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A relationship gone awry.
Why don’t you get
that living one day more
to even the score
just's not worth it?

I’m tired, broken down bust,
not being rude it’s… just…
my tether’s spent
ripped apart in my crumpled  tent
left high and dry
betrayed by a guy
promising much
and delivering such
a painful raft of dreams
devoid of seams
replete with reams
of hollowed out schemes...

hastening cries
from bloodshot eyes,
suffering lust
for promised trust.

Empty now...
No fertile ground left to plow.
False hopes bestow
a barrenness of soul.

What’s that you say?
Today’s a new day?
Forget and forgive
determine to live?

What planet are you on?
A parched sunbaked pond?
You think I would pass
an ignominious ass
who one time too many
screwed that whore-filled Ginny
in our own bed...our own bed!
He's such an ignorant inbred!

Still...I do have pride (I’m not yet dead).
Maybe, just maybe, what you’ve said
has merit - a book well read?
Perhaps not advice to dread.

You're right. Yes, yes, you are so right!
Throw the switch and turn on the light.
Hit him high beam bright
and expose all sins hid from sight.
Give the devil his due.
Let him stew in his own stinking brew.
Walk away from it all, head held high and
Choose to live. To live!

Not to die!

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