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by Ms.A
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my take on marriage
There comes a time in life when thoughts of marriage,a husband,kids,settling down..looking after a family.. is supposed to sort of enter your mind..float about a bit n then finally rest firmly making u want all those things.Now when exactly do u know if its the right time for the floating to stop and the resting to start?

I personally have got nothing against marriage..My friends freak out at the mere mention of it.Somehow i think of it as yet another new thing that i get into without thinking twice bout it and probably end up regretting it.But then thats how pretty much everything else have been so far.So how can this be different?

What i've seen of married people's lives..well its not alwayz rosy i know.And i probably would'nt be able to handle it..but still..i think i wana get married more outta mere curiousity than anythin else.its like..have u ever like really badly wanted a dog..even though u know how difficult it is to take care of it n feed it n stuff?And then when u finally get your dog..the chances r a)it bites u..and u hate it.. and u realised how u shud've listened to everyone or b)it pisses on u and gets on ur nerves and u realise how u shud've listened to everyone ,but u still learn to love it...or whateva(except wen it pees on u)

i mean absolutely no offence to husbands around the world..just this is how i have it worked out in my head...

Apparently,half my classmates from school are already married, half married(engaged) or have kids (dunt even go there!).I don't have a problem with this.I'm actually even a lil proud that I'm still the single chick seeking higher worldy wisdom..(uh yeah rite) But seriously, there is this thing bout being the one of the few unmarried ones.There are so many things i wanna do before i get married.I was checking out this friend's album on facebook.I hardly talk to her but i luv snooping bout her albums checking out what she's up to now... no i'm not a web stalker...though it seems like i am.though i've alwayz thought the idea of having a stalker would b kinda cool.I mean imagine..someone thaaat obsessed wit lil ol' me...*sigh* i dunt even have a stalker...um anywayz..bout that girl..

She's got this fast wild crazy lifestyle...Part of me badly wants that kinda life.to have fun.the CRAAAAAAZZZYY way..part of me knows i probably would'nt be able to handle that sorta life is happy with the tame life that i lead now.I forgot why i mentioned this now.maybe to make the point that..although i'm not one of those "cool" single people livin' d big life...i'm still single n thats good enuff.n mayb cool in a mediocre sense. *Wink*

So everyone is kinda goin crazy tryin to get me all married..and i'm not too worried bout it cos i know its gona take me a loooong looong time to find the rite guy..probably rite up to the point where people just stop expecting me to marry.

And the deal with arranged marriages is crazy.I'm through lookin for love...not sayin i dunt believe in true love and destiny n all.Sure,i'm sure the ONE for me is out there.Probably won't find him this time.Cos I've looked this long.N if he doesnt wanna show up now also then its his problem.He's the one whose missing out.you here that??You can just keep hiding out there whereva..cos i dunt give a damn.I'VE STOP LOOKING!!LOSER!ok so maybe its just me whose the sore loser.

I can settle for the not-really-d-one-but-not-too-bad-looking ONE too.

Apart from goodlooking, I 'd really like the dude to be one hell of a responsible guy.do boring stuff like..go to the bank,do paperwork,get my visa renewed n stuff that are really important but really boring and i really would'nt wana be bothered with.I can do stuff like take the dog for a walk, get the grocery (just go by mum's list), water the garden..no cancel that..too boring..cant handle a garden n worms n stuff.blah.Not saying I can't do the important stuff.I can.I have been doin it.My dad has tried to make me as independant as possible.i have gone to the bank and done paperwork and got bored outa my brains.Just don't like it.I should find a guy who actually likes doing all dat.if thats even possible.

Its crazy how normal traditional Indian parents won't let their girls date..because..well 'u can't go out with someone u hardly know"..or rather.."i know that boy..he's up to no good..trust me..i m ur parent.i know best."..but then years later..when they're gettin ready to get their daughter hitched..its the same scenario..they hardly know the guy..literally a stranger.and they want u to spend your whole life with him.he could chop u up with an axe on the very first nite..how wud they know???how is this rite and that wrong?its all the same!!noone really knows anyone either wayz.people change every second.who knowz what cud happen the next second..its like this deep dark hole...u just gota jump into it.u got nooo idea wat cud be in there.u think u've got a grip on somethin so u won't hurt urself..but u never know when its gona give away and come down with u.i know i m bein all super negative.but thats all that goes on in my head...i'm like Eeyore...can't help it..

ok my feet are being literally eaten into by giant mosqitos..so I'm gona go.Wish me luck on the guy hunt..or rather..wish all the guyz out there luck...they're the ones gone b stuck with Depression Hotline 24/7.Oh well! datz life,ain't it!

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