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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Psychology · #1603907
She's got him right where she wants him

This is for the prompt 9/30 for this contest:

Daily Flash Fiction Challenge  (13+)
Enter your story of 300 words or less.
#896794 by Arakun the Twisted Raccoon

“Have you lost your mind?”
“No, but then again once a person is hurt they are willing to do anything...”
I guessed we would come to this. I knew this would happen. After I had found out that it was over I knew I would do this...The truth was I felt sane – though, I had the gun in my hand. Everyone thought I, Ashley Simton, was a good girl. No, I was not. After many casual affairs I was tired of playing the good girl. Everyone expected me to say things like I cared about them, cared about studies, cared about my family – but, guess what, I didn’t. I never really felt happy. Because everything was force-fed to me: he promised he would take me away. But now he cheated on me. What was worse, the fact he cheated on me or the fact that it was my sister? I decided to blow her brains out first. She kept apologizing to me. Kept crying...she was my older sister...so, she thought she was better than me. No – guess what you are not!
“ Please Ashley...” he was crying now, what a coward... “Please babe, I can make it better...please...”
“ No, you are not better – you are like my parents. They always loved Annie – they loved her!” my eyes, I can feel the tears, “ I can’t believe you would do this too!”
Annie always had my parents’ love. My parents always said that I had to study hard. They never said that to her. They only loved me for my grades. I...can’t...for some reason I still loved this bastard...I took the gun near my head and fired...

I started laughing...
The nurses looked at me as I fell laughing to the ground. Oh, ok – I haven’t killed them – yet...

(300 words)

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1603907-Sadness