab cdcd ...
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