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Another Veteran's Day salute from Oldwarrior

I stood upon the hill one day, looking down below,
I felt a presence standing near, my thoughts began to flow.

I know you’re standing near me Lord, your spirit I can feel,
a warm and gentle peace of mind, that tells me not to kneel.

"Look up in the sky above," I heard God softly say,
and as I did I saw a sight, that took my breath away.

Smiling down from far above, were thirty men or more,
these were friends and gentle souls, who lost their lives in war.

Tears of joy and happy smiles, were spread across each face,
these were men of many creeds, and every single race.

As I looked in rapturous joy, my heart was filled with pride,
for each and every one of them, I would myself have died.

"I will keep them close to me," the Lord then softly said,
"For in the house that God has built. they are never dead."

I watched in tranquil peace of mind, as the sky returned to blue,
I knew what God had shown to me, was wonderful and true.

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