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You think you know, life is too simple to know, too complex. Each Heart is a Labyrinth

Written for the "Daily Flash Fiction" Prompt 9/26

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#896794 by Arakun the Twisted Raccoon

You believe. You make thick patches of belief surrender to you. Patience is like flames. It needs oxygen. It needs safety. Safety to burn: like violence in an afterglow of sun and tears. What violence? Maybe, there is no violence: Sun and Tears - Maybe, there are no sun and tears.

Ever see the rays after the tempest? Thick Patches of Belief - it's like violence attacking the helpless, thunder-less clouds of grey that have exhausted the “Zeus” in them. But they are like tigers; in fact when you think, you least expect it, they purr and then they maul a tree. Blaze the sky...scorch the sun with a hot kiss of its own: to show it, maybe, to praise it maybe? Or maybe get tangled in its elixir, its axis, its kingdom of sky and earth or maybe itself. The Sun is a star. Unlike other stars, it does know nightfall – it knows only day. It does not seem to respect the moon so much and you won’t see them sharing the same plate. The moon is a beautiful beggar. He feeds from the sun. Without her he would rust. Or is it like that? The Sun a golden celebrity whilst the moon a silver pauper? The stars all regular bodies stroking a land and the Sun a monarch able to live in a palace called day? Then why are there storms? Grey engulfs white day – gives a darker coat to night. Moon is in himself. Sun is in herself. The moon is adored by lovers while the Sun gets chastised for his fire. They have no genders. But, they are so like people.

“ Hey Susanna, what are you thinking about?”
“ Emily do you see how the heavenly bodies are us?”
“ What?”
“...pieces of sky within.”

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