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by Jaiam
Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #1605120
Written for the prompt "Harvest Moon" inspired by the song of that title.
Digital image - Harvest Moon


You wanted me, as I did you,
As we danced beneath
Our Harvest Moon,
Those many years ago.

Me, I called you beautiful.
You, you shyly smiled, and said
You wished you were.
And I thought in that moment,
“I will always love her,” and
Was the happiest of men.
Then, I pulled you close, and we
Danced till the morning came, and
Our Harvest Moon faded away.

We married, you and I.
And as the years passed by, blessings flowed.
Our children; our home; and you my love; and to
Me by far, you were and are, the greatest gift of all.

For every day you grow more beautiful.
Yet, every time I tell you so,
You shyly smile and say
You wish you were.
It makes me love you all the more.
And I can't wait to
Dance with you again,
Like we did so long ago,
Beneath that moon of ours.

Some say we are growing old now.
But, I don’t see it - not at all!
To me, you are more lovely to my eyes, than you
Were that first night, so long ago, when we danced
In the moonlight's glow, and wanted each other - so!

And I, I still need you, and am still the happiest of men.
And you, you have never been more beautiful to me my love,
Than you are right now, as we are dancing this night
Away, and feeling like we are young again,
Beneath - our Harvest Moon.

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