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How strong is our bond? How do you feel?
A bond is created
when two people first meet,
and each can only guess
how strong.

So what about ours,
I urge to ask?
How can I know,
for sure?

I feel for you,
stronger than I should,
but I can't help it because
we instantly clicked.

No matter what I do,
I can't get you off my mind.
You're stuck there like a
fly in a spider's web.

If I ask how our bond is,
what would you say to me?
Are we friends, do you want more;
or what else can there be?

I've said how I feel,
and that's what I mean;
now, please, show me
how you feel.

I get so lost and confused,
not knowing these things,
so there is nothing else
that I can do but write,
and hopefully you'll answer.

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