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Men think women are crazy. But, is it really so?

Men think women are crazy;
All about them is crazy.

The brother thinks his sister,
Feeding her doll is crazy.

Dad thinks the daughter crying
For the sick cat is crazy.

For suitor, the fiancée
Fussing o’er dress is crazy.

Husbands think a suspicious
Wife drives herself too crazy.

Women are but half the world;
Half the world can’t be crazy.

Men can’t understand women;
So they think they are crazy.

How come men, born of crazies,
Are themselves never crazy?

They, of course, must crazy be
Who think others are crazy.

If men think that they alone
Are sane, then, they are crazy.

God himself made the woman;
He could not have been crazy.

• Written in 7-7 AA, bA, cA, dA….. format

• Initially written as item 697507, deleted and substituted on12 March 2005 by entry 334236 in the book MY POETRY BOOK, "MY POETRY BOOK. Posted as the present item on 12 November 2009.

• A reader sent the following review. I am including it here because it explains, in clear words, what I really wanted to say—

“Your poem is very good. It speaks of how men think women are crazy. Everything they do seems crazy to men. Women are more emotional than men but that doesnt mean they are crazy. Being able to show our feelings more openly is not a bad thing. Talking about our feeling helps clear the air and make things better. Women find loving someone and worrying about them is the right thing to do. But men get mad at women for worrying about them. Like they are not strong enough to take care of themselves. Your point about half the world being crazy is well put. Men are crazy to think we are crazy.
Very good read.”

M C Gupta
30 May 2003
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