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by Rachel
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A essay I wrote on something I believe in strongly.
I believe in many things in life, - forgiveness, true love, the idea that money does not buy happiness, ghosts, and that the love you have for someone or something will endure, even after they are gone. Yeah, those are the things I feel strongly about and believe in. What I believe in most and always will is my dog Molly. I believe in the way she lived her life. I admire the way she brought so much love and happiness into my life and my family’s from the day we got her. The day we picked Molly up was almost ten years ago, that is more than half of my life. She grew with me and was always just there. I love the way she greeted everyone with such an extreme, high energy. Her gentleness and love glowed from all around her. I believe in not just my dog, but Molly.

Molly was the type of dog that loved you no matter what. You could be a serial killer and she would still come up to you, wagging her tail and waiting to be petted. I admire her for the ability to always comfort me. The times I would be so upset and felt like crap, she could tell and was there for me. Sometimes I think she knew me better than my friends even do now. I believe in the way she never took a piece of food for granted. She would come jolting through the back door after being outside, so excited to see if it was time to eat yet. I want to be like my dog was, as weird as that may sound.

I believe in Molly’s strength the most. The day we walked into the veterinarian’s office, just last week was probably the worst day of my life. Actually, it was. I knew what was coming, but of course Molly had no clue. She didn’t know what was going on. When the vet brought her in so we could be with her for those last few minutes before it was time to permanently say goodbye, she was still wagging her tail. She didn’t care how sick she was or that she had been taken out of the oxygen box and probably had a even harder time breathing, she was so happy to see us. I could tell she was scared, but she put it aside and focused on the fact that we were there with her.

When Molly started getting sick, it came so unexpectedly. I don’t think any of us saw it coming. The first time she was rushed to the hospital saved her about a month. I never took her for granted after that. Of course, I still think that I could have and should have spent more time with her. But she didn’t hold that against me, she still loved me so much even though I still blame myself for not giving her more attention. I believe in the way she loved so unconditionally. All the times I would leave her sitting outside my door because she was bothering me and I was just being a jerk, she didn’t care. The moment I came back out of my room she loved me all over again.

Molly is gone now, but I still believe in the way she lived her life. She wasn’t a human being, but I think she lived her life better than one. Saying that I just loved her as a pet is an understatement. I love her to this day, more than most people I know and just as equally as the ones I care so deeply for. She didn’t take anything for granted, loved everyone and everything. The second I felt her heart stop while she was on the examination table was the first time, in my life, that I ever started to believe in something so strongly. Other things I want to believe in I have doubts about. I know for certain, that the way she lived is how I wish I could live and how everyone else in this world should live. She taught me more than I have learned in school. Molly was, in many ways, a life saver for myself. She changed me and I could never be more thankful for getting such an amazing opportunity to have had her as part of my family. Even though it hurts like hell that she’s not here anymore, I know that I have the strength like she did, to still be happy no matter how bad the situation may be.

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