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by RatDog
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What, you don't believe me? You think I'm makin' this up?
So I'm sittin' at the bar, sipping on my usual Stoli on the rocks.

And this hot little brunette walks in, about five foot four, tight white shorts and a tank top with titties out to here!

I can't believe my luck, she parks her sweet cheeks right down on the stool next to mine.

She looks over at me, and I think quick and say "You look like an angel, welcome to Earth."

And she laughs, and says "Your name must be Mickey 'cause you're so fine."

So I come back with "Are you religious? Cause you are the answer to all my prayers!"

And she says "Wanna make like fabric softeners and Snuggle?

Then I make a grab for her ass and say "I'm a Love Pirate, and I'm here for your booty! ARRGGHH! "

And she laughs and says "I'll be the Dairy Queen and you can be the Burger King: If you treat me right, you can have it your way."

So I say "You be the biscuits and I'll be the gravy, let's us do breakfast together!"

Then she smiles at me and says "Lets blow this Popsicle stand and go back to my place..."

So then we walk out together, hand in hand, you can guess the rest...

Aw, come on Steve! You expect me to believe that story?

I swear to God, Mark! That's exactly how it happened! Last Friday night, right after you left the bar!"

Chapter 1-1-5-1-3-1 in "Pass the Write-Baton
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1604094