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Wishing my autistic son could tell me how he feels and his wants.
If You Could Only Tell

Sometimes I just sit and watch you play,
at the park on a hot summer's day.
I hear other children scream and yell
and wish secretly that you could only tell.

If you could tell I would give anything,
my money, my car, my wedding ring.
"I want strawberry ice cream!", a child hollers.
If you could only tell me your favorite color.

The words you can speak, it's not that,
autism you have and the ability you lack.
It takes away some functions of your brain
and gives confusion, where you're not able to give your name.

All  the things that you know, you are so smart.
If you could only tell, it breaks my heart.
The fact that I know all to well,
is that you may never be able to tell.

The way it effects you can't be explained,
how it takes away your words, to make it a game.
Sometimes I want to scream and yell
but it's not your fault that you can't tell.
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