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A true story of part of my childhood-gender changed.
We finally had a meal today, it’s been three days or more,
our daddy takes us everywhere, except the grocery store.

Beer and smokes is all I need, we often hear him say,
a little food for us to eat, is all I ask and pray.

Little Jim and baby Bob, have no milk or bread,
but our cupboard’s full of smelly beer, for Mom and Uncle Fred.

I ask you Jesus from my heart, to send some food and cheer,
and not another box of rum, or stinky smelly beer.

We try and go to school each day, for us it’s quite a deal,
because we know that most of all, we’ll have our only meal.

The kids at school are mean to us, and call us nasty names,
they say we’re trash and other things, and ban us from their games.

Sister Sue is very sick, they say that she may die,
I hear her stomach growl at night, and I really want to cry.

I was bad the other day, while walking through the store,
I stole a can of pork and beans, and ran right through the door.

For sister Sue I told myself, to help and make her heal,
to save her life and make her right, I would beg or steal.

Christmas is near and all we have, is another empty plate,
Our parents tell us that’s too bad, they call it rotten fate.

In my prayers to God each night, I ask for food or money,
or to take us up to heaven, to the land of milk and honey.

Christmas is a time of sharing & caring!
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