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Rated: 13+ · Preface · Fantasy · #1607469
Brother and sister must work together to hide their friend's secret.
Aqua Moon
         Yue stepped off the bus, into the sun. Her long, wavy golden hair ruffled in the breeze. The ends of her hair were a deep brown, despite the rest being blonde. Her white and pink sundress formed perfectly around her body.
         "This... is where we will stay?" She was looking up at a hotel with palm trees surrounding the entrance. In the distance, the ocean's waves shone brilliantly.
         "It's awesome!" yelled a boy with reddish brown hair. A girl with the same shade of hair as the boy turnd toward Yue.
         "I am so pumped for the class trip! What about you, Yue?"
         Yue didn't respond. She simply walked away, in the direction of the hotel.
         "Go ahead and walk away!" the boy with the reddish brown hair called after her. "You have such a gloomy attitude, even when people are being nice to you! Maybe you should just go drown in the ocean!"
         "Ryo, stop it!" said the boy's twin; the one with the same hair color. "You're being mean!"
         "So? She's mean to you all the time, Rao!"
         The girl called Rao glanced back over her shoulder. Yue was gone.

         "Rao... Wake up."
         Rao blinked her eyes open to her teacher standing over her, a worried expression on her face.
         "Do you know where Yue went off to? Nobody can find her."
         Rao looked over to the other bed. Yue was her roomate, but the bed was empty.
         "What?!" She shot up out of her bed. "Yue is missing?!"
         "Yes..." the teacher replied "Do you know of any place she might be?"
         Rao thought back. Where could Yue be? Then she remembered what Ryo said to her. "Oh no...." She got up and ran out the door.
         "Where are you going?" asked the teacher.
         "To the boys room."

         Rao stormed down the hallway until she found the right room and threw the door open. "RYO!"
         "Ah crap, what now?" Ryo was just coming out of the bath.
         "You told Yue to go drown, and she did!"
         "Wh...what?" his eyes squinted in confusion.
         "No one knows where she is. She probably wandered off into the ocean and commited suicide or something! You idiot!"
         "Uh... I think you're jumping to conclusions. What if she just got lost?"
         "Oh..." Rao didn't think about that possibility. "Well, if that's the case... We have to go find her! C'mon Ryo!"
         "Jeez... Why do I have to go too?"

         Rao and Ryo stumbled on rocks around the base of a cliff. Yue could be anywhere. They had to make sure she was safe.
         "Are you positive she's around here?" asked Rao.
         "No, but we gotta check to see if there's any bodies floating on the surface."
         "Ew, Ryo! Don't say things like that!"
         They came to a secluded place in the rocks where there was just enough room for about four people to sit comfortably. Just off the small shoreline, stood a girl with blonde and brown hair. She appeared to be naked in the freezing water, with only her hair covering her. The twins stopped behind a big rock.
         "Hey... is that Yue?"
         "I think so." said Rao "Hey Yu-"
         "Wait" Ryo whispered. "I think she's doing something."
         Yue dunked underwater, quickly. Bubbles surfaced.
         "Omigod! Ryo, if we don't do anything, something could happen to her!" Rao screamed.
         Immediately, a creature bursted from the water. It's tail was that of a fish. Light pink scales seemed to shimmer. The creature's body was human, with long, wavy blonde and pink hair growing from it's head. Water droplets sparkled in the moonlight. It was beautiful.
         Ryo stared in disbelief. "S-she's..."
         "A mermaid." Rao finished.
         Yue was a mermaid.
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