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Rated: E · Preface · Tragedy · #1607456
Hana must search for her best friend in a world she hasn't seen in years.
         "He's not here." I sighed. Lane had been ill for the past week. He was missing my big debut. Usually he's down on the ground cheering me on, and checking to make sure everything is safe of course.
         It's alright. I told myself, He'll still watch me when we go to the next city. I cheerfully climbed up the ladder to the platform. He would want me to be happy! With that last thought, I sprang off the platform.
         "There she is ladies and gentlemen!" The announcer yelled, "Child prodigy at only twelve years old! Hana Shiromano!"
         As I came off the second bar I caught a glimpse of someone directly below me: Lane. He had come!
         This has to be the best day of my life!
         While still keeping my eyes on Lane, I reached for the next bar. I felt nothing. I snapped my head back just in time to see the bar, which I was supposed to catch, sail right over my head. I desperately tried to grab onto anything within reach. But it was useless. I felt myself falling. I heard the crowd gasp. A sharp pain engulfed my body. Suddenly everything around me went black. Many voices were calling my name, but I could only recognize Lane's. Then, even the voices faded.

         My eyes blinked open to a bright light. I looked around. I was in a hospital room. There were balloons encircling my bed with 'Happy 16th Birthday!' printed on them. A nurse walked into the room. She took a step back, astonished.
         "Such a miracle..." she said, her voice trailing off.
         "Wh-what's going on? Where am I?"
         The nurse gave me a sympathetic look. I tried to recall what happened to me. My last moments then flooded into my head.
         I nearly jumped out of my bed. "Lane! Where is he??"
         "Lane? Lane... Rohei?
         "Yes!" I begged, "Is he here?"
         "As far as I know," the nurse said regretfully, "No one has seen him in four years."
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