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by Eraser
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Story based in the future, about a girl trying to survive.
The year is 3002,

Things are pretty regular for me at least, well for us the world..

This may come as know shock to you but we're run by corporation, who knew that humanity would be to stupid not to see that we were always run by them but they had puppets. Puppets they decided to cast aside, many people fought it, Millions of people lost their lives leaving commerical companies like Pepsi, McDonalds and Coke could control us. It's not as bad as you think though, at least it wasn't until a man named David Hilroy was brough into our world. He was born in 2789 and had a vision by the time he hit 17, a vision to "fix" us. His father already being our ruler, It wasn't hard for him all he had to do was wait. By the time it was 3900 he had a huge army funded by these corporations with weapons they spent years and years designing, weapons that we couldn't fit and one by one killed off the people that had "disfunctions" as he called them. Blacks, mixed races, indians, spanish people all killed off. We now worship one religion Scientology, which i recently found out according to people back in the 2000's thought was a profit organization.Duh. Not only were they killed off he promised to help us create the perfect DNA for our children and our childrens children, at least that's what my mother told her before they killed her. Now a days its so much easier to get rid of someone, like their an old dirty toy that needs to get burned. Nobody dares to ask questions or question it, people like my mother. People who do ask questions are the ones who get destroyed, or "erased"as they call it. There are no gays, no crime, money is never a problem. Perfect life right?

Not for some off us, those who's DNA wasn't perfectly engineered.No one knows how it happened, perhaps they never checked well enough when our mothers went for their check up or maybe the doctor didn't care. There are Some who still are homosexual or are a bit mixed, the sad part is it's easier to hide if your mixed then if your gay. Now there are no people of the same gender who will look at you twice. An upside is all of us are smart though, that came with our flaws smarter then the people without them anyway. Many of us have killed ourselves because before seeing the good in life, they see only the flaw. It's never reported by the media anymore, there is no media. Hilroy saw to that it's only us who question it, us who try to seek answers and talk to the right people who know and pretend that we don't. Now that it's the year 3002. I started to give up on ever being happy, forced to have long hair, look feminie. We're not allowed to be unique, if we're caught we're erased. So here I am on New Years eve, age 17 just like Hilroy alone.

Kate sighed discontinuing her thoughts, she was far to miserable to continue them.

"Kate?" she heard a mans voice call out to her "Kate?"

Yet for some reason he body wouldn't let her answer, her mind was wandering.

"Kate?" It had gotten louder and she was suddenly snapped back by the feeling of a hand on her arm.

"Huh?" she said turning back to see her boyfriend Rocky, the only reason she ever dated Rocky was because he was her best friend and had never tried anything besides kissing.

"Oh Rocky.." she said a smile now on her face "I'm sorry, I'm dizzy again... you know how I get sometimes."

"Come on Kat, It's almost New Years, It's 3003 baby!" he said pulling her arm as he let out a howl of pleasure running into the loft his parents on and grabbing to glasses of champaign. "Here!" he said handing one to her and gazing at the clock.

"3,2,1" Everyone in the party through there hands up in cheer " HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!" they chanted as Rocky lend over her pressing his lips against hers. She kissed him back briefly, just like she had always kissed everyone, except one person.

"Oh come on Kat!" he said frowning "Not even on New Years?" he pouted sadly.

which made her lean closer kissing him again briefly, his hands wrapping around her waist as she pulled away.

"Kate?" he said still a bit upset "I'm sorry Rocky, I'm sick."

"Your always sick Kate.. I don't mind" he gave her hand a squeeze "You know that."

"Rocky.. It's late.. I should get home." she said looking away from him " Patches probably misses me."

Rocky let out a soft sigh "Kat..."

That was his name for her when he was pleading, Kate was only for when he was angry or concerned.

"I'll see you tomorrow" she said softly as she walked past him and headed for the door.


"Patches?" Kate called out to the dark house but heard nothing but silence, the house was still from what she could see. It was pitch black with only a few lights shinning through. "Patches?" she called again taking off her shoes and walking towards her bedroom seeing a light on. She backed up and slowly reached for a pot, her fry pan she then walked back towards her room trying desperately to make no sound. All she could hear was her heart pounding in her chest and the muffled sound of the T.V. "H-Hello?" she called out but no one answered , by the time she hit her room she tried again. "Hello...?" she called in almost a whimpered whisper. "Anyone?" She leaned against the wall petrafied of what might be around that corner in her room, doing god knows what. "Mew" she jumped and stared down only to see her cat Patches rubbing himself against her "Oh Jesus" she whispered in an angry tone at the cat who was now staring up at her tentively, it's tail moving back and forth.

She swallowed and then opened the door and exclaimed " I HAVE A FRY PAN!" only to hear nothing but snoring. She had shut her eye's tight with all this excitement and then slowly opened them to see her older sister snoring on her pillow, she dropped it and relaxed "What the fuck." she hissed and walked over to her bed sitting down.

"Ang?" she called shaking her sister a bit, nothing.

"Angieee!?" she growled shaking her a bit more.
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