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A young girl on the run from the society of 2028.
Chapter one

My name is Emily Young, I’m 14 I was born in Queensland, Australia and am considered by law a runaway and in the year of 2028 no one runs away. Since the great rebellion and depression of 2016, they have added a sedative to our water and are currently working on putting it into our genes. Due to my genetics I am immune to this sedative and am a danger to all humanity because I unlike the rest of the world have emotions. Yes, anger, sadness, hormonal changes and that makes me a threat to anyone near me. Here is my story of how I came to be stuck inside this metal box writing on toilet paper with the one pencil someone kindly dropped in here.

It was quiet; the cool night breeze blew into the cracks of my hiding place, onto my sweaty face, cooling me down. I had become used to this kind of silence over my years of hiding. Untying the piece of string that was around my ankle, I used it to tie my long black hair back so that the breeze could cool the back of my neck.

I sighed as the luxury of breeze calmed my nerves. From my hiding space, I could see the beautiful white house it was only a couple of meters away. The yellow awnings framed the old fashioned slide windows as if it were out of an 50s fashioned movie.

I had been watching the house for weeks from a distance, the old couple who lived there where very hard of hearing. I had been waiting a month for this, I had spent that month learning if they have a routine, if they work, when they go out for activity.

Today was bowls club championships, and they would be gone for 3 hours. But it wasn’t as easy as it looked, they had the ultimate weapon... a dog.

It didn’t help that the dog barked at everything it saw. So I would have to take out the dog, I didn’t regret it at all because over the past month the dog had almost gave me away to many times to count.

The easiest way to take out the dog would be to catch it unaware, which would have been hard. But instead I decided the last of the food would keep it quiet and friendly long enough for me to be in and out with at least four months worth of food if I was careful.

I looked at the stolen watch on my right arm, 4:30pm. Quietly I made my way to the back door and slide the remained of my food (a chunk of dried rotting meat) under the wide gap between the door and the tiled floor; I heard some snuffling and took note of the shadow. I opened the unlocked door and went in, the small black and white terrier only a few feet away. He was gnawing on the chuck of meat and barely looked up at me.

Closing the door behind me, I went into what seemed to be the kitchen. My stomach growled, making me and the dog jump. With the silence broken I made my way to the fridge, where I found left over’s, vegetables and fruit. ‘Jackpot’ I muttered under my breath and began stuffing it into my “cooler bag” that I had sewn straps onto so that it acted more as a backpack.

After raiding the fridge I moved onto the “non-perishables”, where I found canned peaches, spaghetti, baked beans and bags of chips, salted nuts and candy bars. After stuffing them into my shoulder bag I tested the weight, it wasn’t that heavy but I knew I wouldn’t be able to run with it easily. I gave the dog a quick pat and left out the back door and headed for the familiar bushes hundreds of yards back that I had used when I first came into this area.

I ate the left over’s, they where a delicious curry type dish with rice. Still feeling peckish I pulled out one of the candy bars, I could feel the energy returning as I lay there watching the stars. I would be time to move on soon, the oldies would realise what the missing food meant and would call the police. Thanks to the international news team telling people that a runaway fourteen year old stealing food from people’s houses was on the loose, they would know pretty quickly too... But in the mean time I would sleep, and so with that I closed my eyes and that’s when the night mares started...

Chapter Two

The air rushed around my face and I felt my full weight fall into the dark abyss, which two seconds ago was my safety from the police. Something sharp pierced my body over and over again as I fell and I could hear a young woman screaming my name in agony and then I could feel something tickling my nose and all of a sudden I felt the intense heat all around me and then with a gasp I awoke.

It must have been at least midday and I was still lying in the middle of a paddock in broad daylight  road slightly up hill was to my left, people would get a clear view of a young girl looking like nothing more than a run away. I lay there for a minute or two, a piece of grass tickled my nose and then began wondering where to police where, a clear view, well used road and no police, I was confused beyond understanding.

Quickly I got up and ran to the nearest cover (the edge of the surrounding forest) and watched as not ten minutes later a police cruiser show up and immediately started a two man search for and traces of a missing run away girl. I shrank further pack into the lush trees and scrub as silently as possible and watched as the cops returned to their car.

As soon as they were out of sight I ran and fast and as hard as I would to the large cleverly disguised abandoned wombat hole. I lay panting trying to bring my heart beat down, I drank a little of the water from one of the heavy bottles slung around my waist and then it happened.

It starts with sharp pains ripping through your chest, you lose sight and then it begins...

The light blinded me as light does when a door is opened after hours of darkness and your stunned momentarily, you can hear birds in the distance and when the light fades you can see the beautiful green grassy hills rolling over the country and beyond. You turn, and see a small stone house with grey smoke coming from the petite chimney and a tall dark haired handsome man chopping wood. A beautiful black haired plump woman puts her head out the window and says something inaudible, the man turns and smiles at her and replies, still no sound. She smiles back and replies, the man chops one last piece and walks to the house. You follow him into the house, the woman is standing beside a set table smiling and cooing at a small delicate baby dressed in patchwork clothes. The man sits down and says what seemed like praise for the meal, the woman places the baby in the small cot near the wall and sits next to the man. She places a peck on his cheek and they both begin the meal a few words here and there and then there is a knock on the door. The man stands and goes to the door, at the door is a young looking woman in her hand is the same axe the man used to chop the wood.

