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Yuki, Seventeen, Clio, Iowa
Living like this was scary. Having no home, wandering from street to street, and having to sleep in old abandoned homes. If this wasn’t hell then I don’t know what is anymore.

During the time from when Yuki was five years old she was on her own. Of course she was in the foster program but even a seven year old knows when it’s time to go. So since that faithful winter night when the seven year old brown haired girl set off on her own, It had stared. Her journey as Yuki against the world.

She had never had anywhere to go nor did she even know who her family was but if it was one thing she had it was a strong will and enough strength to make it on her own. As the years pasted going from winter to spring to summer and finally to fall before the cycle of the seasons started over again she had been traveling. She never knew where she was going or where she would ended up she just let her feet choose the directions. Each town she ended up at became her temporary home for a week or so enough time for her to rest, steal some food and clothes from baskets while the people weren’t looking and then after she was full, warm and ready to go she set out again. She had been to many cities and towns so many she had stopped counting.

Now as the seventeen year old brown haired girl, standing at 5’6, average weight and with a healthy mind she has found herself in a small town country side where farmers lived and everything seemed like utopia. It was late spring and the summer heat was setting in with a nice sunny afternoon.

Yuki stepped swiftly down the side walk hanging onto her backpack with her head held high as she looked around. The town was small enough that when a new person was in town even if it was only for a few seconds everyone knew. She ignored the stares well actually she didn’t even notice them seeing she was too busy looking around at the stores enjoying the fresh clean air that was better than when she was in the last city which had smog mixed in the air this had to be way better. She sat down in the nearest bench feeling the warmth I had collected all day from the sun. She smiled digging into her bag pulling out some food she had just bought with the rest of the money she stole from some city person in the other town over, They were too busy talking on their phone to even notice their jacket pocket being dug threw and their wallet being taken out before being placed back just with all their money gone. She opened the egg salad biting into it with the plastic spooned that came with it. That’s when she noticed some teenagers across the street watching her, she stared back before arching a brow finding it odd to see people her size and look her age but then again she never talked to anyone unless she had to. She shook his head forgetting them as she finished her food threw away the container but kept the spoon thinking it might be useful later on. She packed her stuff up and started off looking for at least a decent house that was vacant to sleep in for tonight, If she could find one now then she could sneak in tonight and get settled in.

She found on eventually which it was a nice house two stories which was good cause if she was caught she had plenty of places to hid or escape from. Remembering the address she headed around the corner into a alley and sat down to wait for night fall.

“Your that new girl right?” A soft female voice asked causing Yuki to looked to her right deeper into the alley to find a girl looking at her. The girl had hair like Yuki only lighter and way longer at least to the middle of her back if it wasn’t in a pony tail. Her eyes were a light baby blue and she had to be at least 5’4 if not Yuki’s same height but since Yuki was sitting down it was hard to tell. Yuki watched the girl for a moment before slowly nodded guessing it was better to go along and see what rumors was stirring up. The girl smiled, the type of smile that could make the most upset, angry person in the world smile back. So of course Yuki smiled back just not as happily.

The girl got to Yuki’s level holding out her hand “I’m Terra” She said in a cheery voice like she had just been voted homecoming queen, not that Yuki knew what that was like. Yuki looked at her hand before lightly grabbing it and shook copying what she saw in big cities when two business men met up for a meeting “Yuki” She said lightly in a kind of shy tone, She wasn’t much for talking since no one really talked to her. Terra sat next to Yuki pretty close, Close enough to make Yuki scoot away slightly but Terra didn’t seem to notice at all in fact she just started talking "So where are you from Yuki?" She asked smiling (As usual) looking at Yuki with her baby blue eyes, Yuki cringe but tried to keep it unnoticeable. So she told the truth just not so detailed "Many place. I move around a lot" She answered putting the past part is better words so if she was lucky Terra would ask something else which she was lucky except for "You?" She started "What about your family?". Yuki's blood ran cold, Was this girl some kind of secret FBI agent tracking her cause right then this girl seemed to asking all the right questions. Yuki quickly thought of a way to bullshit her ass out of this situation "I filed for adulthood and moved out" She answered mentally giving herself a award for smartest answer which was kind of true she did move out when she was seven and she was a adult I mean she was living on her own taking care of herself the only thing that was saying she was wrong was the fact if wasn't legalized and I mean she was seven at the time would you honestly think they'd give adulthood to a child granted she was smarter than the average kid but still and even now though she is seventeen she's labeled as a runaway but since it has been so long they probably just guessed she was dead somewhere and even if she was to file she'd be dragged back to the foster program and in a shit load of trouble for running off in the first place and that wouldn't suit well on her half.

Yuki felt Terra's eyes on her as Yuki looked around seeing if anyone else was watching. She looked back at Terra before arching a brow slightly "Is that all you wanted?" She asked softly keeping her voice soft, Though she wasn't use to talking to others doesn't mean she exactly hated it. She had to admit it was kind of nice having some human contact. Terra shrugged "I guess. You just seemed lonely so I wanted to come over and say 'Hi' after all so many people are talking about 'The mystery girl' that I was kind of curious" she said tilting her head slightly still with that classic smile painted on her soft angel-like face. Yuki softly shook her head hearing already her nickname for a week till she vanished in thin air and was never saw again well till she either died or rounded her trail again though it was highly doubtful since there were still so many towns and cities she had yet to visit. She stared at the girl wondering why she was still there "Anything else?" She asked a glare urging forward but she ignored it "Well no but can I keep you company that's if you don't mind" Terra smiled warmly almost like a child in a toy store "No I guess not" Yuki answered.

Author's Note: I'll be adding more to this right now I'm in the process of still making this Chapter and when this Chapter is over I'll be sure to give a estimate of when the second Chapter will be finished.
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