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There's murder afoot.

The Ballad of the Evil Mariner.

A story’s told
from the days of old
of a sailor’s wicked deeds.

When he came ashore
he would find a whore
to fulfil his lusty needs.

As his needs were filled
the poor girl was killed
so he would not have to pay.

When the corpse was found
he was not around
‘cause his ship had sailed away.

Four months had passed,
he came back at last
to find another pro’.

Like the times before
no one cared for the whore
whom he killed four months ago.

With his gun on show
and a knife hung low
which was clipped to the side of his belt.

When he had his way
she would want him to pay;
it would be the knife she felt.

He searched away,
on a hunt for his prey,
his desire he had to quench.

In a quayside inn,
consuming gin,
sat a buxom, smiling, wench.

Thinking she’s the same
and she’s on the game
he looked at her and said.

Could I be so bold
to give you some gold
if you’ll take me to your bed.

I’ve a bed kind sir,
but I would prefer
to go out to the rear of the inn.

Then his evil eyes
checked her bust and thighs;
let the lust and the killing begin.

To the rear they went
where she would be sent
to heaven and then to hell.

But she’d like to own
the gun he’d shown
and she liked his watch as well.

He undid the clip
so the knife could slip
to her throat when he was through.

Though before he’d kill
he would need the thrill
of the things which they could do.

But he fell down dead
with a spike in his head
long before he could get his fun.

The girl slipped away
with his four months pay
and his knife and his watch and his gun.

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