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How i learned a great lesson in life from my uneducated mother, god bless her.
John was the bully on our road, taller than most of us, spoiled rotten by his parents and also not doing too well at school. John would always have to be the first to have any new toy that came out and if not he would take ours from us.

Most days on the way to school he would copy my homework and this was getting me a few thumps as when i was wrong so was he. Eventually the teacher caught on and told us she knew one of us was copying and it better stop. I told my mother this and she told me to do two home works, in different copies, one with the right answers and one with wrong answers and let him copy the wrong one.

That was the last time he copied from me and even though i got a few thumps i still did'nt realise i was being bullied. I was only 7 after all.

Then came Christmas and as usual i had to tell him what i wanted from santa so he would get the same only better. Just before xmas my mother asked me would i like a two wheeler bike instead of the cowboy outfit i had asked for.

Now let me explain things a bit better. There was six children in the family and jam on bread was a great treat so the chance of getting a bike was like a dream. I was told to say nothing to anybody and be good and see what Santa brings me.

On xmas morning i awoke about six and there it was all red and shiny and gleaming all mine!!

I was to find out many years later that my Father had bought it second hand and fit new tyres and painted it late at night so nobody would see it.

So later on there was a knock at our door and there stood John in his cowboy outfit with two guns and a big grin on his stupid face. When i wheeled out my bike he went mad and started shouting at me.

Over the next few weeks he would knock me off the bike and ride away on it.Getting fed up with this i told my mother and she told me to come in when he started but i told her he would hit me again and he was bigger than me.

And then, dear reader, came the words of wisdom that where to shape my life.

Get something to hit him with, make it a fair fight.So when he trapped me in the alley i took out my chain and lock and beat him down to the ground.

Yes he was bleeding and crying but i escaped unhurt for a change.

I went in to my house and next thing John and his mother came knocking on our front door.

"Look what your boy has done to my John! " she said

"Well is'nt it about time he gave John  back some of his own medicine" and closed the door in her face.

Not a word did she say to me. I love my mother.

Poem to my mother:

                                    My Mother, God bless he i love her

                                      There will never be another, like my Mother
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