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by Riot
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A poem about our personal struggles through infertility.
Quiet Yearning

When we were young and newly met,
our parents said, "Just wait.
Someday soon you'll have a son,
with all your biological traits."

"Right now is not the time you know,
with money being hard.
The world's a wreck and you're too young,
you'll have to stay on guard."

Every time we saved a dime
something would go wrong.
The savings account always ran low-
it seemed to take so long.

As time progressed slowly,
we stood on our own two feet.
We learned to take it slow and easy-
we walked to a different beat.

When early twenties finally hit,
we saw a change in friends.
Everyone paired off in couples
and we watched them all transcend.

Still childless we wandered through
our merely mediocre lives.
Always harboring our secret yearning
for that day you would arrive.

"When are you going to have children?"
Our parents would start to ask,
"You're settled down, and married now,
You're sure to be up to the task!"

"We want a baby grandchild,
we're not getting any younger..."
But little did they know or care
of our quiet, hurting, hunger.

So we tried real hard, to have you;
tried nearly everything in the book.
We exercised, stayed healthy,
and we even learned to cook.

Five years later, we're still trying
to conceive you, little bean.
We promise if you join us soon
that we'll never be obscene.

God has a purpose, we know this
but the pain still stabs inside.
Screwing on our smiles daily,
we're swallowing all our pride.

When all is said and done,
our broken hearts are still sad.
All we wanted to be, you see,
was your loving Mom and Dad.
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