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Using pool safety cover to alleviate drowning, major cause of children death
Having a child is a wonderful part in making your own family. Followed by building your dream house to live in. Upon picturing these, you'd say your life is perfect. But in some circumstances, your child might be in danger inside of your own home. Especially when owning a swimming. To ensure your child's safety, you may use http://www.cheappoolproducts.com|pool|pool safety cover}.
According to a research, <a href=”http://www.choa.org/Menus/Documents/Aboutus/OnlineNewsroom/PoolSafetyTips.pdf">drowning is the major cause of child's death</a> in America. Typically, ages one to four years old are prone to drowning. There are different factors why children drown in swimming pool:
<li>Inflatable malfunction (e.g., accidental slip on the float.)
<li>Playing overmuch.
<li>Adult's failure to watch them while swimming.
<li>Security failure.
In some parts of the country, their municipal office requires residential pool owners to <a href=”http://www.essortment.com/family/swimmingpoolsa_szvo.htm">install safety pool equipments</a>. Aside from these safety pool covers, owners are using sturdy fence, pool gates, and  others. Sadly, these fences are not enough to guard your child. Although equipped with locks, children can go inside your pool by climbing.
Using safety pool covers are mostly recommended by the owners. When planning to buy a pool cover, make sure you have your set of criteria to follow. These include getting the right size, choosing right material, safe and easy installation process, and even your budget.
To give you an idea, here are three types of safety pools covers:<br>
<li>Mesh pool cover – This cover will not only protect your child from pool mishaps. This specialized cover is also made to stop all the falling debris in your pool. Mesh cover has holes and rain can pass through it. No water will form on the cover surface.<br>
<li>Solid pool cover – This cover is latched to the pool deck with the use of anchors. Solid pool cover is recommended to areas with high precipitation.<br>
<li>Automatic pool cover – Owner uses a key to control the function of this cover. Upon installing this, you must have space for assembly pit on your deck. This can be the strongest cover, but installation cost is relatively high.<br></ul>
Parents must prioritize their child's safety when installing a swimming pool. This man-made body of water may complete the package of your dream house, but your child's safety is compromised. The mentioned pool covers above are guaranteed child-friendly.
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