She raises the axe above her head before the man has any time to react she strikes, She hits exactly in the forehead blood spurts across her face and she smiles wickedly while the woman, still sitting, screams in horror and begins to stand the stranger takes two steps and takes a swing she misses her upper body and hits a quarter down her thigh. The dark red blood seeps through her skirt and apron, the stranger crosses to the crib and reaches in to take the baby just as the woman screams audibly in protest. The stranger takes the baby in her arms; the baby wakes and begins to cry loudly. The woman half sits and half lies, begging the stranger not to take her baby. The stranger laughs cruelly and swings the axe one more time, fatally decapitating the woman, leaving the wall streaked with a vibrant red. You watch as the stranger walks with the baby in her arm and out over a hill out of your sight. You turn and look back at the scene, the man lies, his eyes closed but his face has an expression of recognition and shock on it. The woman’s head lay in a puddle of her own blood, her eyes open and her face full of agony, you notice a single tear on her cheek and then...

The pain in your chest rips through again, faster this time, ripping over and over again. I awoke looking up at whirling trees; a cry of surprise erupts from me. I sit up and take deep breaths, taking another sip from my bottle and wait for the world to stop spinning. It stops so I stand and survey my surroundings.

I seem to have moved from the forest into a clearing in the forest, looking around I notice a small cottage. It’s a timber one, made from fine wood, there are small lace curtains framing the ornamentally carved windows and a small amount of smoke is wafting out of the chimney.

I lay down into the soft bed and feathered pillows, and begin to doze off and then the sharp stabbing and ripping begin again over and over my body leaving gaping wounds of pain.

Chapter 3

The light is blinding, I can hear a soft humming, and the voice is beautiful and melodic. My eyes adjust and I look up to a beautiful face, curly black hair making curtains on either side. Her lips set in a permanent pout and painted a cherry red, and her skin is a soft creamy white and looks as soft as a new snow fall and as vibrant as the rising sun through a misty fog. She’s humming softly, it’s a calming lullaby that makes you feel sleepy and almost like you’re in a trance.

Suddenly I woke tears running down my cheeks and tangled in sheets, I sat up quickly which cause a storm of dust to invade my lungs and start hoarse coughing. I groaned, some small pain had remained in my chest and the coughing was putting strain on it. I felt as if someone had stabbed my heart with a serrated knife and it was newly healed and raw.

Sheets? Something was wrong. I jumped up, surveying the room with a twirl. The walls were clay and the bed was a rusty iron base with an uncomfortable old spring mattress, a vine had reached in through the brick framed window and was curled around the bed head. A young boy sat motionless and undisturbed in a rocking chair, his sandy blonde hair covered most of his face. He wore a dirty white shirt and black pinstripe pants. He was wealthy, it was obvious and he was fit and healthy, just dirty. I was scared by the physical closeness of another person. I decided it to leave as soon as possible, although I couldn’t seem to find my bags. I looked around and spotted them under his feet.

Great, either stay here and find out this guys story or leave on an empty stomach and avoid the risk of capture. My stomach growled loudly, and the boy flinched and began to wake up. Suddenly a crackly voice broke the silence “agents 81 are you there? Agent 81?” and my eyes traced the noise back to his waist. A walkie talkie was strapped to his waist and his eyes fluttered.

That’s when I legged it out the window, I waited below the frame and listened. The boys groggy voice replied in a happy and normal tone “Yes Sally?”, “Agent 81 would you like to confirm you found the runaway culprit?” a shuffling of feet indicated he was moving around in search “No, Sally I haven’t found it yet”, ‘Oh great I’m an it now?’ I thought silently “But I’m sure I’m close Sally” he said with what was possibly a hint of smile in his voice, had he noticed my exit? I sure hoped not.

“Listen I’m way to close to keep constant contact now I will be switching off, okay?” and the crackly reply came in sounding perfectly calm “Yes Agent 81” and I heard a beep and then silence. Some more shuffling and then footsteps toward the window, it was too late to move and if I tried he would see me for sure. “I know your there” he said casually, but I remained hiding “Oh, come on? You left clear tracks in the dust and I can hear your breathing, I know your there” I stayed put; he just wanted me to stand up and show myself. “It’s ok” he coaxed “I'm like you”, fat chance buddy! I was not standing up for anyone no matter what they said. “I know your there, just get in here and ill explain”, A trap? Maybe and maybe not. I stood up, poised to run and then I spotted him.

He was drop dead gorgeous, he stole my breath. His face has clear of blemishes and his blonde hair framed his face. His eyes were bottomless, a clear deep calming blue. I was stuck to the spot un-able to move, struck by his sheer handsomeness. He chuckled “Come on, Your hungry? I promise I won’t tell them I found you” I started to leave, his promises meant nothing. He started to follow “Hey!? What are you going to do? Rob someone else’s family?” I turned his expression sent a wave of panic over me, because he was mad.

“W-Why are y-you m-m-mad? How?” I said shakily, he frowned “Are you hungry?” he said changing the subject, I didn’t reply, shock had numbed my whole body. He reached for my hand, I snatched it away from him and stumbled blindly backwards. He lurched at me, grabbing my dark, smelly t-shirt pulling me towards him. I looked around, behind me was the wide mouth of a well, “Come on” he said

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