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Even the stars die, all things that begin, end.
You see the living walk their way
Into the shadow in which we stay
You see the children run and play
And skip their way to shallow graves

Until the skipping stops and the hobble begins
With crooked sticks and wrinkled skins
You want something more, but get less and less
Life is short, but eternity is death

Time drags you on, to the slaughter
Life hanging on, getting shorter
Cannot move, the times and seasons
Change and fade, end of living

Prepare to meet your maker
Prepare to met your death
Prepare to meet your maker
Exhale your final breath

You watch as the day turns blue to black
And the clouds like curtains are drawn
You watch the symmetry of the colours
Mixing dawn and dusk and dawn

You wish that you could echo it
But human life is frail
Like a record that is no longer played
Your only symmetry comes as you fail

Hands across a world, you hate the sight of
But can’t let go, fear what’s above
The empty sky, is all around you
Falling into it, nothing surrounds you

Prepare to meet your maker
Prepare to meet your death
Prepare to meet your maker
Exhale your final breath

This times the last time you'll feel afraid
This times the last you'll feel alone
This time there wil be no more graves
This time we destroy both flesh and bone

Sleep for me (this time) you will not wake
Sleep for me (this time) like the day that you were made
Sleep for me (this time) we've come to Un create
Sleep for me (this time) this is the bed you’ve made

This time a little bit like your birth
This time a little bit in reverse
This time the baby will not laugh or cry
This time the labours help you die

Sleep for me (this time) you wont be remembered
Sleep for me (this time) almost like you never were
Sleep for me (this time) memories dismembered
Sleep for me (this time) wipe away your tears
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