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I wanted to make a realistic description of the events the bible describes.
You hear the sky calling, you see it open wide
Feel like you are falling, feel like you start to rise
So rise up from the valleys, its time to leave it all
Climb like your life depends on it, climb and fight and crawl.

Stumble through the gloom
Beneath the sunless sky (this is the flood)
As the raindrops hit your face
You shiver and shake but can’t get dry (this is the flood)

Sliding backwards
The path washes away (this is the flood)
Fight for a hand hold
But your cant grip and you can’t stay (this is the flood)

The caves offer somewhere to hide from the bitter piercing wind
And the animals that still survive press together as they try to fit in
The wolf dwells in peace with the lamb, the lion huddles with the calf
But this is not the Promised Land or Eden, As they shiver the waves come and they breathe their last

This is the flood

A few humans cling to broken logs
But they know that they will die
Their rooftops can’t be seen from here
And there’s no light in the sky
And if they don’t drown in the sea
They’ll freeze or starve where they lie
But the waves are swift and merciful
And the rain drowns more than their cries

Safe within the hands of god the ark rides on the waves
Fear permeates the eight more than the water from outside
The fear that they we’re wrong and the fear  they’ll be saved
The fear that all of this is not a dream, and they are the only ones alive

This is the flood
This day you die
Drown in the mud (suffocate)
Drown As you cry
This is the flood
This day you die
Drown in the mud  (suffocate)
Drown as you cry
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