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We writers wrestle with sleeplessness.
The Book

When all our friends have gone to bed,
we watch the moon all night instead.
We grab our book and find our pen
in hopes to hear the Muse again.

"The moon and stars are bright," we write.
"Insomnia is hard to fight."
We drop our eyes and then, aware,
we use our journals like a prayer.

We write our song with open heart.
The journal takes our thoughts apart.
We listen with our sleepless mood,
and hope to show our gratitude.

We struggle with our restless pain,
and try to fall asleep, in vain.
But that is why we have the book.
We hope through songs the Muse will look

and see we’re waiting here to dream,
and watch us while the stars all gleam.
We listen with our pen in hand,
and hope our hearts will understand.

For as we write our song tonight,
we hope the book will dowse the light.
And she will lift us from within,
and let us go to sleep again.

So in this book we put our fears,
and pour our love, and yes, our tears.
For in this book we write our song
and hope to dream, again, ‘fore long.

Written within the parameters of the theory of "Multivalence. For an
          "unpruned" version of this same concept, see "Journatation.

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