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Rated: E · Prose · Satire · #1607403
about what I would do.....if only
If only
I could be like superman
I'd fly to the moon and back again
I'd build a better place to call home
and stop all the anger and lies
my power would keep man from hurting each other
for money and power to reign
I'd use my x-ray vision to find where you hide
and with my heat vision burn all your weapons of war
to build a huge keeper for crimes
you may as well hold kryptonite to my body
cause there's not much that I can do

If only
I could be like the Pope
I'd gather the leaders of the world
lock them up in one of my rooms
and let the smoke signal a selection for peace
I'd teach them about love and humanity
I'd talk about harmony and the air we breath
and then I'd sell all the treasures I keep
and use the money to buy all their arms
and put them on a ship to deep space
a task that seems impossible
cause really
there's not much that I can do

If only
I had talent like the King of Pop
I'd call on the children of the world
we'd dance for the kings and the queens
we'd sing about friendship and trust
and hope royalty would look to the future
and believe that children hold the answers for the world
it may be hard to imagine
and there's not much that I can do

If only
I had the riches of Mr. Bill Gates
I'd use it to buy food for the needy
and children would go to bed with a bellyache
I'd make sure they had a place to call home
and make sure they all finished school
the elders would have something to do
and not worry about much with their time
cause all they will need would be there
and I'm sorry
there's not much that I can do

Life here on earth is not easy
we seem to wait to late to make changes
invent things we don't need that hurt us
dispute over dirt that is not ours
fight over silly things just to be the One
lie, cheat, and depend on money for all things
point fingers at others not like us
and abuse power when given
it's always
nice to dream when you go to bed
dream of the good things that you have
dream of all the things that you can do
dream of all the things that you can be
dream of all the good changes you can make
If only
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