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Rated: E · Lyrics · Philosophy · #1604411
The purgatorial moment of choice on the road of life..http://chazelounge.bandcamp.com
“The Long Last Look”

I’m a dangerous pill, maybe you shouldn’t swallow,
A hard living will, with a sheep dog’s wiles..
Like to run off-road, I can float or wallow,
I’ll carry this load for a thousand smiles…

Sam I am, I love green eggs and ham..
Baby I am just who I am..
Too old to change, and too young to die..
A runaway train, full of Spanish fly..
A stir-fried strange in a rhubarb pie..

I’m a half malt Scotch, aged a thousand years..
I’m the broken watch, that made time stop here..
I’m the drunken muse, of the new frontier..
The heckler in the pews screaming in your ear…

I’m a fatal flaw, a Nietzschean guru,
I’m the winter thaw, I’m gonna  melt you down...
I’m the Earth that shook, will you buy my voodoo?
I’m the long last look, on the edge of town..
I’m the long last look, from the edge of town..

I’m the door you closed, without a knock knock joke..
I’m the wilted rose, I’m the heart you broke..
I’m the walls that fall, I’m the lost not found..
Heard the Piper’s call, follow that sound..

I’m the greater good, and I want retribution..
I’m the Robin Hood, who’s gonna take your crown..
I’m a step beyond, I’m a revolution..
I’m the tragic blonde, I’m the turn around..
I’m the last long look from the edge of town..
The long last look, from the edge of town…

Stir-fried strange, the pied piper drowned..
Stir-fried strange..  love a funeral clown..
Stir-fried strange.. won’t you follow me down,
For one last look, from the edge of town..
A long last look, from the edge of town…

Copyright 2008  Chaze Lounge
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