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This is the story of my MESSED up life. Its no fairy tail, but its the cold hard truth.
          Hi. My name is Ske Hoftender. And im writing this to tell EVERYONE my life story. Something that is every hard for me to do, but that needs to be done. Theres things that went on in my life that no one knew about. Things that they should have noticed, but didn't. Something that I wanted to scream to the world, but was to afraid to. So now im telling the world because i knowe that I have to. So here goes.
    Ever since I could understand things i knew that my mom was diferent. The way she acted, was just not like other moms. I would go to my friends house and there moms were so involved, worrying about what we were doing, if it was safe. And the way they acted towards there kids, with so much affection. And i would think, why isn't my mom like that with me or my sister? And i would go home thinking, maybe, just maybe taht when i got home my mom would be like my friends moms. She never was. But i just ignored it. I mean what did i know. I was only four.
    Then my mom had another kid. Levi. I finaly had a younger sibling. I was so happy. I finaly got to be a big sister. But i wasn't only a big sister, i was a mom too. my mom had the kid. But she dicided that she didn't have to raise him. She left that up to my sister and me. A four and five year old haveing to raise a baby  We raised him every day of his life, feeding him, cleaning him, changing him, playing with him, and putting him to bed. Every day we did that. My mo hardly ever doing anything. All she did was sleep, eat, and watch opera and Dr. Phil. The only time she ever really did anything was when she knew someone was comeing over. She would clean up the house and make sure we were dressed decently. And my step dad worked nights so when he was home he was sleeping. But that didn't bother me because he was actualy working.
    My mom hasn't had a job in over eight years. She used to work at the Doller Store, and they were going to promote her to maneger, but she quit because she knew that Child Services were going to make her pay child suport for her two older daughters, and she didn't want to.
    Well, about a year and a half after Levi was born, my mom had another kid, Mac. I don't see why she had another one when she didn't even take care of Levi. So my sister and i had another baby to take care of. Which was really hard because we both had school and homework, so we had to take care of the boys and go to school and keep our grades up. Thats hard on a five and six year old.
    Then a little while before i turned eight i found out that we had to move. I had to leave my best friend. When i told her that i was leaving she cried. I told her that it would be okay, that we would keep in touch. The day i left for Maquakita we bothed cried as i huged her goodbye. That was the last time i heard from her. My mom told me that i needed to move on, find new friends that were closer. I thought about her every day. Kaylee. I missed her so much, and my mom didn't care.
    Then we moved from Maquakita to Anomosa.We found an apartment and moved in there.It was only a few weeks before school was going to start. I was excited. A knew school again. So i started school. And i made a bff right away. Her name was Haily. She was funny, smart, a flirt, she was just a nice person. We were instantly friends. We told eachother everything. So on day someone said something about her at school and i got in a fight with the person who was saying stuff. So whe I got home that day i was already in a bad mood. An d aparently so was my mom, because she started to pick a fight with me and i didnt want to put up with it. So i fought back That was the first time it happend. At first she seemed shocked that i was fighting back, then she just seemed mad. She stared at me and screamed, "How dare you talk to me like that!" And then she slapped m really hard on the cheek. All i could feel was the stinging pain! IT hurt so bad! Then she told me to go to my room and stay there. I went into my room and layed on my bed and cried. A few miniutes later she came in said she was sorry and gave me an ice pack so the mark wouldn't show.
    That night my step dad came home from work, he wasn't woking nights anymore. I didn't tell him what had happend. I didn't tell anyone. I figured it was one time, it wont happen again. I was wrong, way wrong. After that day she hit me almost everyday. And i took it. I never told anyone. She abused me for four years of my life and i didn't tell anyone. I was to afraid of what my mom would do. I didn't no that i had another choice but to ignore it, Then i found out three onths ago that i do. I had the choice to live with my dad.
    As soon as i found that out i started talkin to my dad about it. I told him that  wanted to come live with him. So he called my mom and asked if we could come stay with him for awhile. We didn't want her to know what we were planning. So when we came to visit him we went to see a judge and she said we had to get a lawyer, so we got a lawyer and went back with a emergency temperary custody thing. She sighnd it and my dad registerd us in school. So we've been liveing with my dad for almost two month and its going pretty well, we've got our next court heraring in January. Im scared because i have to go to mymoms every weekend.I don't know what she'll do or pull, but i've got a feeling its not gonna be pretty.

                                                                                                                  Skye Lee Hoftender
                                                                                                            The Girl With the Messed up Life
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