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In order to get what you want you need to work for it.
                                          Everything and More!

Theme: Always getting want you want.

Setting: 90210 California, In Beverly Hills.

Conflict: Brianna wants to be independent and free, like simply getting a job to support her self. She wants to prove to others that she doesn’t need her parents for everything.

Resolution: Brianna gets a job and makes her own hard working money for herself.

Character: Brianna Christopher, Judy Christopher, Gloria Christopher and Matthew Christopher.

Person: 2nd Person

                  Everything fabulous usually happens in the world known zip code 90210. Being Rich is the main requirement of having a happy and fulfilled life. Gloria Christopher and her husband Matthew Christopher opened their 5 star restaurant business franchise in 1985. Money is no question when it comes to their family. Their two children Brianna and Judy are very different in personality but love each other dearly. 15 year old Brianna is more of a free spirit, who’s all about doing things for herself and knowing the difference between needs and wants. 17 year old Judy just wants it all! Because of the fortune her family has, she gets everything she wants.

                  “Did you hear about shay’s party” Judy screamed out with the wind in her hair as she drove Brianna and herself to school in their convertible. “I don’t know…I have a project” Brianna says frustrated because of the fact that Judy was breaking the speed limit. “Were gonna get pulled over if you don’t slow down!” Brianna continued. “Relax… your disturbing the driver” Judy said then blasts the music.  Judy and Brianna were late for school; as usual Brianna hurry’s ignoring her distractions to get to class, while Judy stops at the school’s café to grab breakfast which she never eats at home. “For our class trip this year we’ll be going to Asia! Japan to be exact...” Judy’s teacher said excitingly to their homeroom. “A small fee of $3390 with first class” she continued. “Oh…Brianna I don’t think I’m gonna be able to make this one” Brianna’s best friend Taylor said sadly. “Wait what! Are you serious…Why?” Brianna exclaimed. “Remember my dad’s business hit bankruptcy last week. They’ve been repossessing our stuff ever since” Taylor said sadly. “Oh yeah that’s right...” Brianna sympathized.  “But I know your gonna go, money is no question for your family.” Taylor said annoyed. “What’s that’s suppose to mean" Brianna questioned. “It means what I said…Everything you want you always get and you know it!” Taylor said then moved to another seat.

                This whole dispute brought Brianna to realize that she doesn’t like the feeling of always having to depend on her parents for everything. Some 15 year old teens like her have jobs to help support themselves and family’s while she gets everything handed to her. So Brianna decides that she’s going to work hard on her own to make the $3390. “Are you crazy? Why get a job when you could just ask mom and dad?” Judy said while sitting next to Brianna getting their weekly manicure “Life is definitely too easy for us. By the time mom and dad are gone we wouldn’t even know how to survive on our own. We ask for everything and we get it! So I’m going to get a job and prove to Taylor that I don’t depend on others for my needs” Brianna said feeling happy with herself. Brianna later explained to her parents that she didn’t want them to supply her with the money, which they didn’t understand but figured she was simply just growing up. Gloria & Matthew knew she wouldn’t be able to do this task, so they paid the whole amount of money secretly to her teacher. Judy was very supporting with her sister’s decision, but still didn’t think what her sister was doing was necessary. “Ooh look, help wanted!” Judy said while strolling in the mall. She continued “Forever 21...they look like they pay a lot” “You’re right, you think I should apply?” Brianna questioned. “Duh the faster we could get out of here… who shops in mall when you have internet and credit cards?” Judy said while rolling her eyes. Brianna filled out the application and then received a call the next day saying she got the job. “Work was so ugh! Guess who I caught shop lifting!” Brianna said as she flopped down on Judy’s bed. “Who?” Judy said sounding uninterested. “Taylor! I didn’t know her situation was that bad…” Brianna said pitiful. “Ha! Well she’s your friend” Judy said while scanning the magazine. “Ex-Friend let’s get that straight. But I feel so bad... We go way back and I didn’t know this whole bankruptcy thing was so bad. “Why do you sound like you’re feeling sorry for her?” Judy said disturbed. “Because I do...”  Brianna said before letting Judy finishing her sentence. “Wow, Taylor stops talking to you simply because she was jealous and you feel sorry for her...please.” Judy said while guiding Brianna out her room.

                “The trip is 3 weeks from now and I only made $1200.” Brianna said depressed “You know you could just ask mom and dad right?” Judy said while relaxing in the Jacuzzi with Brianna. “Yeah, but we both know they’re gonna say I told you so! And I’m not up for that. How about I borrow it from you? I’ll pay you back as soon as I make the difference.”Brianna said. “Gee, I don’ know… Between the credit card bills and the new fall line coming out, I don’t know if I’ll have money to spear. Wait that was very stupid of me… I could just get it from dad! Yeah you could have the money” Judy said getting out of the Jacuzzi heading for her purse. Brianna was mildly disappointed with herself because she wanted to make the money on her own; but she was going to pay Judy back with her job so she didn’t let it bother her.

                It was time for everyone to pay for their trip. Brianna got up and gave the money to the teacher and said loudly enough for Taylor to hear “I earned it all on my own!” “Why are you buying 2 tickets?” The teacher said confused. “What do you mean?” Brianna questioned.  “Your parents paid a while back for your trip, and now you’re giving me money for a next ticket” The teacher replied. Brianna couldn’t believe her parents would have done something like this. Immediately she text Judy and told her what was up. Judy replied saying “That’s so wrong… but don’t worry about it, you know mom and dad are like that.” What Judy said really helped Brianna but she didn’t know what she was going to do with a whole other ticket. At that point she remembered the person who was always there for her when she was troubled, that was Taylor. “The ticket I just paid put it under Taylor’s name, keep it anonymous” Brianna whispered to the teacher. After everyone was done paying the teacher announced “Taylor someone anonymously paid for your ticket, so you’ll be able to come to Japan with us”

                Taylor never found out who paid for her ticket, and never tried to find out. Brianna and Taylor never talked again. Months after the Japan trip something happened that was so shocking to the world, the Christopher’s franchise went in bankruptcy. This was really hard on the family. Judy and Brianna now understood what Taylor was going through. They were now normal like every average family, because they lost most of their valuable possessions close to their heart. Judy now regrets her being lazy and not trying to make a living with all the time she lost. She now recognizes that the job Brianna has helps her a lot, and she should’ve got one a long time ago. Gloria and Matthew regret’s spoiling their kids and spending money very loosely. When they could have saved for emergency purposes, but they didn’t, so now they have nothing. Brianna loves her Job because she is getting the money she worked for and is not depending on anyone for anything.

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