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Rated: E · Chapter · Young Adult · #1607816
Abbie Hoffstead is the lead character in the typical high school mix-up, read on part 1
                                                          Chapter 1
As I stepped out of gloomily-set hallways at Milford Intermediate, something reminded me that this wasn't any usual day. Yes, this was the day everyone dreamed of since first setting foot through the depressing corridors of this run-down school. It was the last day. But, this, for me, was the last week in Milford before I had to venture half-way across the country to visit my real dad.
    As the bell rang at three o'clock sharp, I immediately gathered up my belongings, rushed to the door, and was soon intercepted by a boy that was not familiar to me. " Wait up, Abbie", he called in a strained voice. "Tyler"!, I managed to say, knowing that being caught with him, the biggest A/V geek in the state, would really hurt my reputation. " Um.. I was wondering, since there is a dance this weekend , to celebrate the beginning of summer, would you be my date"? I barely heard him while my eyes drifted over to check out the hottest guy in school, Jeremy Fletcher. He was a dream, his mocha-tan skin, clear blue eyes, and, oh, that wonderful accent he brought up from the south. That's the type of guy that could pull off pink any day. But, I knew it was hopeless, compared to my pale skin, black hair, and goofy laugh I was no match to his girlfriend and my ex- best friend, Quin Fraiser. The typical, blonde, tall, lean, and attractive, that's what takes away any average chick's hope.
        " So, what do you say"?, Tyler repeats for probably the tenth time. " I can't ", I tell him, lying through my teeth. " I have to visit my dad in Houston, but I really wish I could." " Oh, maybe some other time", he says, obviously trying to cope with the rejection. As I lose attention from the little chat that we were having, I ran into Jeremy, only to stutter and lose consciousness.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1607816-My-Little-Secret---Part-1