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Saluting the Angels around us.
         My friend and neighbor just died. She was in the hospital, helping her husband after his double stroke. She gave of herself to everyone. She made sure her neighbors had food and clothing. She was there whenever anyone in her husbands family were sick. She never knew a stranger.

         Her life, previous to our  meeting was very abusive. Her ex-husband beat her repetatively, and her family had disowned her. Her children had almost completely turned their back on her. Regardless of why they chose to do that, she was a gentle giving woman.

         She befriended someone who was at the hospital. This was her nature. This person took advantage of it and began stealing from her. First, it was cash. This progressed to her husband's watch and his wallet. By the time everything was over, this woman had killed my friend in her husband's hospital room. She was arrested with all the evidence on her.

         It is hard to get my mind around such selfishness and greed. But what is worse is dealing with the loss of this angel of mercy. I will not be able to sit here working and watch her take out her trash, or waiting on the bus so she can go to the store. I will not see her bring stuff home from the dollar store for bingo prizes on Thursday mornings. Her voice is floating away on the winds of time.

         Her brother-in-law is still here. We have reflected on her gentleness and giving heart. I miss her. Everyone who really knew her misses her.
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