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by Jennyj
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Sunrise Assignment Four,1 & 2


light blue--smell
light green--taste

1. My tinysleek cat Ripley must have swallowed a trumpet when she was born; we can follow her voice from anywhere in the house! Her favorite treat is fish-flavored snacks--their giant scent is a GUARANTEE that we will NOT eat her treats! Much to my HORROR, I absentmindedly }ate a crumb of my supper that I found in my lap; after the first chew, I discovered that it was a fragment of cat treat from when I was bribing the cats Blech!!
If I had been paying any attention at all, I should have known that Little Debbie snack cakes, while they are indeed brown just like the cat treats, they don't smell like tunafish!Thank God, they don't TASTE like it either! Ripley was the tinyruntof her small litter; the only other survivor was ENORMOUSTipton, who is at least three times her size! When they play-fight, he usually wins by stretching out on her; at that point, we can no longer even tell that she is there, and the game is over!Her voice is at least three times louder than his, what with the trumpet thing and all, so she out-yells him every time! He got the girth and looks; she got the lungs and long legs in that family!! Because ALL of the bedhead cats are related in some way, and have grown up together, they all look somewhat alike and tend to think nothing of inflicting ROUGH baths on each other without warning!! That is not a normal cat trait, except among litter-mates. The bed-heads really aren't technically litter-mates (only Ripley ans Tipton are actually from the same litter) but they have all been together since they each were very young; hence the family behavior!

Assignment 2:
Mommycat, from a REAL cat's perspective!

I am Pumpkin Pie, one of the KitchenCats (not to be confused with the five Bedheads, who are all stuck in the bedroom!) The two of us KitchenCats have free run of most of the rest of the house!

Jennyj is our human mommycat. She is pretty nice, especially when she pets me, rubs my tummy,feeds me{lgreen) tuna juice{;c}--I can usually tell when she's opening a can by the grinding and clicking of the manual can opener and the squeaking and turning of the lazy-susan can storer, or the intoxicating stench of the wonderful juice itself!! On really trying days, she SINGS; I could do without that!!Other unpleasant events are when she washes her in the sink or watches TV. One gets me wet, the other keeps me awake--and we all know that I have to get 20 hours of sleep each day to be my beautiful calico self, right??

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